Nacon Connect 2021: all games announced

The Nacon Connect event has just ended. From Blood Bowl 3 to Steelrising, passing through The Lord of the Rings Gollum, let's recap together all the games announced at Nacon Connect

Nacon for many is a name that doesn't say much. However, the French company is increasingly becoming known not only for the production of peripherals dedicated to gaming, but also for its resourcefulness in the publication and distribution of video games. Juicy news were shown on the occasion of this event, let's talk about such IPs Lord of The Rings, Test Drive Unlimited e WRC. In this special we go together to recap all the previews and games announced in this Nacon Connect 2021.

Cars, role-playing games and immersive sims

The Nacon event follows in the wake of E3. This is the most prosperous period for companies to communicate. The event was an opportunity for nacon in showing his cards regarding his future stock portfolio. Over the course of the show we had tastings of gameplay of titles already announced, with confirmations on one side and denials on the other, plus some announcements a surprise. It was certainly a great show, especially for the pace of the announcements and the different titles presented. So here are all the games announced al Nacon Connect.

Nacon Connect 2021: all games announced

Getting started - Nacon Connect: all games announced

The show started with the presentation of several titles already known, however, a surprise announcement was not immediately lacking. Particular interest has aroused the new The Lord of The Ring Gollum. In which one of the developers he paused to talk about its uniqueness, especially with regard to the consequences in the change of the protagonist, now represented by Gollum. But let's start to see the first titles:

  •  Vampire The Masquerade Swansong: a short cinematic trailer of the title was shown and the release date is set for February 2022.
  • The Lord of The Ring Gollum: The game tells the story and journey of Gollum. What we do know is that the gameplay will be that of a stealth action adventure and that the description of Gollum's character will be faithful to what is written in the books. The release is scheduled for late 2022.
  • Roguebook: shown a short gameplay trailer of the strategic rpg that will be released soon.
  • To infinity: one of two surprise announcements from the conference. The title is a first-person survival horror set in World War I. The release year is 2023 and will be available for console and PC.

Nacon Connect 2021: all games announced

Skateboards and killer robots - Nacon Connect: all games announced

Moving on to the rest of the Show, we were able to see a succession of sports titles, including cars, motorcycles and football. Some of these titles know a little bit of already seen and might make you stick with a bad taste in the mouth upon their exit. Not just sports though, because among this series of games, Steelrising is especially noteworthy, which seems like an excellent game full of ideas. But let's go in order:

  • Session: Crea-ture studio shows its title dedicated to the world of skate with a cinematic trailer. The trailer is not so impressive graphically, but it offers, with the use of subjective shooting, a new point of view in the staging of skateboard sequences. The title is available on Xbox Game Preview and in early access on Steam.
  • Steelrising: one of Nacon's spearheads. The game mixes the Terror of the French Revolution with Bloodborne action gameplay and a Vampyr mood. The release is set for June 2022.
  • Rugby 2022: EKO Software presents its title with a trailer and announces the release of the title for January 2022.
  • Rims Racing: this new title has several similarities with the Milestone IP. Rims Racing, a title dedicated to the world of motorcycles, is presented through a collaboration with the musical group Bloody Beetroots. Who will take care of the soundtrack entirely.

Nacon Connect 2021: all games announced

Monster football players and rally champions - Nacon Connect: all games announced

The roundup continues e nacon promises us several collaborations in the future. If before we had one of the most beloved musical groups, now it is the turn of a true sports legend. Let's talk about Sebastien Loeb. The world rally champion announces the release date of the next WRC title with gameplay that transports us to a Citroen competing on historic rally circuits:

  • rogue lords: Pretty classic rpg title with 2D turn-based combat. The game is scheduled for release on September 30, 2021.
  • Blood Bowl 3: The third installment of the American football title saga is presented with a trailer that highlights the new narrative background of the sponsors and showcases the style humor of the title. One of the developers explains that in this chapter some mechanics have been transposed directly from the board game. The game will be released in February 2022.
  • WRC 10: as mentioned, the new WRC is presented by Sebastien Loeb, who announces the title along with the 50 years of the WRC rally competition. The title is out on September 2nd.
  • Life: series of simulation titles, which include five different declensions and topics. From train management (Train Life: A Railway Simulator), to hospital management (Surgeon Life: A Hospital Simulator), this line of video games is able to satisfy all the needs of immersive sim fanatics and management.

Nacon Connect 2021: all games announced

Peripherals and surprise announcements - Nacon Connect: all games announced

The conference as a whole was well rhythmic, without ever boring, a large number of titles and all of them were fed to the public different between them. A short interlude that allowed us to breathe was above all the presentation of the futures controller e peripherals Nacon. Let's go now to discover in this tranche, the latest announcements of the Nacon Connect conference.

  • Clash Artifact of Chaos: New third-person action game with an interesting visual style. The impression is that of a Borderlands graphic with some elements of the realistic models. The release is set for June 2022.
  • Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown: the new title of the Test Drive Unlimited series has been announced. Saga that made its fortune at the time on Xbox 360 and PS2. This new chapter, developed by KT Racing, changes formula and becomes a MMO open world set in Hong Kong. The game will include many car licenses and players will be able to be part of two rival clans, the Streets and the Sharks respectively.
  • Robocop Rogue City: surprise announced a new video game based on the Robocop brand. The latter will be available for consoles and PCs in the course of 2023.

Nacon Connect 2021: all games announced

In conclusion

To conclude and for to summarise a little bit about this conference, it can be said that the show was very positive. There was no shortage of announcements, as well as surprises, To infinity from Robocop Rogue City. We were able to admire productions with a completely different stylistic system. Many sporting titles, from WRC to Rugby 2022, passing through Session, Rims Racing and Test Drive Unlimited. Too many video games from the setting fantasy, steampunk and science fiction like Gollum, Steelrising and Robocop. But now it's your turn, let us know how you rate these ads and what about them think of Nacon's stock holdings.

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