Xbox Games Showcase 2021: here are the games announced

The Microsoft conference that inaugurates this Gamescom 2021 has just ended. So let's review all the games announced at the Xbox Games Showcase

Among all the appointments that are accompanying the players in this 2021, certainly the conference dedicated to the Xbox world could not fail to be among the most anticipated. After a fairly convincing E3, now it's up to the second show dedicated to the presentation of the videogame novelties of the future, that is Gamescom. In this regard, to inaugurate this Gamescom 2021 there was theXbox Games Showcase with lots of games announced. From Force a Dying Light 2, the gameplay and previews shown have ranged between many titles, all in some way expected from the public.

Not exactly a complete show

Whether for good or bad many games shown had already been anticipated in recent days, only one has not shown up. We are talking about Halo Infinite. The last chapter of the historic saga that made Microsoft's fortune did not make its appearance even at the end of the show. That 343 Industries are you thinking of another postponement? If in doubt, let's console ourselves by going to recap all the tasty ones games announced in this Xbox Games Showcase. The presentations range from the announcement of new titles, such as Into the Pit or Stray Blade, to updates of titles already released such as the new event dedicated to Sea of ​​Thieves as well as insights on titles already announced or in the pipeline such as Psychonauts 2.

Xbox Games Showcase 2021: here are the games announced

Zombies, apocalypses and planes - Xbox Games Showcase: All games announced

Let's start our recap with two titles that need no introduction. That is the already announced Dying Light 2 e Microsoft Flight Simulator. Techland developers talked for several minutes about the new features introduced in this one second Dying Light chapter. To begin with the gameplay was enriched from new items, weapons and new mechanics that combine the actions of moving the character with direct attacks. In addition, a lot of new ones have been implemented animations as far as parkour is concerned, these will be the doppio of the previous chapter.

As for Flight Simulator, however, after mentioning the output also on console Xbox Series X / S of the game, more details have been provided on the next update. The latter provides for the introduction of new regions such as Germany, as well as new Central European cities such as Frankfurt and Vienna. Announced the Local Legends, or vehicles belonging to certain countries with particular historical-cultural significance. Finally, the arrival of a new race called was anticipated Reno Air Race coming out this winter. Summarizing the first announcements:

  • Dying Light 2 Stay Human: the title enriched with new mechanics and new weapons is coming out this 7th December.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator: In addition to new planes and the arrival of the expansion dedicated to the world of Top Gun, the Reno Air Race has been announced, coming at the end of the year.
  • Game Pass News: Archvale.
  • Game Pass News: Next Space Rebels.
  • Game Pass News: Midnight Fight Express.
  • Game Pass News: Dodgeball Academy.
  • Game Pass News: Bushiden.
  • Game Pass News: Flynn son of Crimson.
  • Game Pass News: Unpacking.
  • Game Pass News: Signalis.
  • Game Pass News: unsighted.
  • Game Pass News: Chinatown Detective Agency.

Xbox Games Showcase 2021: here are the games announced

Catapults and cloud gaming - Xbox Games Showcase: all games announced

The pace of the conference, to be honest, didn't really help digest several presentations. Let's talk specifically about Age of Empire 4. One of the most famous real-time strategists was practically ignored by the presenters and the developer of World’s Edge. In the space that should have occupied the title, perhaps with a simple one gameplay, we preferred to pay attention to the reconstruction of ancient weapons used in the Middle Ages. In particular one catapult. However, the announcements of the unpublished were remedied Into the pit and the interesting focus on cloud gaming:

  • Into the pit: announced this new fps based on magical attacks and with a flavor very close to Doom. Out October 10.
  • Age of Empire 4: arriving on 10 October. Available immediately on Game Pass.
  • Wastland 3 Cult of Holy Damnation: announced the new expansion that will arrive next 5 October along with the Colorado Collection. The latter includes the basic title plus 2 dlc.
  • Sea of Thieves Making Mahyem: event dedicated to Borderlands. Available from now until September 7th.

Xbox Games Showcase 2021: here are the games announced

Psychonauts and 200mph Cars - Xbox Games Showcase: All Games Announced

To conclude, brief insights were given on dlc coming soon, let's talk about State of Decay 2 Homecoming. The update will bring with it new environments, new weapons and 6 new bases. The update will be available to all users Game Pass. Continuing, one of the highlights (the other should have been Halo ...), is represented by the long gameplay of Forza Horizon 5. The gameplay video shown brought out the potentiality of the title. In fact, we were able to admire several cars competing in different contexts. With jumps from a cargo plane landed in different areas of Mexico, cars coped storms of sand, ran into the middle of the jungle e volcanoes active. Adrenaline is certainly not lacking in this Forza 5:

  • State of Decay 2 Homecoming: announced a new update. Outgoing on first September.
  • Stray Blade: announced a new third-person fantasy action rpg. The title turned out to be neither particularly innovative nor stylistically inspired. Out in 2022 per console next gen.
  • Crusader’s Kings 3: announced the arrival of the title on console. THE commands they will be revised to fit the Xbox pad.
  • Psychonauts 2: shown a new trailer accompanying the launch of the game.
  • The gunk: new unreleased title. Space adventure with lots action and wonderful landscapes.
  • Forza Horizon 5: 8 minutes of gameplay shown where different environmental conditions were shown. Coming up on 9th November.

Xbox Games Showcase 2021: here are the games announced

A good start for Gamescom

Here we are at the end of our recap with all the games announced in this last one Xbox Games Showcase. Overall the conference was good and is a great starter for tomorrow's main event (stay tuned to our pages to follow L’Opening Night Live area of game sum 2021). Numerous titles announced, lots of gameplay but also noisy absences. If the presence of titles like Forza has always been undoubted, the total absence of a title like Halo Infinite. Microsoft's focus on Xbox Cloud Gaming is also excellent, a true future innovation in fruition of video games.

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