Throne of Eldraine: the new Magic expansion on fairy tales arrives

Loyal players have already had the opportunity to try it in the Pre-Release events and online, on Magic Arena. For everyone else, The Throne of Eldraine, the new expansion of Magic: The Gathering, officially arrives on Friday 4th October. Are you ready to be conquered by fairy tales?

It was hard to match the intensity of the War of the Spark set, an expansion that turned the lore of the Magic world upside down. For this reason, the Wizard of the Coast on this tour has chosen to change register, and drag us into a completely new setting, with a fairytale flavor. With The Throne of Eldaine we enter the heart of classic fairy tales, in a land inhabited by deceptive spirits and brave knights. We previewed it at Pre-Release, played the new Brawls on Magic Arena and we're ready to tell you in detail what Magic has in store for us in this new set.

Throne of Eldraine: the new Magic expansion on fairy tales arrives

The lore of Magic: Throne of Eldraine

The fairytale kingdom is in turmoil. The beloved King Kenrith has disappeared and many accuse the fairies who inhabit the wilds of his disappearance. The realm needs the guidance of its ruler, and a group of fearless knights are ready to embark on a perilous journey to the fairy lands in order to save him. But not all fairy creatures are hostile, and many of them may even lend their aid to the knights, provided the knights are willing to trust them. 

Inspired by King Arthur's cycles of chivalry, Eldraine's plan pits five courts of knights, led by the twins Rowan and Will Kenrith, sons of the king, against the magical creatures of the wilds. The latter come directly from the more classic Brothers Grimm fairy tales and will be familiar to fans of European fairy tales. To break the balance between knighthood and fairy creatures, Garruk and Oko, planeswalkers already known to lovers of Magic lore, arrive on the plane.

The whole story of the set is told in the ebook Throne of Eldraine: The Wildered Quest, written by Kate Elliott and currently only available in English, published in collaboration between Wizards of the Coast and Penguin Random House.

For the release of the set, the Wizard has also released a trailer, which tells some fragments of the game's lore.

The mechanics of the new Magic: Throne of Eldraine

Throne of Eldraine: the new Magic expansion on fairy tales arrives

To adventure

The most particular mechanic introduced by the new Magic: Throne of Eldraine is undoubtedly that of the Adventure cards. In this new set, in fact, there are new cards that merge Instants / Sorcery with Creature cards. These spells can be cast either directly as a Creature, or first as an Instant or Sorcery. In the latter case, the card does not go to the graveyard, but is exiled to a new exile zone called To Adventure. From here, it can be recast as a Creature at any time you can cast the aforementioned Creature. Two cards in one, therefore, to add new shades to your decks.


The set introduces a new card skill: Adamantine. If mana of three of the same colors is spent to cast a card with Adamantine, an additional ability is activated. Creatures cast this way are added a + 1 / + 1 counter, while other spells have different effects depending on the spell in question. 

I planeswalkers

Two planeswalkers, twin princes Rowan and Will Kenrith, already feature in the Magic: Throne of Eldraine plan. They are joined by Oko and Garruk, who arrived on Eldraine following the War of the Spark. The new Planeswalkers are Mythic again and have three abilities.

Throne of Eldraine: the new Magic expansion on fairy tales arrives 

I Collector Busters e le Carte Premium

Another new feature of the set is the introduction of Collector Busters and Premium Cards. The first are packs of 15-card sleeves, with 3 cards with special border inside, 1 Rare / Mythic card without a border and the possibility of finding Premium Cards; the latter are full art versions of the most important cards in the set.

All that remains is to wait until October 4th to get your hands on the Boxes and on the new Collector Busters, and then discover together the brand new Throne of Eldraine. We can't wait, what about you?


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