Tropico Review 6: El Presidente to the rescue

The many fans of the most “dictatorial” saga in the world of video games have finished waiting. Tropico 6 has in fact been published and we at techigames present it to you in this review

Developed by Limbic entertainment and released to the market by Kalypso Media, Tropico 6 is the last chapter of the saga. Finally we will be able to return to take on the role of El Presidente again and, together with our trusty Penultimate, return to rule the islands of the Caribbean Sea. Let's find out in this review how this title performed. Will he have managed to steal our hearts or will it just be a chapter that could have been avoided? 

Tropico 6: its extravagant character never changes | Review

Being one of the most famous management sagas in the world, not even its latest chapter deviates from its extravagant character. While it remains a light and fun game, building and maintaining a thriving city won't be any easier than usual. Creating an empire always has its problems ranging from keep a people happy ad have a positive balance sheet to expand our borders even further.

The colonial age will be our starting point to reach our present era. However, it will not always be so easy to reach our goal. In addition to various political factions that will characterize our population and that will increase as we evolve, we should maintain a good relationship also with the various superpowers who will take turns in world domination.

Keeping a people happy, healthy and with a full belly will therefore be the our primary goal in order to keep our command post. However, the poverty in the pockets of our fellow citizens will prevent us from being able to provide all the basic necessities. And here comes the superpowers that will help us to maintain an active budget thanks to a trade not exactly positive towards us.

Tropico 6 will put all your skills as a dictator to the test. Although the game previously took place on a single island, this time you can build your nation on an archipelago. Each islet can be used for a single purpose if you wish, making the place a paradise for tourists or a small industrial area where you can produce all the goods to be exported.

Tropico 6: the various types of game | Review

In the game we could find so many game modes. In addition to a quite long and complex tutorial, which however will not allow us to discover all the secrets for an excellent government, will be present as always the multiple challenges, each of which characterized by various parameters. Thanks to some of these it will be possible unlock items for our El Presidente or for our palace.

To these is also added the usual free play mode in which we will be able to choose not only the maps, but also all the various parameters, making the experience more or less complicated. It will also be possible play with our friends thanks to multiplayer which allows you to share the game with 3 other players. However, at least for the moment, there are some problems with online saves that affect their performance.

Tropico 6: let's analyze the technical sector | Review

The new Unreal Engine gives the title a graphics never seen before. Although at maximum zoom you notice the lack of some details, especially on trucks and people, ours archipelago is very well detailed. Every animation, even the smallest one, is well crafted and very fluid. Honorable mention goes to the audio sector. The soundtrack is very well done, with songs with a purely Caribbean sound that will accompany you in every moment of the game. The ambient sounds concerning both the vehicles and the various inhabitants are also well structured.

The commands, as expected, they are almost all mouse-centric. However, the possibility of being able to control the camera completely via the keyboard simplifies everything further, making the gaming experience easier than ever.

Tropico 6: final conclusions on the management of Kalypso Media | Review

We are now reaching the end of this review and it is time to draw some conclusions. The new Tropico 6 follows what was the trump card that characterized the whole saga. His light-hearted and extravagant tone however, it does not affect its complexity, which the player will be able to feel about himself at any moment, especially as he progresses in the game. Very well appreciated was the choice to structure each game on an archipelago, thus being able to divide our nation into several sectors.

The beautiful soundtrack will accompany us in ours ascent to domination that will not prove easy. Pleasing all factions will not be possible and sometimes (very often really) we should resort to tricks to keep our enemies away from the archipelago, especially during the voting period. Although there are various similarities with the previous titles, some small details make it an innovative title. 

That's all for this review. We remind you that Tropico 6 it is also available in the physical version Tropico 6 - El Prez Edition at the recommended price of € . In this particular edition, in addition to the full game, will be included:

  • 4 postcards dedicated to the beaches of Tropico
  • 2 complete to tourists
  • an exclusive project to create "The Flamingo Pond" in the presidential palace
  • the soundtrack of the game
  • a digital calendar which marks the days left until the next elections

We remind you that the base game is available for PC both in physical and digital version al recommended price of € 49,99. In order not to miss any future review of the next video games, keep following the pages of techigames!

  • For the first time in the series, it will be possible to play on an entire archipelago of islands
7.8 Recommended for everyone

Points in favor

  • Light-hearted tone
  • Maps divided into several islands
  • Soundtrack

Points against

  • Non-natural inhabitants
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