State of Play October 2021: here are all the games announced

Welcome back to our usual recap appointment. Let's go this time to discover all the games announced by Sony during the last State of Play in October

By now we have learned Sony's communication strategy. In fact, for some time now, one of the most important production houses in the videogame industry has been following its own communication path. Abandoning the "mega events" such as E3 and Gamescom, Sony has decided to bet everything on its State of Play and PlayStation Showcase. If past events were aimed at showing first party titles (Horizon forbidden west, God of war ragnarok, etc.), the one just concluded was focused on titles di third parts. So let's go and recap all the games announced during this State of Play di October

Not exactly a heart-pounding event

The advances of the numerous leak emerged in these days have come true. As promised, the conference focused on titles developed by third parties to the detriment of the most renowned productions, the result of the work of PlayStation Studios. Although it had already been revealed in the aforementioned leaks, Little devil inside it was however the title more important presented at this event. Unfortunately aches admit that the event, having removed the latter title, was quite subdued. Many titles have appeared, some already announced, different updates and many expectations not respected. But let's go in order and see the first ones games announced in this State of Play.

Monsters and battles to the death - State of Play October 2021: games announced

The event began with Deathverse Let it Die, new title multiplayer, developed by GungHo e SupertrickGames. This third-person action is characterized by a frenetic pace, lots of characters to impersonate and different weaponry lethal either melee that distance. The title is presented as a way to download it stress participating in violent battles. Return one of the more titles absurd of the past months, or bugsnax. In this new update, called The Isle of Bignsax, a new one will be introduced adventure for the player, as well as new ones mechanical. The dlc will come out early 2022 and it will totally be free.

  • Deathverse Let it Die: Third-person multiplayer action in which players can let off steam with a healthy punch. Coming in 2022 to PS4 e PS5.
  • We are OFK: interactive graphic adventure that tells the biography of a musical band. Also this one coming out in 2022 to PS4 e PS5.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach: this new incarnation of the Five Nights at Freddy's series reminds us of the scary atmospheres of past titles with a first person and an impossible goal, to escape from lethal measures of safety. Outgoing on December 16 2021.
  • bugsnax: expansion announced The Isle of Bigsnax.
  • Death's Door: pretty action rpg low poly with platform mechanics. Coming up on 23th November of this year.

Go Karting and Indie Adventures - State of Play October 2021: games announced

We continue ours recap with other game titles not yet announced e insights on a particular and awaited indie. Shown officially during this State of Play, First class trouble is a title halfway between Hitman e Deathloop. In this competitive multiplayer in third person, we will be able to impersonate different roles, residents of a Hotel or attendants as the case may be. The goal is get in the way the other player's actions with traps and lethal weapons stealth. First Class Trouble is the first title to be confirmed among the PS Plus games of November. Let's see what the other titles are introduce yourself in this second half of the event.

  • Kartrider Drift: title that inevitably refers to Mario Kart, it is distinguished by a unique customization and a style puccioso.
  • KoF (King of Fighters) XV: fighting game coming up for the first time on PS4 e PS5 il February 17 2022. Beta dates announced.
  • First class trouble: multiplayer title present among the November Plus games. Official release on 2th November.
  • Star Ocean The Divine Force: This new title in the Star Ocean series will feature a total exploration of the environments in volo, as well as an "FFXV" combat system action. Available in 2022.
  • Little devil inside: Little Devil Inside world shown with one wonderful trailer. Unfortunately still nothing release date.

Little devils and big disappointments

Here we are at dates of our recap of the games announced at State of Play. Great expectations for what looks like a small one masterpiece, or Little devil inside. The indie title developed by Neostream Interactive was presented with a particular trailer in which we saw the world and the movements in train within the game. The originality lies in the constant changes of Artistic direction and chamber that make all the various (and multiple) game sections dynamic. Style graphic stylized makes the settings even more belle to play. The note sore however, we don't have one yet release date. Finally, contrary to what was expected, DON'T we had the confirmation of titles of PS Plus di November.

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