Broken Compass: here comes the RPG inspired by Uncharted and Indiana Jones

Two Little Mice has just unveiled the cards on their next project: Broken Compass. Let's find out together what it is

After the success of that little gem that is Household, Two Little Mouse unveiled their next RPG project over the weekend, Broken Compass.

The game seems to explore a new type of setting compared to traditional RPGs; indeed the references to works such as Uncharted, Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones are very strong. It therefore seems that the central point of the game will therefore be the exploration of ancient forgotten temples, the discovery of ancient artifacts and the clash with unscrupulous mercenaries.

It has also been specified that the game does not have a rigid setting, but it can be used to tell a specific type of story (exploration and search for treasures) in different times and places of the world.

The game system should be based on that of Household, although obviously we cannot know any changes yet. This system is based on the throwing of multiple 6-sided dice and successes are measured by combinations of results. The various combinations (pair, three of a kind, four of a kind, etc.) define how well the test went.

The generation of the characters also seems to be interesting. Apparently it will be possible to define all the attributes and characteristics starting from a minimum of 2 words.

In case you are interested in learning even more about the game, a real played demo of the title is available on the Two Little Mouse YouTube channel.

Broken Compass it seems an extremely refined product ready to occupy a niche of its own thanks to its original setting. In case you are as eager to play it as we are, you can register at this address, in order to receive the quickstart as soon as it is available.

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