Stargate the RPG: Open Beta is looking for new fans

Stargate the RPG: Open Beta is looking for new fans

Have you always dreamed of being part of SG-1 and protecting the earth from the Goa'uld threat? Now it's possible thanks to the open beta of the new Stargate RPG

Our world needs help to fight against the terrible Goa'uld threat. And who better than the fans of the TV series can come to his rescue? After five months of close testing, the Stargate RPG from Wyvern Gaming comes to the Open Beta version. And it calls the fans of the series to arms to involve them in this new phase of playtest. As an SG team, we will be able to depart from headquarters to embark on new, exciting adventures in space. All this, thanks to an Open Gaming License version of D & d Fifth Edition, which acts as a skeleton to the rules of the Stargate RPG.

How to participate in the Stargate RPG Open Beta

To participate in the test and take part in the SG-C adventures, simply register at Once inside, we will be able to download the non-definitive Rules Manual (Core Book), the player sheet and two adventures created for the occasion. What the developers of Stargate ask fans is simple: download the manual and the adventures, study them and go on an adventure. The Open Beta will in fact be an opportunity to subject the game to a real stress test, to find and fix the things that are wrong. Our task, therefore, is only one: to have fun in an SG team.

On the site, the developers of Wyvern Gaming have created a forum area where players can ask questions and resolve their doubts. In addition, an open form for the occasion will allow us to express opinions and criticisms after testing the game, so as to become an active part of its development.

The release of the game

The Open Beta will remain online until the early summer months, a period in which Stargate Roleplaying Game will exit the test and will be released as a Kickstarter. In addition to the Core Manual, in the course of 2020 Wyvern Gaming will also publish a series of official adventures, titled Stargate: Phoenix - A Living RPG Series. These will be available to players around the world and will bring them all together in a common narrative experience.

“Phoenix Site” will in fact be the name of the secret base outside the earth that will serve as a base for players' operations. From here, an alliance of humans, Jaffa, Tok'ra and other races created specifically for the RPG will be able to coordinate and set out on a mission to defeat the Goa'uld. The story of Stargate RPG will be set in the narrative arc of the series, corresponding to the sixth season of Stargate SG-1.

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