Cranium Review: The colorful and fun board game

Board game winner of Game of the Year 2009 and 2010 in different parts of the world, everything you need to know about Cranium in our review

Summer is slowly ending and what awaits us is a fairly cold end of the year. Many will prefer to stay warm at home with their friends and among many amusements they will look for new board games. Cranium it's one of those must-have games that are unlikely to tire you. Let's go and see together the rules and details of the game by Cranium Inc, a company owned by Hasbro.

The board game of the brains | Cranium Review

Cranium is neither a quiz game nor a card game, Cranium is pretty much everything. The game has a minimum of 4 players divided into two teams, while there is no maximum number of players but only a maximum of 4 teams. Unlike many other games, Cranium predicts the existence of a colored nut which must be thrown only after its turn. In addition, in the box we will find the game board, the pawns, playing cards and modeling clay. The aim of the game is simple, you have to get to the end of the board with your pawn to win the game. Of course, Cranium is a turn-based game, where the winner can roll the die and advance to the next square. The difference between Cranium and other party games is that there are several completely different game categories. This is why the game and the die are divided into 4 different colors.

Il colore red refers to the category of culture general in which we should give the correct answer to a question. The colore greeninstead, it refers to the category of mimi. If we draw the card of this color then we will also find ourselves performing multiplayer modes where, for example, we should use one of our companions as a puppet to mimic a word or a phrase; moreover, the same category includes rehearsals such as singing and more. The colore yellow is the color of the riddles out of things. Here we will encounter anagrams to solve and riddles to overcome. As the last color we find the blu, That is, the color of the drawing and sculpture; By drawing this paper we will find ourselves having to draw an object or action that is indicated by the paper itself with a pencil or with modeling clay.

Cranium Review: The colorful and fun board game

The only rule is to have fun | Cranium Review

La rule main is that the die is rolled only after your turn and only if you have passed the test. Once the data is pulled, we will discover the color on which to advance. If, for example, we get the green color on the die then we will move to the green square closest to us. In Cranium it is not possible to go back with your own piece, so every time we roll the data we will be closer and closer to victory. On the board and on the die, however, there is a color that has no cards. The purple color is the neutral color so, if we find ourselves on this box, we could choose the category to be addressed. I recommend, be careful not to take the card of the category that you will have to face by yourself. The cards, in fact, must be read by your opponents as they also contain the winning answer.

Cranium, then, hides a type of cards that will make us die of fun. I speak of Super Challenge cards. These are cards in which both teams will have to put their efforts to guess the correct answer. The super challenge can refer to any category and is a bit of a race against time. In fact, the team that first manages to shout the answer wins. The super challenge card allows the winning team to make a bonus die roll. However, this does not mean that the team that drew the Super Challenge card loses its turn. In fact, after the super challenge it's still up to the team from the previous round.

Cranium Review: The colorful and fun board game

Get to the Encefalum and you will have the glory | Cranium Review

The goal is, therefore, to arrive all’Encefalum, the central point of the board. To get there, you can use the preferential lane. To do this, we should be on the “planet Cranium” space and we should win a super challenge. There Bus Lane it shortens the journey we should take towards the Encefalum and therefore towards victory. Once you get there, however, it will be up to your opponents to choose the category you will have to face. If you manage to win the challenge in that turn then you will have won the game, otherwise don't give up because you can try again at the next one. Once you win, you can brag to your friends that you are the brains of the group.

Cranium it is available in different versions, from that Base to that Family. It is possible to buy the board game on Amazon at the price indicated in the box below. With the winter ahead, will you also want to play a party game? Is Cranium the game for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! And if that doesn't intrigue you, then check out everything on our site regarding table games.

Technical details

  • Type: Partygame
  • Author: Alexander, Richard Tait
  • Publisher: Cranium, Inc
  • Distributed in Spain by: Hasbro
  • Duration: 30/60/90 minutes
  • Players: 4+ (teams: minimum 2, maximum 4)
  • Age: 14+
  • Price in Spain: 26,00 €
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