Conarium review: the lovecraftian horror par excellence

Conarium review: the lovecraftian horror par excellence

From the creators of Darkness Within comes Conarium, a horror game based on the stories of HP Lovecraft that will keep you in suspense. Like? Let's find out in this review

Developed by Zoetrope Interactive, the same as Darkness Whitin, and published by Iceberg Interactivee, Conarium is a thriller-horror game for PC. In this review we will go through the various positive and negative aspects of the game.

The plot: between dream and reality | Conarium review

In Conarium impersonerete i panni Frank Gilman, a scientist who was a member of an expedition to Antarctica. The game will start as soon as you wake up in a room lit by a strange contraption in an archaeological base. So long as you will be suffering from amnesia you will have to understand what happened to you and the rest of the expedition while you are shocked by your creepy hallucinations. Immediately you will feel immersed in history thanks to a narration deriving from videos and various documents scattered around the game. The plot will not be linear so you will be required, during the game, to make choices and thus obtain different finals.

Throughout the game there will also be various references to the stories of the gothic-horror writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Specifically the game would be a sequel to "The mountains of Madness" one of the most famous of his stories.

Easy but effective gameplay | Conarium review

Conarium gameplay is a lot simple and intuitive. In fact, your character will have to explore the game world and interact with objects to discover information or obtain useful elements for solving puzzles. This research will have to be very meticulous as the developers have hidden useful items very well. What you collect will always be available to you in your inventory. The only flaw is a somewhat "rigid" and imprecise camera that could nauseat the player.

The game it alternates well the phases of narration and puzzles avoiding the monotony of wandering around the various rooms. Everything revolves around investigations completely avoiding fighting. This choice is dictated a lot by history as to generate a greater sense of anguish for much of history you will be alone and in case you meet someone you will have to run away rather than fight.

A well-kept technical sector | Conarium review

As mentioned, to understand what happened to you you will have to explore the game world. A game world really well looked after. ThanksU in fact, Conarium offers clean textures and no frame drops. Also the settings, mostly immersed in the dark, are well chosen and spot on creating a constant sense of anxiety. There are also excellent effects of lights and shadows that help create a gloomy and disturbing atmosphere.

The audio part makes the whole thing more intent and exciting. The latter is very accurate especially as regards environmental noises which play a fundamental role in deeply immersing the player. Available in English, has Spanish subtitles even if not entirely appreciable.

The “Lovecraftian” horror par excellence

Conarium in conclusion is a game that plays to the full his role as a thriller-horror game. Well taken care of from the technical aspect is a game that you will it will induce to play and replay to experiment with different ways and possibilities. An engaging storyline that will take you on an exciting adventure that will make your heart pound.

The game, albeit with some minor flaws, is a title that truly deserves to be played. Conarium is already available digitally on Steam and in physical version, both, a 19,90€.

8.5 Compelling and well done

Points in favor

  • An engaging and exciting story
  • Well-kept settings and audio sector
  • Multiple endings

Points against

  • Slow camera management
  • Dubbing in Spanish not perfect
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