Offers and free RPGs to face the #iogiocoacasa quarantine

A constantly updated list of offers and free RPGs to better face this quarantine period

We have never been as united as in this moment. Have you noticed? Since we all stopped due to Covid-19, solidarity initiatives and activities are blossoming to feel close even from a distance. Among these, many indeed very many concern the world of RPGs. Manufacturers, distributors and authors are working hard to help us endure the quarantine to the fullest, offering their games and often giving them directly to their passionate fans.. And through tools such as roll20, Discord or the most famous Hangouts we have the opportunity to play from home and not lose the habit and the beauty of this passion that makes us feel alive.

This is why we have decided to create a collection of the offers and free RPGs you find in this period. We will keep it constantly updated, so you can come back at any time and find out how many splendid acts of generosity are blooming due to the Coronavirus. And if you find any, you are welcome to report them in the comments and we will add them with pleasure.

Need Games' digital catalog at half price

The first of the offers concerns some of the best-loved and best-known RPGs. Need Games, an editorial company that we have been following with interest and pleasure for a long time, has decided to put the entire digital catalog on offer at 50% for the entire month of March. This is your chance to retrieve great titles like The Legend of the Five Rings, The Witcher RPG, Vampires La Masquerade and 7thSea. As well as setting manuals and supplements to play in company through the screen. An opportunity definitely not to be missed. Find all the games on offer in the shop.

Offers and free RPGs to face the #iogiocoacasa quarantine

Free RPGs and Digital Solidarity with Space Orange 42

Responding to the Digital Solidarity initiative implemented by the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization, Space Orange 42 has chosen to distribute four free RPGs from its catalog.

The games available are:

  • Interface Zero, downloadable from this link.
  • Kata Kumbas, found here.
  • Be-Movie, available here.
  • Cabal, downloadable here.

Furthermore, starting from Sunday 22nd the digital version of the Symbaroum manual is on offer at 90% discount (€ 1,49 instead of € 14,90). 

Offers and free RPGs to face the #iogiocoacasa quarantine


The gear: the necropunk RPG to fight the quarantine

"The Citadel of Sciences Council decree requires all citizens to stay in their homes, but interdimensional travel is allowed and encouraged." So Stratagemma, a small Florentine pearl, announces the choice to put L'Ingranaggio as a free download from the site An opportunity to immerse yourself in a Necropunk world and give free rein to the journeys of the imagination.

Offers and free RPGs to face the #iogiocoacasa quarantine

Offerings and free RPGs from Crimson Studies Creations

The types of Crimson Studies Creations are also joining the #iogiocoacasa campaign, and make their RPGs available for young and old. For the former, the Dragon's Journey bundle is 50% off, downloadable from For the latter, The Black Sword and the two related adventures (Ruins of the Elves and Sails in the Mists) are also available for free at

The two bundles will expire on April 3, 2020.

#homewithchaosium: i GdR di casa Chaosium Inc.

Even Chaoisium Inc, mother of the famous Call of Chtulhu, launches a #homewithchaosium campaign, and promises to give its fans succulent offers and downloads. It starts with Call of Cthulhu the Coloring Book, the coloring book inspired by Lovecraft's settings. The pdf file is already available here.

Offers and free RPGs to face the #iogiocoacasa quarantine

MicroRPG and its minimalist RPGs

MicroRPG, a small playful reality created by Noah Patterson, also took action to promote the #iogiocoacasa campaign; the MicroRPG print and play games will in fact be available on the website in the Pay what you want formula for the entire duration of the quarantine.

Raven Distribution's RPG offerings

The Raven by Raven Distribution is activated to brighten up our days at home, and offers us the Runequest Quickstarter as a free download from its website. The world of Runequest, Glorantha, is a place of immortal gods and heroes, of myths and cults, of monsters and mortals. Here the Runes permeate everything and allow you to perform feats of heroism and magic. This is how the Hero Wars were born, and the time has finally come to immerse ourselves in this ancient and fascinating world. Here the download link.

Offers and free RPGs to face the #iogiocoacasa quarantine

Myth Press: Free post-apocalyptic RPG

Starting from today (21/03) until 5 April, the Myth Press offers its Incubus: Role Playing Game, which can be downloaded for free from its shop. It is a storytelling, post-apocalyptic RPG enriched with supernatural and cyberpunk elements, the perfect companion for these days of quarantine.

Offers and free RPGs to face the #iogiocoacasa quarantine


And this is only the beginning…

New offers and new free RPGs are coming in the coming weeks, so stay with us. And if you find an offer that you want to report, leave it here in the comments and we will gladly add it.

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