Dream review: nightmares danger, proceed with caution

Attention! The Dream review might brighten your dreams, but it might also fuel your nightmares. Read with caution

Hoping not to upset your dreams, today we talk about Dream - Dreams and Nightmares, a game for 2 to 4 players from Little Rocket Games. During the game your goal is to be able to create a row of Dream cards, whose numbering must be in ascending order from 1 to 6, and to hinder your opponents with Nightmare cards.

Components | Dream Review

Inside the box we find a deck of cards divided into the following categories:

  • 24 Dream cards (red color)
  • 24 Nightmare cards (blue color)
  • 2 Rem cards (green color)
  • 2 Convert Dream cards and 2 Convert Nightmare cards

Dream review: nightmares danger, proceed with caution

Setup and How to Play | Dream Review

Il setup is very short: shuffle all the cards and give four to each player, the ones that are left put them in the center of the table and they will be the draw pile.

How to play

The game is played clockwise and during their turn the player can do one of these two actions:

  1. he can take a card from the draw pile and put it into his hand
  2. he can play a card in his own row or in that of an opponent

You can have a maximum of 10 cards in your hand

Chi vince | Review Dream

He wins the game whoever creates a row of Dream cards in ascending order from 1 to 6. 

Caso special

In the event that a player runs out of cards in his hand, has Nightmare cards in his row and the draw deck is also exhausted, the opponents can continue playing until they also run out of cards in their hand. In this case he wins who has the most Dream cards in their row, in case of a tie Whoever has the most Dream cards in a consequential row will win.

Card description | Dream Review

Let's now talk more specifically about the cards and their functions:

  • Dream Cards: these cards can be placed on an empty space in the row with the corresponding number from 1 to 6, on a card in your Dream row that has the same number and can be used to cover a Nightmare card or to replace a Rem card
  • Nightmare Cards: they are placed in the row of an opponent of your choice to hinder him and are used to cover a Dream card with the same number. Once you have covered another player's Dream card, you take it and put it in your hand and you can use it in a later turn. If you place a Nightmare card on another card of the same type or on a Rem card, these are not taken and left where they are.
  • Convert Dream Cards: they must be used to cover any Nightmare card in their row. It cannot be placed on an empty space and it cannot be removed from where it was placed
  • Nightmare Convert Cards: they can be placed on any opponent's Dream card and give the option to take that card and put it into your hand. It can cover a Rem card but it cannot be taken. The Convert Nightmare card also cannot be removed from its location and cannot be placed on an empty space
  • Rem Letter: it can be used in its row either to cover a Nightmare card or to occupy an empty space. This card can be taken from your opponent's row if you replace it with a Dream card relative to the number given to it and can be placed in your hand for use in subsequent turns.


Dream is a card game where dreams and nightmares challenge each other, it is a strategic game, but at the same time light and with simple mechanics. Both in the pros and cons I insert the illustrations, of some I love the style (for example the Convert Dream card with the dream catcher) and of others a little less, because I find them a little too dark for a game that starts from 8 years old . The only really negative side is the format of the instruction booklet, because the “accordion” format after several uses risks wearing out and breaking.

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Technical details

  • Name: Dream - dreams and nightmares
  • Author: Giampaolo Razzino
  • Publishing house: Little Rocket Games
  • Players: 2-4
  • Age: 8+
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Price: 14,90€
8 Recommended!

Points in favor

  • Strategic
  • Light
  • Simple mechanics
  • Illustrations

Points against

  • Illustrations
  • Instructions manual
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