Patèle, Turin gangs compete between neighborhoods

After the success of TorinoXXL !, the Torino Factory team tries to repeat its success with Patèle, a clash between Turin gangs!

It was 2017 and a group of young people from Turin had just released TorinoXXL !, a remake of Turin, cited by Hasbro for the suffix -poli and some mechanics. Meanwhile, to date, TorinoXXL! has sold more than 22.000 copies ...

Today is 2019, and the same group of young people, behind a second crowdfunding campaign, try an encore with Patèle, a board game based on the clash between gangs between one neighborhood and another in the city.. A sort of Risk? Not really…

Patèle, that is, blows

With a wink to the world of cinema, the Torino Factory team proposes Patèle, which sees six metropolitan tribes fighting to conquer the city center: Squotter, Hooligans, Tamarri, Cabinotti, Hipster and Pensiunà, all against all.

× Note: the cabinotti are a metropolitan tribe widespread at the turn of the year 2000, the term indicates a rich young man, from Turin well, equivalent to the Milanese sancarlino, the Roman pariolino, the Neapolitan chiattillo, the Genoese albarino ...

Giuseppe Culicchia wrote the history of the game: Milan is attacking Turin, conquering all its fairs and events. The Savoyard city is regrouping thanks to the leadership of Bruno Gambarotta, who is assassinated. The six Turin gangs accuse each other to solve the mystery, giving each other a lot of blows, or indeed, patèle.

“You know a Clockwork Orange? Have you ever come across Night Warriors? Did you love This is England? Have you ever taken tram number 4 from one terminus to another, from Falchera to Mirafiori and back?…. Do you remember when, thanks to the success of the first Police album, the fashion for dyed blond hair and a lot of perm spread among the boys of the Turin suburbs? around a chromed and super-accessorized lump of Vespa and Lambretta? Certainly, you are not so long-lived that you have seen Salgari and other disheveled meet at number 10 in via Bligny ... Well: what you are now in your hands is a game that, starting from these and other suggestions, manages to hold together the many youth subcultures that over time have been stratified in the imagination of the Turinese "

Giuseppe Culicchia, in the introduction to the game

A Turin Risk?

Not entirely, Patèle bases its mechanics on cards and not on the roll of the dice, it has a background story written by Beppe Culicchia and obviously winks at the historical figures of Turin. Out in December, makes a great Christmas gift!

Patèle, Turin gangs compete between neighborhoods

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