MediEvil PS4 Review: Sometimes a good memory is better left as it is

In this review of MediEvil for PlayStation 4 we will thoroughly analyze the renewed technical sector. But above all we will find out if, after twenty years of deep sleep, Sir awakens. Daniel Fortesque was a sweet good morning or a catastrophic day to forget

Bring back to life a cult of the 90s it is always a double-edged sword. On the one hand, there are childhood memories that sometimes help to hide flaws and imperfections. The other side of the coin, however, can make you fall into an abyss of awareness from which it is difficult to return. If you have played and loved the original title, take it back into your hand after a series of playful experiences lasting four decades it is not always positive

On the other hand, those who approach the title for the first time must also be included in the equation. Not too recent mechanics could "annoy" budding players accustomed to completely different experiences. Obviously these titles are the result of nostalgia operations but in the general cauldron every aspect must be analyzed! 

Given the necessary premises, I would say that we can put our skeletal hands aside and start getting serious with this MediEvil review for PS4

MediEvil PS4 review: the story of a fearless knight and an evil sorcerer 

For those unfamiliar with the history of MediEvil, just know that we will be in command of Sir. Daniel Fortesque. A knight who became a legend in the history books but who actually died at the first charge of his army. 

After a long sleep it evil sorcerer Zarok, intent on seizing the supreme power, casts a curse on all the land of Gallowmere. By effectively transforming inhabitants and landscapes into their evil variant. In an attempt to achieve his goal, he also awakens our (not very) fearless knight. Who will finally have the opportunity to redeem his name even in the eyes of those who know the truth!

A simple but effective storyline for the target of PlayStation 1. In line with the production of the time. Of course, we are not in front of the first Metal Gear Solid, but overall the story full of details and lore helps to appreciate the work. 

MediEvil PS4 review: dated gameplay but still usable (in part) 

Longtime gamers will have no problem getting comfortable with the mechanics of this hack 'n slash. Slashing, charged shots, and thrown weapons make the battle challenging but not too diverse. By being careful not to take too much damage and advancing by hitting constantly, you will be able to resolve most of the fights. It is different for the boss fight which require special attention in learning enemy moves and choosing the right timing to dodge, parry and attack. 

The new camera management system certainly brings a nice breath of fresh air to the title even if, in some situations, the management is not fully optimized.

Obviously what made this video game (for many) unforgettable is its ability to mix the battle section with the environmental puzzles and its platform sections. Nothing ever seems out of place and thanks to a new movement system, which makes everything smoother, some more frustrating moments are mitigated

Unfortunately, the games age, and not always well

Many mechanics, however, are no longer "suitable" for a market like today's. The game over understood as that of MediEvil bores and disturbs very soon. Having to attend the same early-level cutscene every time our unfortunate skeleton passes away (again) or having to complete the level in one breath so as not to lose the progress achieved it could be frustrating for a population of gamers now get used to it differently.

Same goes for thebacktracking obligation. Whether you decide to complete the title 100% or you simply want to advance in the plot, you will have to progress over and over again in the levels to find useful (or indispensable) objects for the continuation. Mechanics that I loved at the launch of the title but which can hardly be appreciated today. 

Of course, it's all part of the original game and those choices rightfully had to be respected but, unfortunately, sometimes a good memory is only good when it remains so.  

MediEvil PS4: what has changed from yesterday to today? 

The inclusion of a new management of the room has certainly given new life to the title which would have been extremely woody and not very usable. Especially if we think that in twenty years the size of our monitors has greatly increased. 

The sound sector has been significantly improved though the original (Spanish) dubbing fails on many fronts. As children, probably no one will have noticed but now some scenes are too pushed towards a fairytale horizon without really achieving the purpose. To give a practical example and always to quote Metal Gear Solid (the first great chapter), the voice of Colonel Roy Campbell is unforgettable (and not for its merits). 

The increased frame rate, new color management and textures brought back to life from a ghostly beyond grave respect the original title but certainly bring it. at the height of today's productions

MediEvil PS4: who should buy it? 

This remake is certainly full of "feel" even if as mentioned not all video games that have marked our childhood age well. The title is recommended for those who want to relive an experience full of memories and give back a second (actually third) life to Sir Daniel. Net of outdated mechanics, you can enjoy moments full of emotions and memories. 

Unfortunately, the mechanics "unsuitable" for today's videogame world mean that the new generation cannot fully appreciate it

The budget price certainly helps in the purchase but, as mentioned several times in this review, sometimes a good memory is beautiful because time is able to mitigate the defects of a historical production. 

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