A roundup of free games from Asmodee!

Amodee, the leading French publisher in the board, card and role-playing games sector, has launched the “Print & Play” initiative. Thanks to it, Asmodee has made available on its site some of its most famous games in a printable and totally free version. Let's find out which ones and how to download them in our article!

To better face a lockdown period that has been going on for more than a month now; many publishers linked to the world of table and role-playing games have made available for free or heavily discounted a huge amount of games and content on their web portals.

A roundup of free games from Asmodee!

Asmodee also decided to go to campor in this "battle" against the boredom that can derive from having to stay indoors; and it does so through its initiative Print & Play. In fact, Asmodee, with a press release that appeared on its social channels, lets us know that it has made available as many as six board games completely free of charge. To download them, simply go to this address, choose the game that best suits us and as the name of the initiative suggests, print and cut out the pdf.

“In these difficult times due to the global crisis of Covid-19, here at Asmodee we are happy to offer families a way to play together in the comfort and safety of their homes,” said Stephane Carville, CEO of Asmodee. "We hope these free" Print & Play "games can provide some form of relief, adventure and fun for everyone while staying safe at home."

The games made available by the company include both cooperative and competitive stocks. Among these we can mention Dixit, a card game that has already won numerous awards; where players will use the illustrations on their cards to fool their opponents and guess which picture matches the story. Another very interesting game on the list is definitely Unlock!; cooperative game in which players are required to escape from a certain scenario. Interestingly, it requires a dedicated smartphone app that is used to manage the game.

Amodee therefore joins the ranks of companies that took to the field to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus emergency; so we just have to continue to resist, perhaps cheering ourselves up with a nice board game together with our loved ones.

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