How to paint Games Workshop miniatures - Tutorial 15: Galadriel

How to paint Games Workshop miniatures? In this tutorial, we will show you a number of painting techniques for decorating your Citadel miniatures. In this new guide we will see which steps to follow to paint the Galadriel model!

Welcome back to Painting workshop by techigames! After the previous tutorial on Lurtz, which you can view on this page, here we are with a new guide in which we will see how to paint your model of Galadriel using very simple and effective techniques using colors Citadel and be able to both undertake the Strategic Battle Game in Middle-earth than broaden yours collection of miniatures Games Workshop.

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Tutorial 15: Galadriel - How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

GaladrielAlso known as Lady of the Galadhrim and Queen of Lórien, she is a beautiful Elf who has ruled the woods of Lothlórien from time immemorial along with her husband Celeborn. Wrapped in white robes and endowed with immense powers, Galadriel is the keeper of Nenya, one of the three Rings of Power that Sauron gave to the Elves, and constantly tries to protect her kingdom from the forces of Evil, thanks also to the help of her faithful wood elves, skilled archers and valiant fighters. When the Fellowship of the Ring leaves the mines of Moria, after the loss of Gandalf the Gray to the Balrog, Galadriel offers them shelter in his mystical realm and here, through his enchanted mirror, reveals to Frodo Baggins the terrible fate that threatens. the Shire and all the Free Peoples of Middle-earth. Overwhelmed, the young Hobbit offers her the One Ring, but the Lady of Lothlórien refuses because she is aware of what her fate would be if she were to yield to the power of the One: she would in fact become a ruler of darkness. Frodo therefore realizes that he is the only one who can carry out the mission of destroying the Ring and decides not to offer it to anyone else.

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Set Games Workshop “Galadriel e Celeborn”

Phase 1: cleaning and assembly of Galadriel | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

As seen in previous tutorials, the first thing to do before starting to paint your Galadriel miniature is to carefully remove all excess burrs, which remain after the casting process, using a utility knife or wire cutters. Don't worry if you accidentally scratch the model, as these small incisions will then be covered with acrylic paints. Once this is complete, mount your Galadriel miniature on its plastic base using the cyanoacrylate glue, available on the Games Workshop website or in any DIY store.

Your Lady Galadriel miniature at the end of phase 1

Phase 2: Galadriel base color | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

Once you have assembled the Galadriel model on the base, you will need to give it a background of color to perfectly adhere the Citadel shades that you will apply in the following phases. Always remember that the important thing is to completely cover the metal your miniature is made of. To get a uniform layer of color use Citadel Corax White spray, as the Galadriel miniature is characterized by very light shades. Take great care when using the spray, don't get dirty and make sure you use this technique in well-ventilated places.

Citadel Corax White spray ideal for the primer of miniatures with light colors

Practical tip: to ensure that the color reaches even the most hidden areas, fix the miniature to the end of a sheet of cardboard using repositionable glue or double-sided tape, to be able to remove it easily after painting it; while using the white spray, rotate the cardboard, so as to apply a uniform color base all over the model.

Your model of Dama Galadriel after the white primer

Alternative: If you have no way to find Citadel spray, you can apply Citadel Ceramite White paint in a bottle. If this is too thick, add a drop of water and dilute it slightly on the palette, but be careful not to overdo it or it won't be enough to cover your miniature!

Step 3: Paint Galadriel's Robe | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

Once the basic color phase is complete, it's time to decorate the white elven robes of Lady Galadriel. Given the white background, you can apply a wash with Adminatum Gray very lightly, which will settle in all the recesses of the garment, creating a darker shading effect without darkening the background tone, because you must always keep the 'luminous effect. Let the wash dry and then use the White Scar on all the external parts and along the edges of the creases to make Galadriel radiate a halo of light.

Citadel shades suggested for Galadriel's white elven robes

Step 4: painting Galadriel's face and hair | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

To paint Lady Galadriel's diaphanous skin, use Cadian Fleshtone everywhere. Then spread a wash by applying Citadel Shade Reikland Fleshshade ink or, alternatively, you can also use Rhinox Hide diluted with a drop of water, applying a small amount on all the parts that normally remain in the shade. Finally highlight the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin with Kislev Flesh. Decorate the eyes with White Scar and Rhinox Hide, using the latter color only for the pupils, while for the eyebrows use the XV-88 and help with the XS Artificer Layer brush since it deals with very small details. For the lips you can use the Cadian Fleshtone, in order to highlight the lipstick.

Citadel Shade Reikland Fleshshade

To decorate blonde hair you can use XV-88 as a color base, then wash with Agrax Earthshade to create a shading effect and let it dry. Once this is done, highlight the hair first with Tallarn Sand, then with Zandri Dust with light touches of color given with a dry brush and then with Citadel Dry Terminatus Stone, always paying close attention not to stain the already painted dress or face. .

Citadel Shade Agrax Earthshade

Citadel paints to paint Galadriel's skin and hair

Your Galadriel miniature at the end of stage 4

Step 5: Paint Galadriel's Final Details | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

After letting her hair dry, Galadriel's final details remain. First paint the tiara around the Queen's head with the Leadbelcher, then apply Runefang Steel to highlight it and decorate Nenya, the Ring of Power.

Metallic Citadel paints for Galadriel's final details

Step 6: Decorate Galadriel's Base | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

To make the Lady Galadriel miniature realistic and therefore complete it, you can decorate the base in the way you like best; for example, you can paint it entirely with Mournfang Brown and then apply a small amount of static grass or modeling flock with vinyl glue, to recreate a turf. You can also add a small amount of crushed stone to give a classy effect and remember the terrains of Lothlórien.

Games Workshop static grass (left) and model flock (right)

Practical tip: to apply the static grass or flock, first spread the glue on the upper part of the base, then immerse it in a jar containing the grass, so that it adheres perfectly.

Alternatively you can apply a Citadel Texture such as Stirland Mud or Astrogranite to create a rocky brown or gray effect. Whichever you choose, paint the edges of the base with XV-88 or Mechanicus Standard Gray accordingly. When the Texture is dry, gently drybrush a lighter color to highlight, such as Karak Stone in the first case or Adminatum Gray in the second. Finally, to complete, you can add the Mordheim or Middenland Clods, in order to enrich the base with tufts of grass.

Citadel Texture Stirland Mud e Astrogranite

Clods of Middenland and Mordheim

Once this stage is completed, your Galadriel miniature is ready to help Frodo Baggins and all the Free Peoples of Middle-earth!

Your model of Galadriel, Queen of the Galadhrim, is complete!

Step 8: Paint Galadriel's Mirror | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

To paint Galadriel's magical mirror, initially apply the Chaos Black spray evenly as a background of color. When this is completely dry, use the Mechanicus Standard Gray with the ruling technique on the base and on each stone part up to the top, decorations included. Once this is done, go over all the contours with the edging technique first with the Dawnstone and then with the Administratum Gray. For green leaves you can apply Warpstone Glow as a base and, after a light black wash with Nuln Oil, dry brush Warboss Green to further lighten and add detail to your model. Finally, for the crystal top that contains the elven water of Lothlórien, you can use the Ironbreaker first and highlight it with Runefang Steel.

Citadel colors recommended for painting Galadriel's mirror

How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures - Tutorial 15: Galadriel

And also this tutorial of the Techigames Painting Workshop dedicated to the decoration of Games Workshop miniatures (eg Warhammer or Lord of the Rings) ends here. For any questions or requests we are available via the comments box below!

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