Game of the Year and Role-playing Game of the Year 2019: here are the winners

After a long and careful evaluation, the Jury has nominated the Winners of the 2019 Game of the Year and Role-playing Game of the Year Award. Come and discover them with us

We have been waiting for them since September 26, when the twelve finalists were announced, six for each of the two categories. And after careful evaluation, the Prize Jury organized by Lucca Crea srl ​​finally elected the winners. For the 2019 Game of the Year, the Winner game is El Dorado, by Reiner Knizia, edited and distributed by Ravensburger. For the Roleplaying Game of the Year 2019 the Winner is Household, by Riccardo Sirignano and Simone Formicola, edited and distributed by Raven Distribution.

We couldn't be happier with these victories and congratulate the development and production teams. Below, a small summary of the two games.


Winners of the Game of the Year 2019


Experience an adventure worthy of Indiana Jones in this game for 2 to 4 players. And discover the legendary El Dorado on an expedition of fearless adventurers in the heart of the South American jungle. In order to reach El Dorado you will need to rely on your best resources, so plan your route well and prepare your equipment. The City of Gold awaits you.

Equipped with a game board with over 100.000 possible configurations, this game will allow you to implement a different strategy in each match, thus demonstrating your wits and skills.. From an idea of ​​Reiner Knizia, published and distributed by Ravensburger.


Enter the House, a place once inhabited by the Master and his loved ones and today a land of adventures, mysteries and intrigues. And get to know the Little Peoples, the races that have taken possession of the Rooms and shaped the new world. In this out of the ordinary adventure, the little one becomes the heart of the action, while the players will explore the places of the House and get to know the thousand shades assumed by its new inhabitants.

Between armies, scholars and masters, this all-Spanish game will make you re-evaluate the reality of your home and the way you perceive it. From an idea of ​​Riccardo Sirignano and Simone Formicola, published and distributed by Raven Distribution.

252 Reviews Ravensburger El Dorado, Board Game, Spanish Version, Family Game, 2-4 Players, Recommended Age 10+, 26032
  • An exciting adventure in search of the legendary city of gold where you have to lead the expedition through the jungles of South America to finish the game
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