Villainous: The Board Game of Disney Villains

Afraid of evil witches? Fear not: from September 30th you will be the ones to impersonate them in the new Disney Villainous Board Game

It is not the first time that the villains of the Disney stories become protagonists (just think of films like Maleficent or the historic and beautiful Hook), but it is perhaps the first time we have seen them driving a Board Game. Villainous, the Disney game that will allow you to play the role of the most evil villains of all fairy tales, finally arrives in Spain at the end of September: Ursula, Jafar, Maleficent, the Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook and Prince John. Choose your favorite Villain and guide him towards achieving his goals. No Hero will be able to hinder you, if you prove yourself Evil enough you can really reign unchallenged.

Disney Villainous: the game that rewards Mischief

Six Villains, six magnificent game pieces and six Objective cards, one each and all different from each other. Weave your evil plots on the board and reach your goal before the others, in order to win the title of Best Villain. There are those at the end of the game who will have to have control of the Magic Lamp (who knows who we are talking about ...), who will have to conquer the Trident of the King of the Seas and who, instead, will aim to become rich. In Disney Villainous you will be the villains of the situation and you will have to make your own moves to get closer to victory, dividing Dominion over the Magical Realms. The game rewards Badness, so no qualms, because your opponents won't have any with you. But beware, the Heroes are always on the lookout, ready to foil your plans. And your enemies will be the ones to play against you when you least expect it.

In the Disney Villainous Board Game each player will have a game Realm at his disposal, in which he can activate his Villain Cards and move the forces of Evil to his advantage. He will have the opportunity to enlist the help of the Henchmen, (inevitable in every Disney film) and to defeat the heroes that the opponents will send against him. In addition, he can also put a spoke in the wheel of the other Villains. With Destiny Cards, in fact, every Villain will be able to slow down the advance of his opponents or even weaken his resources in a subtle and unexpected way. On the other hand, every move is lawful, and there is no honor at the table of the Bad Guys. Only victory.

Too few villains in Disney Villainous? Expansions are also coming!

The first two expansions for the game have already been released in America and will soon arrive in Spain: Evil Comes Prepared, and Wicked to the Core will allow the introduction of new Villains as Ade, Grimilde, Dr Faciliter (for the less experienced, the very bad wizard of The Princess and the Frog), Scar, Ratigan and Yzma. New Kingdoms and new Objective cards will accompany them, to make Disney Villainous an even more complete and attractive game.

What are you waiting for, then? Run to buy a cloak and a magical staff danger and get ready - the Battle of Wickedness is about to begin.

Technical details

  • Type: Game for Families
  • Author: Disney
  • Publisher: Wonderforge
  • Distributed in Spain by: Ravensburger
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Players: by 2 to 6
  • Age: 10+
  • Price in Spain: 59,90€
552 Reviews Ravensburger Disney Villainous Game, 4005556260676, French Version
  • Discover the Mal in you! Drawing the kind heroes, Villainous is an addicting and unwelcome strategy game for the whole family!
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