Stardust review: conquering Hollywood

In the Stardust review you will find all the secrets to become the best screenwriters on the square and conquer Hollywood

Published by Rose & Poison, Stardust is a cinema-themed card game. During the game you have to put yourself in the shoes of a famous film writer and your aim is to write as many stories as possible in order to become the best in Hollywood.

Components | Stardust Review

The game consists of 108 cards, divided into: 62 Script cards, 28 Attack cards and 18 Defense cards. In turn, these 3 categories are divided into some sub-categories that we are now going to see:

  • Screenplay cards: you can recognize them by the blue side bands. These are the cards that you will have to use to compose your script, each card has a number in the upper left to remind you where in the story it should be inserted. The Screenplay cards come in five types: location, him, her, plot, and grand finale
  • Attack cards: they are distinguished by the red lateral bands. These cards are used to hinder the game of the opponents in some cases by making them discard a card directly, in other cases by favoring your game because you can steal the card from them and you can use it for your scripts
  • Defense card: these cards are characterized by the green side bands. They are used to protect themselves from attacks by other players

Attack cards and Defense cards

Let's see specifically what are the effects of Attack cards and which Defense cards we can use to protect ourselves from these attacks. The Attack cards are of five types:

  • “Seen and Revised” which is used to remove a Location card from the opponent that we can place in front of us
  • “The right man in the wrong place” is used to make an opponent discard the He card
  • "Fish out of water" is used to discard the Lei card
  • "Creative void" which is used to discard the Plot paper 
  • "Plagiarism" with which we can steal the Grand Finale card from an opponent to be added immediately to our script that already has the Plot card

Le Defense cards are of four types:

  • "Inspiration" protects against attacks with "Seen and Revised" and "Creative Void" cards
  • "Characterization" that protects against attacks from the cards "The right man in the wrong place" and "Fish out of water"
  • "Concentration" cancels attacks made with the "Fish out of water" and "Creative Void" cards
  • "Cult movie" that cancels the attack of any type of card

How to play | Stardust Review

The game is played in turns and 6 cards are given to each player before starting. During his turn, the player must take a card from the draw pile, then he can decide whether to exchange one or more cards from his deck with the other players. When he has finished any trades he can do one of the following:

  • attack an opponent: play an Attack card (red border) against one of the other players to steal a card or have it simply discard. The player, if he has one, can immediately play a Defense card (green border) against you to cancel your attack. You can only stick cards on top of a pile 
  • place a card: you can place a card on a film that has already started, obviously following the order of the numbers, or start a new script
  • discard a card: if you cannot attack or place, then discard an unnecessary card to the discard pile

End of the game

The game ends when a player has managed to finish four scripts and vince the match. If, on the other hand, the cards in the draw deck run out before any player has finished their fourth story, then the one who has completed the most wins. In case of equality of stories, the winner is the one who brought the most films to the “Plot” level, if there is a tie also in this case then the winner is the one who brought the most films to the “She” level and so on.

Conclusion | Stardust Review

I discovered this game by chance during a fair and bought it right away, because as a cinema enthusiast it could not be missing in my collection. The games are fast, so waiting for your turn to come does not bore us. The phrases written on the Screenplay cards have all been taken from very famous films and this makes the game fun in two respects, the first is that cinema fans can try to understand which film they are from and the second is that they can come out of films with truly absurd plots. I have used this game several times, from the point of view of the material I can only be happy because the cards are still in excellent condition, while from the point of view of playability it risks becoming a bit boring if you use it too often because in the end the stories that are composed turn out to be always the same and that part of the fun is taken away. It is not recommended for those who love strategy, because in this case one is very dependent on the luck factor.

Technical details

  • Name: Stardust
  • Authors: Andrea Angiolino and Pier Giorgio Paglia
  • Publishing house: Rose & Poison
  • Players: 2-4
  • Age: 10+
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Price: 11,80€
7 Engine, Ciak, Action!

Points in favor

  • Phrases from famous films
  • Quick games
  • Fun game for the absurd stories that you get at the end

Points against

  • Little strategy
  • Too much dependence on the "luck" factor
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