Destiny 2 Review: The Next Generation FPS

Released almost a month late, it's finally time for Destiny 2 also on PC. Let's find out if the new title from Bungie Studios was able to convince even in this version

Destiny 2 was announced by Bungie Studios as a Next generation FPS. In fact, it totally abandons some choices of the first chapter to evolve into something different. Will the new formula work? Will Bungie have learned anything from its mistakes?

Destiny 2, what a beautiful story ...

One aspect that at the time of the first Destiny made many turn their noses, was certainly the lack of a real plot / narrative in the game. Learning from this mistake, Bungie has seen fit to remedy. To do this built a plot and a story behind the world of the Guardians.

In Destiny 2 our virtual alter ego will therefore have one good characterization, a purpose and his own history to live. Finally you can understand what it means to be a guardian and what they actually do. The link with the "traveler" and explained in detail the origin of the powers of the Guardians. However, every dream cannot last forever. And here in Destiny 2 a true antagonist appears: the enemy who ruins everything that had been built up to that point. Our hero will have to face the powerful enemy and he will be the only Guardian to have found the light.

All very interesting, but the plot is trivial. The enemy arrives, wins, annihilates the guardians and then wastes time in vain. This gives the player a way to be able to prepare properly for his epochal enterprise of reconquering what was stolen. Furthermore, our enemy is in possession of a weapon capable of annihilating a star (the sun), but this is guarded only by a few simple soldiers.

Evidently in the plot something is wrong… It doesn't work completely. It turns out, in fact, too trivial. Then everyone can have their say on the matter, without wishing to make spoilers, we stop here.

Always connected

The title allows you to have fun even without the support of friends / companions. The campaign can be easily tackled in single-player, even if it is often noted that the footprint of the game is purely multiplayer. Destiny 2 is always connected to the network and also allows you to tackle the campaign with friends. There are also some public events where it is possible to complete missions together with other players.

Very important parameters are the level (from 1 to 20) and the power. In order to quickly level up it is better to complete the campaign (hopefully at the end of the campaign you will reach exactly level 20). Power, on the other hand, is given by quality of equipment. To get the best of the latter you have to play online, fighting with other players. In fact, this is where the true nature of the game is revealed: lots of PVP and lots of things to do online.

Are available three classes different for our guardian and each class has one at its disposal series of upgrades, weapons and bonuses different, which make it very different to play / conceive compared to another. The classes are not "classic". They indeed offer a unique gaming experience… Experience from "Destiny 2" that can only be had in this title!

Probably now, in November, you have already heard all of these things over and over again, considering that the game was released on consoles last September 6. So what you really want to know is something else.

How does the PC version of Destiny 2 work?

Lights and shadows is the first thing that comes to write, but let's go in order. In PC version Destiny 2 la attention to the textures is really manic. Every object, even the most insignificant, has been well designed and rendered. The engine it shows itself very stable even on older PCs and permanently guarantees i 60 fps. There is also the Plus del 4K (as long as you have adequate hardware), which provides something more than the console version of the same.

also the scores andgame audio are well done. Also, using good headphones and benefiting from an adequate sound card, it will be possible to orient yourself in the game even thanks to the sound. This aspect in an FPS title is really a huge plus, and certainly not a small one! Also, for the gun lovers it will be fantastic to observe the variety of them, appreciating the changes e customizations fine no the smallest details, even during a battle.

Il technical sector of this game is therefore simply exciting. No bugs, no imperfections! It would all seem perfect up to this point, but there is a serious underlying problem.

An extremely limiting online sector

Il online sector, which was to be the spearhead of the game, quite simply does not work. Too many connection problems with errors of any kind, presented with a new name every day. Not even the guides on the Bungie site have been able to completely solve these problems, and here goes the applause of the developers for the imagination with which the names of the error codes were chosen.

We tested Destiny 2's online sector for a long time and on several PCs, with different connections and in different points of our peninsula. We were simply baffled. On all these PCs we always had problems connecting to servers. One hour of play at the most, that was the limit, and then the mistakes started raining… always! The only exception occurred on Saturday evening and later at night. Probably, given the smaller number of connected users, the servers have had less criticality. In fact playing in "strange" hours and therefore not peak, the number of problems decreases sharply.

Destiny 2, let's sum it up

The problem of online compartment not working and the big limit of this game. We sincerely hope that things will change in the future, perhaps with some game updates or a server upgrade. The sure thing is that today the game it is not perfectly usable on a PC because of these problems. A real shame, because Destiny 2 really has a lot to say and is definitely one of the best FPS of this 2017.

Il our vote, due to the problems manifested, it stops at 6.5/ 10. But if the situation improves one day, it is bound to rise. In fact, the game would be worth a nice 8.5/ 10, if only it worked as it should and didn't have all these connection problems. So let's hope for the best for the future. If the improvements are concrete we will undertake to update this review, or we will elaborate a separate article if there is any news on the subject.

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