Latest releases in the house Need Games: all the news

News from Need Games for RPG fans, on sale from 30 October 2019 at your trusted retailers 

Need Games, a Milanese publishing house, will sell a series of succulent novelties for all types of nerds and various role players from 30 October 2019, near Lucca Comics & Games. Here is the updated list along with other news told here.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

The first of the Need Games news of October 30, 2019 is the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay manual: 352 pages, protected by a hard cover, will be ready for all your adventures in the Old World at a cost of € 49,90, PDF included.

So gather a bizarre company and study the new rules well, we will see some good ones: anti-heroes, corruption, bloodthirsty creatures, loot, grim adventures ...

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is a fantasy / horror game created in 1986 in which each player can choose a career: beggar, witch hunter, assassin, spy, giant slayer, sorcerer… Each of them gives the character characteristics and abilities. The system involves the use of polyhedral dice, as in many RPGs. Now in its fourth edition, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay has thrilled countless players over the past 33 years.

The legend of the 5 rings

A samurai of the Emerald Empire has a duty to serve the lord, the clan, the Emperor. As such, will you follow the Bushidō way or will you prefer your own personal code of honor?

Reputation, beliefs, loyalty: these are the three keys to the role-playing game The Legend of the 5 Rings, described in the manual, an exclusive Need Games novelty from October 30, 2019. The fifth edition contains 336 pages of rules, characters with history, personalities and detailed characteristics, all playable with the original mechanics that have distinguished the game since its inception.

Do you want to be the Game Master? No problem, the manual contains all the rules for playing the game!

Not satisfied yet? The Game Master Kit is also on sale, containing a splendid illustrated screen with 4 vertical 3 mm thick panels containing the essential references for the GM. Attached to the Game Master's Kit is the booklet of Oscure Mareee, a 32-page adventure set in the Slow Tide bay, controlled by the mysterious Turtle Clan who controls its movements.

Do you still want news on The Legend of the 5 Rings? The dice pack is on sale, containing 10 6-sided and 12-sided dice, decorated and personalized with the symbols of Success, Explosive Success, Opportunity, Disruption.

These are the products that Need Games offers among the releases from 30 October 2019.

Need Games news for D&D 5E

Historia – Quickstart

Need Games also offers for sale the Quickstar of Historia, a Renaissance-style setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5E: 56 pages of introduction, new races and classes, new mechanics, new rules, a preconstructed adventure.

Our Story features the novelty of a new type of magic, new classes, game mechanics for firearms, the inclusion of firearms, an in-depth and structured lore and anthropomorphic animals: yes, players will have to interpret advanced animals in the course of the millennia in the world of Gaea: Theri, inspired by mammals, Aviani, inspired by birds, and so on. Each family offers different ability scores, unique abilities, and bounties.

Again, the characters will choose a craft: alchemist, engineer, mortified… Who will you play to make your PC as complete as possible? But above all: to which one faction Will you belong to shape the world according to your will?

Historia - Quickstar is available at a price of € 9.90 among the Need Games releases.

Journey to Ragnarok - The rune thief

A second novelty for fans of D&D 5E, a short campaign in 9 adventures that will intertwine with each other to accompany a group of adventurers from the first to the seventh level in the heart of Midgardr trying to stop a mysterious threat. This is the adventure of The rune thief, set in the world of Jorney to Ragnarok. The first adventure is titled Bloody Snow, available on the Need Games website.

Journey to Ragnarok is a Norse themed adventure, supplement for Dunogeons and Dragons 5E: yes, we will be able to play D&D within the Nine Worlds!

The Rune Thief will be published in PDF on a monthly basis on the Need Games website starting October 30, 2019.

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