TrackMania review: welcome to the club!

Ramps that defy the laws of gravity, drift in slow motion, rides on slides worthy of a water park. This and much more in the new Trackmania, discover with us the thrill of speed (and that of trial and error) in this review of the racing game by Ubisoft and Nadeo

Nadeo e Ubisoft have teamed up once again to bring players a new chapter of Trackmania. The new incarnation of the historical saga of racing games is characterized by the free to play formula combined with that of the subscription. The basic version of the title, in fact, will be completely participation. However to have access to more gaming experience Assessment you will have to put your hand to your wallet. A solution is also available intermediate, also accessible upon payment, which will guarantee you a certain number of contents at a price lower compared to the second offer.

It is up to you to select the option that best suits your needs. After all, the title, in many of its facets, revolves around the idea of Customization and it is natural, therefore, that the way in which you can use it is also customizable. Having said that, let's proceed in order and let's find out, first of all, what it is Trackmania in this new review. 

Go ahead and take a look in the rearview mirror every now and then 

In all likelihood, the name Trackmania will trigger a rundown of images memory lane in the minds of those who have been playing since the days when videogame was not synonymous with 4K, photorealism and VR. The brand, created by the French Nadeo (a subsidiary of Ubisoft), since 2003 is aimed at a large niche of players inclined to a racing experience atypical for many points of view. The saga, in fact, aims to distance itself as much as possible from the trend of simulative realism of titles such as Gran Turismo and Forza.

The titles of the series of Swimin fact, they are above all gods racing arcade based on the logic of trial and error, in which unlikely tracks and impossible speeds are the masters. The crazy logic of these games leads them, in some ways, to even approach the genre of puzzle game. The new title of Swimspecifically, it re-proposes many of the tracks of TrackMania Nations and it's almost a remake of this latest game, considered by many to be the Highest point achieved by the saga.

Clearly, the new chapter proposes contents and methods, in all respects, superior to those baked by the ancestor in the distant past 2006. Ultimately, the new effort of Swim is proposed with a view to continuity e finish. Feet firmly planted in past and eyes that look to future in conclusion. Let's proceed now with the review and let's discover the unmistakable elements of the gameplay di Trackmania.

TrackMania review: welcome to the club!

A crazy amusement park - TrackMania Review

If you think that, since Trackmania it is not a simulation of realistic driving, then you can have fun as you like, you are wrong. Or rather, the divertissement is undoubtedly a (pretty substantial) component of Trackmania, but it is not the only figure of the creation of Swim. The experience created by the French developer is, in fact, a kind of Jekyll e Hyde videogame. If, in fact, in some ways Trackmania is extremely immediate, carefree and approachable, for others it is decidedly frustrating and difficult.

This emerges clearly from the very essence of the game system entirely governed by three: commands only: accelerator, brake and steering. Nothing strange so far, right? After all, we are still in a racing game, we cannot expect to have an arsenal of functions available. Well, all sacrosanct. Know, however, that to prove yourself experienced pilots you'll have to know how to use those famous three commands with precision surgical e timing from Swiss watch. This is because, unlike many other racing titles, the Trackmania they are not two or three corners and a couple of straights to be done in sequence three times. The tracks designed by Nadeo are real jungles fraught with pitfalls ready to be triggered like lethal traps.

Behind the playful and pleasant appearance lies a nightmare of switches slow motion, strapiombi treacherously, walls impenetrable and damage of the ignition motor. You will often find yourself forced to respawn compulsive to try to figure out how to get around the obstacle on duty as quickly as possible. The game will never provide you with help of any kind and it will be up to you to work out and choose thestrategic approach more suitable for each of the various competition grounds (ice, sand, concave and convex surfaces). In other words, Trackmania it will appeal not only to yours ability using the commands, but also yours acumen. This mechanism may seem like it frustrating apparently, but trying to complete a semi-impossible track at all costs or trying to tear an old record could easily become your next one drug

TrackMania review: welcome to the club!

Bread and competitiveness for a balanced breakfast - TrackMania Review

To welcome you into the game world you will find clean menu, essential and functional. In principle, three: are the options you will have available to squeeze the horses of your racing car. A modality a single player, which includes training and monthly tracks (a new one is made available every day). One way multiplayer which will allow you to compare yourself on the same circuits with other players in real time and the classic local multiplayer.

When you challenge the other players they will not be there collisions between cars (the cars of others will become intangible in contact with yours) and ultimately wins, from time to time, who was able to complete the route in the shortest possible time by making various attempts within a short span of minutes . The fact remains that the title is in equal measure valid both for those who want a totally in single and for those who prefer to play with other people. Even in this, therefore, Trackmania differs from other racing games strongly oriented to the multiplayer.

By completing the tracks of the mode multiplayer, you can grab several trophy points based on your final placement. Thanks to these points, your profile will then be able to scale rankings regional, national and global. Therefore, those who eat bread and competitiveness for breakfast will be satisfied.

TrackMania review: welcome to the club!

Look at that fireball! - TrackMania Review

From the point of view technical Nadeo's creature turns out rather convincing. We do not touch transcendental peaks of photorealism (probably would even clash in a title like this) yet the graphics of Trackmania è pleasant, discreetly finished e clean. The polygonal model of the cars, although it is always repeated the same as infinity, presents good details and an overall accomplishment satisfactory.

The management of shine, of refractions and reflections on the surfaces of cars and terrains, is convincing and credible. The realization of the trees and of the game objects in general is also discreet, even if, probably, the graphics component will not be exactly what the title will be remembered for. Competitions and training take place in a pleasant atmosphere "synthetic”In which everything seems suspended.

Same considerations for the sector audio. The songs (not too many) are bright and sufficiently rhythmic, adapting perfectly to the feel of the game. Lastly, theoptimization of the title that does not heat up the pc too much and maintains a framerate abbastanza stable (about 60 fps) even at maximum settings with a 1060gb GTX 6, Intel I7 7700 processor and 16gb of ram.

TrackMania review: welcome to the club!

And I pay! - TrackMania Review - TrackMania Review

Three is the lucky number of Trackmania. Three are the medals obtainable in the circuits, but above all three: are the purchase variants in which the title of Swim. Before going into the matter, let's clarify the concept of Club which is the basis of two of the three offers. The Club is essentially the fulcrum of the social experience of Trackmania. Specifically, this is a function that guarantees TrackMania players the sharing of skin e traced of own production, access to private rooms, the creation of internal campaigns, challenges and rankings to the club itself and to top it off dedicated servers. A lot of stuff in short. 

We now come to the purchasing solutions. L'Starter access (completely free) include 25 new playable maps in single-player and multiplayer every season, a simplified editor di skin, folder e replay and the ability to compete in the national championship. The accesses Standard e Clubon the contrary, they guarantee all the specific functions of the club listed above (full editor, private rooms, campaigns, challenges, internal rankings and dedicated servers).

The first solution is available at 29,99 € and has the duration of a year, the second lasts three: (the magic number again!) and it costs . Both variants, when they expire, will allow you to keep the advanced editor and maps. All three solutions are available on the Epic Games and Uplay stores.

Since it has been named, we can tell you that it is creation tool It's really complete and well done. You will have the ability to customize tracks, replays and your car. Small sore point in the margin: only the skin of your car will be customizable; tires, bodywork and anything else will unfortunately remain as they are. Finally, the lack of the function of ghost-player in the Access Starter it makes itself felt a lot in a title in which looking at the shortcuts unearthed by others can make the difference in terms of the final placement. 

TrackMania review: welcome to the club!

Ready Set Go!

TrackMania turned out to be a title interesting in many ways. Tell us first if you have ever heard of others racing games that propose mechanics from puzzle. Nadeo has created a game full of personality; perfectly in line with the standards of the long tradition that precedes it. A pleasant network capable of harnessing in its links i casual player for a while and pro of four-wheel racing forever. The model of the three purchase variants is one good found even if it will make part of the audience turn up their noses. If you are looking for a driving title different from the usual, capable of to adapt in everything to your needs you have done bingo. Nadeo's latest effort is available from the first July su PC

We thank you for reading this review and we invite you to stay tuned to techigames for all the updates and curiosities from the gaming world and beyond.

7.7 A hilarious trap

Points in favor

  • Accessible, immediate and simple
  • Some will love it
  • Lots of content and customization possibilities
  • The proposed subscription model is honest

Points against

  • For some, the trial and error mechanism will be indigestible
  • Only the skin of the car can be customized
  • The ghost-player function would also have been useful in the Starter Access
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