Fallout 76 review: I wanted to be but ...

After a careful analysis, here we are with the review of Fallout 76. Will the new title by Bethesda live up to expectations? Let's find out together, even if something already transpires from the title

Well yes, finally here we are. After so many months of waiting, with high expectations from the lovers of the saga, we are finally in front of the final release of Fallout 76. A post apocalyptic world, and many things to do / discover. The premises are really good, especially considering the legacy that Fallout 76 carries with it. Without getting lost in small talk, let's get to the point.

Fallout 76: a stroke of genius | Review

The idea behind Fallout 76 is simply a stroke of genius. In the previous chapters, the predominantly single player address of the game has brought the saga to very high points, however, leaving with it a sense of partial dissatisfaction. The post apocalyptic setting lends itself very well to group play and, often, we turned to Fallout with a tear in the face thinking about what a big flaw it was not being able to share the game experience with other people. Bethesda listened to gamers and went head first into the development of Fallout 76, a colossal job.

Fallout 76 review: I wanted to be but ...

It was dangerous to release such a title for many reasons, first of all the risk of ruining the storyline of the series. Precisely for this reason in the Bethesda house they have well thought of setting the title in a neutral period of time and to deepen, with the excuse, what until now was only a recurring item in the other titles: the legendary Vault 76.

Well yes, we leave the Vault 76 and we find ourselves, after a long time, in the outside world. With us all our companions from Vault 76. Perfect. In this way the presence of all players in the same game world is absolutely justified. We are all settlers of the land of Appalachia, those who will restore the world to its old splendor. The concept of Fallout 76 is therefore a stroke of genius.

Fallout 76: Appalachia, the Promised Land | Review

The map is very large, so wide that it leaves us confused at first glance due to the variety of areas present. In fact, the territory of Appalachia is very varied, thanks to the presence of different ecosystems. In each place it will be possible to find different vegetation, and see more or less serious effects due to past conflicts. The real problem is that the passages between one area and another are a little too sudden and in some ways not very credible.

At times you have the feeling of being inside a series of theme parks in bad taste. In our opinion, the game map deserves a few more tweaks, maybe a few patches, to soften the steps. However, Appalachia is still a very enjoyable area and, above all, full of things to do. There are many activities and thanks to the multiplayer the gaming experience is shared. This generates various possibilities of approaching the title.

Fallout 76 review: I wanted to be but ...

You can think of living the game in a solitary way, ignoring others or thinking of collaborating or, again, becoming a big villain that annoys everyone. This is because within the multiplayer it is also possible to do PvP. PvP is implemented in an interesting way, there are two forms of dueling.

The first is that of the consenting duel in which the players face each other fairly.

The second modality instead foresees an aggression by one player towards the other. But do not worry, the attacker will not have an easy time since, since the fight has not been accepted, the damage inflicted will be less. In case of success in the enterprise of killing the other player without having consent to the fight, there will be a bounty on the head. And so, if there are bounties… There will also be bounty hunters: a great idea to offer variety in PvP too while protecting new players. 

Fallout 76: CAMP and SPECIAL, innovative gameplay idea | Review

Unlike the other titles in the Fallout series, which were single player, Fallout 76 is all about multiplayer to the point that you can't play without being connected to the web (without Xbox Live Gold and Playstation Plus you will not be able to play). Obviously this total change of approach made it necessary to modify some dynamics of the gameplay to better adapt it to multiplayer. Precisely for this reason in Fallout 76 we find CAMP and SPECIAL, what is it about?

CAMP represents our mobile base, which we can move wherever needed, with a small cost in terms of caps. CAMP will be a bit what for our character represents the closest thing to a house. After all, this mechanic is partly taken from Fallout 4.

Fallout 76 review: I wanted to be but ...

SPECIAL instead is the character enhancement system. Unlike the other chapters of Fallout, in Fallout 76 the upgrade system has 7 branches that can be upgraded with cards which are generated randomly by opening an envelope that is given to us at the succession of level ups. Cards can be exchanged with other players. And the very idea of ​​exchange is at the heart of the game experience, as all resources (materials, weapons, etc.) can be shared. An interesting idea, which could even give birth to guilds around the title of Bethesda. Fallout 76 presents itself as an extraordinary title, however not all that glitters is gold.

Fallout 76: What's Wrong | Review

As mentioned above, Fallout 76 suffers from several problems. But without being too, how to say, apocalyptic let's examine them objectively. The main quest is a little, a lot, flat. We found ourselves "doing things" around Appalachia without ever being clear how and why. As a result, the main quest appears to be more of a long tutorial on what to do. Of course, this is offset by the huge amount of secondary activities, but it is certainly not enough. Also in the old Fallout it was easier to advance in the game since it was not necessary to meet the requirements to be able to use weapons or equipment. Now in Fallout 76 you have to meet a minimum level for each equipment, it is, in some ways, an evil, as it limits the player's freedom in facing the title.

Fallout 76 review: I wanted to be but ...

It becomes almost impossible to win some challenges, alone, without the necessary equipment. Sure this is a strong push for multiplayer and collaboration, but it's still limiting for many. In addition to that there have been several problems with the graphics engine, at least in the first days of the game. The situation has now improved after the November 19th patch. This, in such an important title, is not easy to accept and tolerate, it should have already been perfect on day one. We will keep you updated on the evolution of the title, you will find everything in the special video games section.

Fallout 76: I wanted to be but… | Review

We are at the end of this review, but only at the beginning of the journey in the land of Appalachia. Fallout 76 is a controversial title to date.

On the one hand, an amazing title that has no equal, on the other a title with youth problems, in some cases even serious. Lights and shadows for a title that still offers potentially infinite replayability and a gaming experience that could become a new standard from a conceptual point of view. Surely Bethesda must continue to support the title in the coming months and refine Fallout 76 more and more. We sincerely hope for the birth of a great community, because the game deserves it, and also in constant evolution of the title itself.

Do we advise you to buy it now? Yup. If you love the Fallout series and multiplayer is your daily bread. is the right game for you. Otherwise it could be a good way to approach the saga by facing it in company, at least in your first adventure. If you are not in a hurry, wait a bit, and wait to see what kind of support Fallout 76 will receive, it might be good and right.

Fallout 76 is a title that aims to be the beginning of a new era in multiplayer. Will he succeed in the mission? We will find out in the coming months of this ambitious project.

Fallout 76 review: I wanted to be but ... Fallout 76 - S.*.*.C.*.*.L. Edition [Esclusiva Amazon EU] - Xbox One
  • Set of three badges from the Fallout SPECIAL range of attributes
12,99 8.5 Longevo

Points in favor

  • Setting
  • Proven game mechanics
  • Extremely long-lived
  • Multiplayer

Points against

  • Flat texture
  • Minimum requirements for items
  • Graphic bugs and glitches
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