Table Manners review: disastrous gallant encounters

The secret to a fun table disaster is hidden in this game. Let's find out together Table Manners in this Review

In this historical moment everything can be a simulator. Table Manners: Physics-Based Dating Game it is part of this genre but one that willfully limit your abilities to do the simpler things. Picking a tomato from the table and pouring water into the glass requires more use of gray matter and physical coordination. While finding a partner may seem difficult in real life, Table Manners takes the experience to a new advanced level. The results can only be disastrous and hilarious.

Where are you putting that hand?

The game is developed by Echo Chamber Games and published by Digital Curve. Publishers are already known for bringing us titles like For the King, Snake Pass, and Dear Esther. With Table Manners they expand their stock pool up to that mocking ironic, further defining their eclectic nature as publishers. But let's not delay and immerse ourselves in this review for Table Manners.

Pour me some sweet wine - Table Manners Review

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, there is no better time to learn good manners. Table Manners is based precisely on approaching a possible partner and trying not to disappoint him with our not very elegant ways during the meal. In the game we are a simple one floating hand where the rest of the body is represented by the player himself. A desk appears in front of us with our smartphone equipped with stylish apps on it tinder. We can then scroll through the photos of potential suitors and decide to approach them by immediately proposing a dinner. The game will then catapult us directly from the source to the meal table where the real gameplay will begin.

We will therefore find ourselves in front of our possible partner who will begin to give us the most varied tasks. We may receive the request for pour wine, to cook with a cooking torch (fish, meat, marshmallow ...) or even feed the person in front of us. Each of our actions will generate an approval reaction or not, which will earn us points to proceed to the next appointment.

A Naughty Hand - Table Manners Review

Table Manners is a game that at first glance might seem perfect with VR support, but it isn't. In addition to not being present, the heart of the game lies precisely in the difficulty of controlling the hand in the various movements. Volunteer it is precisely articulated key setting, which will inevitably lead to ruin some of our encounters. The hand will move forward and backward by moving the mouse, with W and S it moves up and down, holding down the right button it rotates, with left click it can grab objects and so on. The scenery in which we can find ourselves are many and each one adds obstacles of different types: in the Japanese restaurant we will have to deal with the rapid food cart, while at the appointment on the boat we will face theswing of waves.

All features that will not fail to generate a fun chaos, which will also lead to frustrating situations full of technical problems. The physics that dominates the entire system, in fact, seem to have difficulty in precisely controlling each interaction. The models often fit together and the hand is easy to stick to other objects. From a spectator's point of view it can be hilarious, but definitely less so for the player.

The partner will react differently and consistently according to our actions: if we are boring, he will start to get distracted by looking at the mobile phone, will show signs of appreciation for our successes or will become furious at our mistakes. As a result, we will earn or lose points based on our skill. If the appointment is successful we will be rewarded with new customization options for our hand.

The eye also wants its part - Table Manners Review

From the desk we can choose to change skin color, to add rings, tattoos, varnished nails e new gestures. From this station we also have the right to change the game settings, our genre (at any time) and decide on a new partner for future appointments.

The game comes with a nice look and feel stylized, which keeps the game at a very informal level by fully describing its playful nature. A stylistic flaw is the little variation in models offered for partners, just swipe the app to see it immediately. The hair is very limited and people's faces are almost identical.

Fun but limited

In conclusion, Table Manners supports several approaches. It can be played actively if you want playing the role of conqueror of hearts, or by wreaking havoc on the tables. In any case, undergoing the unpredictable physics that dominate every object, with all its fun and frustrating sides. Nonetheless, we think that its use is best consumed in group of friends, so as to be able to share the experience of daring appointments with a spectator. It is also a pity that there is little variation both in appearance and in the partner's reactions to our actions.

Table Manners will be released on February 14 for PC on Steam at an undisclosed price. We also invite you to continue following us on techigames to stay updated on the world of video games and technology.

7.5 Alternative etiquette

Points in favor

  • A less gory Surgeon Simulator
  • Varied scenarios
  • Good hand customization

Points against

  • Some technical problems
  • Little variety of partners
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