Deep Sixed review: how to become mechanical in space

Who hasn't dreamed of traveling in space and maybe even exploring it fighting alien creatures and providing for the maintenance of the spacecraft? If this is your aspiration then from today you can achieve it thanks to Deep Sixed

Space has always been a destination for man's thoughts and fantasies, a destination for conquests and exploratory expeditions. Today, thanks to Deep Sixed, even we at techigames were able to realize this dream and set out in search of extraterrestrial materials and forms of life, exploring various sectors of the universe not yet known.

Deep Sixed is a mix of styles very well done with game elements roguelike, management e point and click. The game is available for PC via Steam.

Deep Sixed: history and introduction

In Deep Sixed, Manufactured by Little Red Dogs Games Inc., we will play the role of an AI engineer found guilty of criminal negligence (a lack of it caused damage with incalculable costs) and therefore forced to work until the debt is repaid. We will be locked up in one small and ramshackle spaceship pointing towards one unexplored nebula, rich in alien life forms ready to devour our ship and with a list of objectives to accomplish.

In this adventure we will be accompanied by our personal assistant, the artificial intelligence unit called URSA (Universal Remote Sentient Avatar) who will promptly notify us of any anomaly within our spacecraft.

The latter is divided into eight compartments: five arranged in a ring that rotate around the central body, equipped with turrets and shields, and three stacked on top of each other through which we could control the state of the ship, travel in hyperspace, supply energy to the spacecraft and do a lot even more.

Deep Sixed: Let's take a more detailed look at the gameplay

The game is complex and therefore intriguing. Unforeseen events are on the agenda e you can never predict exactly what might happen. With us we will always have a guide available in the lower right corner that will help us take the first (and not only) steps to solve any problem that may arise.

Deep Sixed review: how to become mechanical in space

Radar room

Exploration is the crux of the game! We must always be careful to choose the sector carefully as the massive presence of enemies or anomalies could compromise our mission.

through the radar room we could explore neighboring sectors, identifying the presence of various forms of life or even of materials useful for the development of our spacecraft. It will in fact be possible to collect the materials present in space as soon as we have unlocked the right skill.

Completing the missions will do us earn credits. With these it will be possible buy spare parts useful for our countless repairs or improvements which will guarantee us a much more efficient performance of the spacecraft.

Deep Sixed: let's examine the technical sector

La simple but accurate graphics it gives the feeling of really being in some super-tech spacecraft (albeit second-hand). On the sides of the screen there are pop-up tendon very useful for navigating and checking the situation of our ship.

Deep Sixed review: how to become mechanical in space

Engine room

I commands they are stripped down and simplified to make the game more responsive. You work mainly with the mouse, but there are also hotkeys on the keyboard, which are essential for excellent timing.

The game audio is well calibrated. The sounds are also reduced to the essential precisely to facilitate the recognition of a changing situation. The volume of the sound effects does not cover the dialogues, allowing us to always hear every single line between us and our inseparable URSA.

Deep Sixed: Final Thoughts

The basic idea for this game with elements of roguelike, management and point and click is excellent and there are very few defects. The various unforeseen events allow us to channel all our attention on the spacecraft even if initially they could be too many, especially if we try to understand what the problem is and how to solve it.

Another thing that could make you turn up your nose is the speed with which the weapons are unloaded, consuming all the energy dedicated to that particular weapon.

Deep Sixed review: how to become mechanical in space

Combat room

We can therefore conclude that Deep Sixed is a well structured game with the right amount of difficulty (initially perhaps too much) that will allow the player not to get bored even after several hours. The game can be purchased for PC via Steam for € 12.99.

Deep Sixed: riguardo Little Red Dog Games Inc.

Little Red Dog Games is an independent developer of digital games for desktop and mobile platforms. In 2013, they developed a game called Conspirocracy to raise funds for the Foundation Fighting Blindness, a Canadian charity, which received critical praise. In 2015, inspired by this experience, they produced Rogue State. Since then their company has grown more and more to the production of Deep Sixed.

To stay up to date on the latest news from Deep Sixed and Little Red Dogs Games, keep following the pages of techigames!


Points in favor

  • Clean and simple graphics
  • Countless sequences of errors that will have to be fixed in as many ways

Points against

  • Too high energy consumption for defensive and offensive systems
  • Too many unexpected events in a short time, especially for someone who approaches the game for the first time
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