Battlefield V review: are we fighting the same war?

Here we are with the long-awaited new chapter of the Battlefield saga. Lovers of the genre certainly will not have missed it and although the launch date is scheduled for November 20, many can already play it thanks to the Origin Access. How did Battlefield V behave? Will it be the usual war or will something change? Let's find out in our review

As announced, the title is already available for Origin Access owners who can test this title both in the single player component with the campaign, and in the multiplayer component with the various modes. The long-awaited one is not yet available Battle Royale mode which will complement what is the package released by DICE. In fact, this has been postponed, as the company itself wants to release a method that works on a par, if not better, than that of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Let's see how he behaved in our review Battlefield V.

Battlefield V: the beautiful become heroes | Review

How many times have we landed in Normandy, raided the Reichstag and thus put an end to one of the bloodiest conflicts in history? Well, forget all that. Just as in the previous chapter, here are narrated what are the "secondary events" that have contributed (no less than the "main ones") to the progress of the war as we know it.

Battlefield V review: are we fighting the same war?

Also in this chapter the campaign will be divided into various stories, each of which will see as the protagonist some handsome boy or girl who, in search of glory or simply moved by patriotic and anti-Nazi feelings, will risk their lives to carry out missions. These can be quite challenging and will delight even the most experienced player, although such a fragmentary subdivision still leaves something to be desired as lacks a logical thread on the whole. The more nostalgic will also find the absence of the main events as a negative note and for sure these mini stories they look like a sop for those who wanted a single player component like that of the first chapters.

Battlefield V: When a team is a team | Review

Absolutely positive note should be dedicated to the multiplayer that turns out to be very fast and well structured. The small changes made by the developers compared to the previous chapter are very significant and go to create a sense of team greater than Battlefield I. As always there will be the 4 main classes of the game and, to get a truly infallible team, you will have to use all the roles. However, you can also play with only one class and the absence of a doctor, however vital, it will not burden that much if you have a close-knit team.

The first change in fact concerns the fact of being able to raise a partner who has been shot down and awaits medical attention. Obviously, those who play the role of doctor will be able to revive both his teammates and those of other teams faster, but this action finally it can also be performed by the other roles. Even an engineer will be able to bring an ally back into the game. This other class has also undergone changes. Will be able to build protections (faster than the others) and will be able to repair the various anti-tank artillery positions and the various machine guns.

Battlefield V review: are we fighting the same war?

Other important changes concern the number of ammunition, which will turn out to be small in the long run, making each shot vital, and the cycle which have been implemented differently making everything more realistic. In fact, it will be possible to recover health, but only after using the first aid kits provided by doctors.

A vital factor in the new DICE title is certainly the introduction of the "Large-scale operations". This particular multiplayer will see the two factions (Axis and Allies) face each other in "several days" and on different maps where capturing and / or destroying targets will be vital to victory. The matches will usually be played in 3 different "days" and if in the end there is a tie, the last day will be reached in which the two factions will clash. without the possibility of respawn.

Battlefield V: let's analyze the technical sector | Review

Graphically speaking the game is almost flawless. The care taken in the reconstruction of the cities, as well as those of the various uniforms and weapons are almost maniacal, albeit with some poetic license that the developers have bothered to adopt. The effects, from multiple explosions to the destruction of barricades and houses are something sublime to the eye and even with minimal details, you can enjoy a very realistic gameplay experience.

Battlefield V review: are we fighting the same war?

However, although this obsessive attention to detail is noted on the one hand, on the other it is precisely the details that are perplexing. Whether skiing, walking or running on snow and / or mud, one cannot fail to notice the absence of footprints of the characters, not to mention the various ones unnatural positions assumed by those who are dead or by those who are lying on the ground.

Il audio compartment it is very well cared for, with effects that give a sense of depth, making us understand if an enemy is nearby or not and the direction in which it is located. The metallic effects of weapons, tanks and planes are now well established and faithfully reproduce the original sounds. The sentences of the characters though leave something to be desired. Sometimes we may hear phrases that warn us that we are shooting at an ally when in reality it is an enemy. Furthermore the screams of those who require care sometimes turn out to be exaggeratedly high, going to cover up the noises of weapons and explosions.

Battlefield V review: are we fighting the same war?

I commands they are as always very well structured. However, here too we find a somewhat negative note. In fact, we are talking about the aircraft piloting system which, at least on PC, stands out for its inefficiency. Nothing seems to have changed since Battlefield I. The planes turn out to be almost completely impossible to fly, forcing the gamer to quite complicated real maneuvers. The situation improves significantly for the vehicles and for the foot controls they guarantee a high response to various inputs.

Battlefield V: How Did This War Go? | Review

This Battlefield V review is now coming to an end and it's time to take stock. The game itself is a lot fast in gameplay (at least in multiplayer) by making ours game sessions a lot slim and enjoyable. The games never last too long and are not monotonous and repetitive. The small precautions taken make it all very sparkling and more captivating, even if how to respawn still remains a mystery, which even the developers themselves cannot solve.

Battlefield V review: are we fighting the same war?

Good graphics and audio quality, with very accurate details and others (Unfortunately) totally absent. Excellent commands and the high response of the same that will allow our instinct to get the better of an enemy that suddenly appears in front of us, at least as long as we are on foot or on some vehicle that does not fly. Nice idea of ​​narrating secondary events without having to repeat the usual main missions, even if a more uniform line of logic would not have hurt.

That's all for this Battlefield V review. I remind you that we are still waiting for the Battle Royale mode of Battlefield V, which is scheduled to arrive for the 6 December. Will it live up to other video games or will it leave something to be desired? In order not to miss this and other future news and not to miss the appointment with not even a review of the next video games, continue to follow the pages of techigames!

8.3 Recommended

Points in favor

  • Fast and fun gameplay
  • Curated audio and video effects
  • Attention to detail...

Points against

  • Stories without a single logical thread
  • Poor aircraft driveability
  • ... although some are missing
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