Review Fallout 76: Dawn of Steel, a new dawn

Appalachia has had a new dawn! Let's see in this review of Fallout 76: Dawn of Steel how the new update behaved

Dopo un launch to say the least catastrophic, with an avalanche of negative votes, mainly due to a truly pitiful online sector, Fallout 76 is renewed with a new expansion that brings the Brotherhood of Steel to Appalachia. Will the developers be able to fix the initial errors? We just have to start this Fallout 76: Dawn of Steel review and find out together.

A game that never took off, but with the engines running

It is useless to turn the words around to describe this game in a "calm" way. Fallout 76 was in many ways a gambling abortion, not so much for the new mechanics adopted, but for a truly painful technical sector as regards the server / multiplayer side. While the survival bias was not very successful, it is precisely the openness to online gaming that has created various problems since its release.

Players who were unable to connect or were kicked out of the game due to broken servers, sudden crashes after throwing a couple of nukes, or even simple team building problems. In short, the premises were all there for a successful game that could have depopulated, but the lack of these main elements has certainly influenced the success of the launch.

After 2 years we can say that these inconveniences they can be considered a distant memory, or at least in part. In fact, during this new update, although in a less problematic way than the last time, we still found some minor problems with servers. Fortunately, these were only related to connection problems with the same during some basic actions, such as using a terminal, in the new areas.

The remaining experience was very fluid from this point of view. We can say that if the game had come out with this configuration, surely it would have been considered the breakout game of the year. A great revenge, at least from this point of view, for the developers and the whole team of Bethesda who believed a lot in this title.

A Brave Reverse - Fallout 76 Review: Dawn of Steel

The main novelty that most characterizes this update, in addition to the introduction of new missions and locations which we will talk about later, is certainly the main reverse performed on the game mechanics. Although survival ones have not been completely abandoned, they have still been made less indispensable. A change of course that is not definitive, but which in some ways greatly simplifies life in Appalachia.

Even the return of human beings, which already occurred in part with the update The Wastelanders, marks a decisive step backwards on what the developers had originally planned. Although previously the goal was to populate Appalachia with gamers, which is somewhat impossible at launch due to servers now repopulation takes place mainly with new NPCs introduced. In short, a great necessary change that has had a positive effect on the gameplay of the game in many ways.

The upgrade from multiplayer to single player - Review Fallout 76: Dawn of Steel

With this new update, as we have anticipated minimally previously, the Brotherhood of Steel arrives in the region. The main questline will obviously revolve around this association. To be able to kick off this new adventure you simply have to reach level 20 and listen to the radio about the mission. As mentioned, however, new NPCs and missions are not the only new features of this update. There will be precisely new themed weapons and armor ready to be unlocked.

The main questline will keep you busy for no more than 3-4 hours. Much depends above all on the movements to be made in the region to reach the various locations where you will have to carry out your tasks. Speaking of the missions to be carried out, one of the things that made me turn up my nose the most, and that probably totally clashes with the game itself, is precisely linked to the latter. 

The missions in fact, in addition to being particularly simple in some ways, they will have to be played in single player, or rather, they will only be linked to the foreman. Of course, this sentence can be somewhat arcane and obscure, but let me explain it all. It is known as Fallout 76 is a game born for multiplayer despite the problems that characterized it at the beginning. In this new update however the various missions can be tackled in single player, not only for their simplicity.

These in fact, if faced as a team, they can only be overcome by the team leader. It will therefore not be possible to deal with them together. Or rather, you can do it quietly, but to overcome all the mission you will have to face them a number of times equal to that of the members of the group. In conclusion, not really the winning idea for a multiplayer.

However it will be possible tackle the various areas directly in single person and once they leave, return to the team. However, this implies a possible wait to wait for each companion to finish the mission. It also implies that players will be able to "truly play multiplayer" only when traveling from one area to another.


We have reached the end of this review on Fallout 76: Dawn of Steel and it is therefore time to take stock. This new expansion of Bethesda's multiplayer title looks like one of the biggest upgrades ever that modifies, at least in part, the mechanics. The arrival of the Brotherhood of Steel brings with it therefore a breath of fresh air that goes from new places and NPCs ready to enrich Appalachia.

With a duration of the main missions not really important, the game will test you in a mode that feels more like a single player than a multiplayer. Tackling these missions alone will not be impossible, unlike some areas on the map, in which you will necessarily have to have a teammate in order to move forward. Beyond that, the developers have new changes have also been made to the survival sector that characterized the title.

Small changes that simplify the life of the players and that certainly allow you to enjoy the adventure to the fullest, without necessarily having to refuel every minute. The resolution of the many problems that plagued the title at the beginning of course it also allows for better fluidity, although some still remain. All this guarantees us that we can play in more tranquility, relieving players of that sense of anxiety and heaviness due to constant disconnections and other problems due to servers.

I mean, mom Bethesda this time he did a really good job, despite some small questionable details. We have now reached the end of this review on Fallout 76: Dawn of Steel. In order not to miss future news regarding the videogame universe, keep following the pages of techigames!

7 Finally playable

Points in favor

  • Improved Mechanics ...
  • Server stability

Points against

  • ... but with a move away from multiplayer
  • The main questline is too short
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