Darksiders III review: the apocalypse is back!

Many have been waiting for this title since 2012 and tomorrow finally THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games will release the new Darksiders III. The apocalypse is about to return with all its power, let's take a closer look with our review

After years finally THQ Nordic e Gunfire Games they return to the Olympus of games with the new Darksiders III. The game that will be released tomorrow will see us again grappling with the impending apocalypse that is about to devastate the planet. Hordes of angels and demons battle relentlessly for world supremacy. What will our role be in this whole story? We from techigames we had the pleasure of testing the game in preview and this is our review.

Darksiders III: let's take a look at the history and gameplay of this new apocalypse | Review

As in the other chapters of the saga, here too we will play the role of a Cavaliere. This time we will impersonate Fury, the most exuberant and irascible of the four. The story parallels that of the first two titles and will see us put to the test with the search and destruction of the 7 Deadly Sins that were released on the planet. Pride, Anger, Envy, Acedia, Gola, Lussuria e Avarice they will not be so easy to find, much less to kill without the proper precautions. Unlockable gates and passages not accessible without the appropriate powers are distributed in the 5 regions of Darksiders III inhabited by creatures increasingly stronger.

  • Acedia

  • Avarice

  • Gola

  • Envy

  • Ira

  • Lussuria

  • Pride

During the course of our journey they will be entrusted to us by the Lord of the Cavities 4 powers that will modify what are the abilities of our Fury, which will be able to use the power of fire, of lightning, of force e of stasis. Thanks to them we will be able to reach otherwise inaccessible areas of the map and in some cases we will have to strive (although not too much) to reach a very specific point perhaps too high for a common double jump.

Each form of Fury will feature a weapon (which we can upgrade over the course of history) for a total of 6 weapons. In these we will be able to lodge a certain strengthening which will give particular characteristics that can affect attack power, counterattack, life and so on. During our trip we will be accompanied by one Sentinel who will make sure that our task is meticulously completed.

As always, in addition to the main ones, there will also be gods secondary bosses and real ones mini-boss that will see us engaged in often thrilling fights. The whole provides the game with one longevity of about fifteen hours (depending on the difficulty set and our skills) exploring most of the maps in a meticulous way. A more than acceptable duration for a game of this caliber with its characteristics.

  • Abraxis

  • Lord of the Cavities

  • Vulgrim

To simplify everything we will find various checkpoint where it will be possible to buy from Vulgrim objects in exchange for souls, exchange them in exchange for new levels that will give us points to distribute between health, strength and arcane, or travel from one to another, moving quickly through the various regions.

Darksiders III: let's examine the apocalypse and its technical sector | Review

Il graphic sector Darksiders III is very faithful to that of its predecessors. The textures and polygons are well done and the settings manage to effectively represent a world in ruins. Desolate scenarios, destroyed cities and abysses describe an often devastating and sometimes completely unnatural picture. The moveset of the character with the various weapons, as well as that of the enemies, is well developed. The work has an average of one good fluidity, although in some moments they are denoted gods frame drops somewhat annoying.

  • Darksiders_III_Scenario3

  • Darksiders_III_Scenario4

Audio advertising of the game is well done, starting with the good dubbing. All combined with ambient sounds that reflect the desolation of the world, the sounds of the beasts that inhabit it and the noises of weapons colliding. Although these parameters are all in all good, the controls leave something to be desired. Response times will often be slow on input, preventing us from dodging at the right moment. To this is added a target lock system not properly optimized. In fact, some bosses that move fast will be able to exit out of our field of vision. The real problem is that you have to keep pressing a key continuously so that it can work, thus going to "waste" a finger that we could have exploited for something else.

Darksiders III: final thoughts on the third apocalypse of the saga | Review

We are now nearing the end of this review on the new Darksiders III apocalypse. The hunt for Sins will surely take up a large part of our time and will put us to the test, both in combat and during the research phase. Enemies will be outnumbered e they won't give us time to react or dodge, skewered us with their weapons. The attention to be able to overcome these phases must always be at the maximum, guaranteeing us an almost total immersion in the game.

Le various dialogue scenes present at the start of a boss fight are well written and they won't be trivial or boring like in other video games. It will almost always be difficult to skip one: not because you can't, but because you won't feel the need. The landscapes and graphic quality make the journey enjoyable and varied, though do not best express the potential of the title.

  • Darksiders_III_Scenario1

  • Darksiders_III_Scenario2

Particularly unwelcome is the fact of the lock on a character that will often also provoke us some pain in the hand in case of prolonged fighting. Added to this is the fact that, during the lock phase, it will not be possible to rotate the camera as the lever will only serve to move from one target to another (only if they are present in our field of vision). Frame drops will also make a fight even more difficult by rendering impossible to dodge at the most opportune moment. To all this are added the various small bugs environmental, enemies and (unfortunately) also our weapons.

That's all for this review. We remind you that below you can find the Darksiders III Amazon boxes for PC, PS4 e Xbox One. The game will be available from tomorrow on these platforms. Are you ready for the apocalypse? To not miss other news and reviews about the world of videogames, keep following the pages of techigames!

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