Kisarta for D&D 5ed: 10 inevitable aspects

Kisarta for D&D 5ed: 10 inevitable aspects

Kisarta, a new setting for the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons, is visible on Kickstarter, today we deepen 10 distinctive aspects

There is no time to waste here! Kisart, what is it, how is it? At the start on Kickstarter we had already talked about it here, but today we deepen 10 core aspects of this setting.

But first a brief premise: Kisarta is a setting designed by Illyon Island Editions for D&D 5 edition, based on the theme of fear, centered on monsters, chaos, insanity and damnations. Central focus, the characters are Awakened Souls near the Limbo city, huge setting in which to fight to prevail and take your place in the Great Game. In addition to the city of Limbo, Kisarta includes seven dark Domains presided over by entities that transcend the concepts of time and space: the Guardians.

Do you want to contribute to the project? Here is the kickstarter page, online until December 21st.

1. But how big is Kisarta?

The city of Limbo is described, a city so large that it can be explored in several days of adventure. There is talk of souls awakened in this city, who literally molded it to be intricate and elusive at first glance.

2. Lore of Kisarta

Okay, but first of all what is lore? When playing role-playing or video games, the story may be absent (eg fighting games), minimal (Super Mario has to save Princess Peach: the story is there, but it's trivial) or complex. The set of intrigues within a game is lore, and in Kisarta it is very high, each individual character has a very specific purpose that opens to other doubts, mysteries, questions and answers.

3. Goals

The narrative pattern within Kisarta continually pushes players and female players to continue exploring the world, motivation after motivation, a crucial feature of this world.

4. Depth

Kisarta has on its side the structuring of deep characters who, combined with an intricate lore and an enhanced advancement system, make this setting very interesting to roll.

5. Kisarta's horror setting

There is nothing to do, at every step in this world you feel the horror among the dark lands, intriguing both the Master and all the players. Will you experience this thrill?

6. To each his own

Political issues, horrors, tyrannical rulers, ancestral spirits… There is something for all tastes, for those who want to fight, for those who want to explore, for those who want to open political issues!

7. Corruption of the soul in Kisarta

Kisarta is heavily based on the theme of souls, the afterlife, death ... There is a conspicuous presence of the undead, and the only way not to be extinguished is to keep faith with your human side ... Or give in to corruption, madness . To you the choice!

8. New, all new

Well yes, here are three new backgrounds, three new races and a new class, with plans to insert a new subclass for each base class, privileges, spells ...

9. To your taste

Sure, Kisarta has a deep lore, but nothing prevents you from inserting or removing elements as you please to customize the adventure!

10. Another point of view

The intention of the creators was to write a story that approached D&D 5 and not only dungeon crawling, but also intrigues, politics, mysteries.

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