Grimoire Review: Manastorm, a FPS with magic blows

Grimoire: Manastorm is an F2P arena shooter. What characterizes it is the ability to use spells, which differ according to the wizard chosen

Grimoire: Manastorm is a is a arena shooter Free to Play which has as its particularity the magic. In fact, in the game, we will not find ourselves armed with pistols, shotguns or AK-47s with which we can drill our opponents with bullets, but we will use the different skills of the wizard of our choice. Even if the graphics are not the best, the game manages to entertain.

The idea is good, but the presence of several problems and the absence of players, unfortunately, ruin this game with great potential.

Grimoire Review: Manastorm, a FPS with magic blows

Which wizard do you prefer?

The game allows us to choose between six classes of wizards, with their own arsenals of spells, with the exception of the shield and the two evasion abilities. The different classes are inspired by the various elements of nature and are:

  • Fire, a class based on the Fire, which allows you to inflict a lot of damage and hit entire groups of enemies;
  • Lighting, a class based on the Lighting bolt, with which it is possible to hit opponents from great distances;
  • Earth, a class based on the Terra, medium-short range, which compensates for the inability to hit enemies at a distance with great resistance, a real melee class;
  • Nature, a class based on the Natura, which focuses on healing, thanks to various spells that allow it to heal its allies. It can also attack, but the damage it deals isn't as effective as other classes;
  • Ice, a class based on the Ice, which aims to slow down the enemies, thus giving the possibility, to its allies, to eliminate them. His disabling spells are at close range, but opponents hit will find themselves in serious trouble;
  • Nether, a very special class, based on control. This controls temporary lines, spaces and routes.

Grimoire Review: Manastorm, a FPS with magic blows

Gameplay: throwing flames and teleporting

The game is quite intuitive but, if that weren't enough, you can follow a tutorial which will explain the basics to get started.

Every magician has everything five spells, two of which are common to all. In all classes there are thelight attack, which inflicts little damage but which, unlike the others, does not need to be recharged; L'heavy attack which inflicts more damage than the light one, but requires a wait of about fifteen seconds to be able to use it again; L'special attack, different in each wizard, it is the most powerful attack at our disposal, even if you have to wait about forty seconds to reuse it; finally we have the teleportation, which allows you to travel great distances, and it shield, common to all classes of Wizards.

Lo clickFinally, it is not as we know it in the classics FPS, but it is a kind of teleportation that allows us to move a short distance from the point where we are a little ahead, to the detriment of the stamina which, if finished, will not allow us to use this ability again until it is load.

Grimoire Review: Manastorm, a FPS with magic blows

The game modes: between flags to be conquered and clashes between wizards

The game modes that we find are three:

  • Conquest, a well-known modality, in which you will have different goals to conquer. Keeping them under your control will score points and the first team to reach a certain score wins the game.
  • Free-for-All, otherwise abbreviated to FFA, is a mode that sees several wizards fighting individually. The first to reach the predetermined score wins the game.
  • Survival, a mode single player evaluation with two difficulties, normal and difficult, where you must survive and defend a point on the map against different hordes that will try to eliminate us or destroy what we were protecting. This mode seems to have been created to please people who do not want or cannot play online, as this game is based on the multiplayer.

Grimoire Review: Manastorm, a FPS with magic blows

Grimoire's verdict: Manastorm

The game has potential and good ideas, with a gameplay intuitive and classic game modes, but fun. Grimoire: Manastorm it's not one of those games to play every day, but one to play if you want to disconnect a little. What unfortunately ruins everything is the absence of people online, thus obliging i players to hole up in the mode single player, which bores pretty quickly. All of this is a shame, because, despite its flaws, it is a game that could have been enjoyed.

6 Absence of players

Points in favor

  • Fun game in company ...
  • Original ideas
  • Varied classes

Points against

  • ... but bored after a while
  • Lack of players
  • The graphics are not the best
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