Jenga Fortnite Edition arrives

After the success of Monopoly Fortnite, the collaboration between Hasbro and Epic Games continues to sparkle with a new great classic of the boxed game in a battle royal version. And the fun never ends, from virtual to real life

More than 250 million players all over the world, with a prize pool of 100 million dollars for the last competitive season. record, the most played and discussed ever, a real global phenomenon. Who knows how many players of all ages dream of playing live one of the many exciting games played on PC, console, tablet or smartphone. Now their dream becomes more and more real and tangible: after the recent success of the special edition Monopoly Fortnite, Hasbro and Epic Games announce the arrival of the exhilarating Jenga Fortnite, with a completely new game mode that will catapult players into the legendary battle royale.

Jenga Fortnite: some details

From the very first moments of the game, the most attentive players will immediately recognize the iconic characters of the videogame: Cuddle Team Leader, Peely, Fishstick and Jonesy will in fact be the protagonists, complete with pawns, of the new Jenga Fortnite edition. The goal is to storm the tower with your character and get to the top safely before the others. But be careful: if the tower falls, the player who caused the collapse is out of the game, a bit like it already happens in the hard-fought challenges with the videogame alter-ego.

The novelty, compared to the Classic Jenga, is represented by the special spinner (supplied), which will make the ascent to the top of the tower more adrenal and unpredictable: it will be enough to rotate the arrow to discover
what the next move will be, from levels to climb to blocks to stack (in this special edition they represent three different materials: wood, brick and metal).

And so, between an unexpected event and another, it will be necessary to make your character climb as high as possible, before the tower falls. You can play from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 people, you just need to be over 8 years old and the "steady hand" as they say. Who will be able to climb the tower before the others, defying the force of gravity?

Monoply Fortnite: where it all began 

As always, to lead the way ahead of the times is the timeless Monopoly. It was in fact the first board game ever to pay homage to the costume phenomenon of recent years that revolutionized the world of video games, Fortnite. The Monopoly Fortnite Special Edition, which
this year it is renewed with a new pack and new skins, it can only upset the cards on the table: it is no longer a question of grabbing properties and becoming the richest on the board, but of a real battle for which whoever succeeds wins to last longer.

In addition, all the classic elements of the game change shape, starting with the unexpected cards that turn into storm cards and those probabilities that become chests cards. All players have to do is conquer new locations, defeat opponents and avoid the storm.

Challengers can choose from one of the very famous 27 skins from the game and set off to conquer Greasy Grove, Confused Conduits, Tomato Town and the many other typical places of the well-known video game. But be careful, every time someone passes by the Via! a new storm begins to move, testing players and accumulated life points.

As in any self-respecting battle royale match, even with Monopoly Fortnite the last player alive wins and not the richest as is usually the case in the most popular real estate bargaining and trading game of all time.

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