Tokyo Game Show 2021: Xbox games announced at Microsoft conference

Even in that of the Rising Sun, Microsoft shows itself devastating: here are all the games announced for Xbox during the Tokyo Game Show 2021

Despite the Tokyo Game Show is the definitive celebration of the Japanese videogame industry, Microsoft intends to strengthen its presence on the territory in 2021 and the games announced (or at least shown) for Xbox they proved it. We've summarized the entire event for you, quickly going through the various announcements we've seen in this hour of material. Without holding back, therefore, we show you how the jade giant intends to dye the land of the Rising Sun green. Hold on tight, a very quick rundown awaits you, given the focus on Xbox expansion on Japanese soil.

The introduction of the presentation kept a more generic tone, reserved for the whole event. Afterwards, Koji watanabe opened the dance by announcing the start of this live broadcast. We no longer had any doubts: the presentation as a whole was evaluated with the Z of the CERO. For the less accustomed to the ratings of the land of the Rising Sun, it is the equivalent of our own PEGI 18. Most of the announcements concern mostly new titles in the area concerned, but there is no lack of news (in a very, very broad sense). Let's give the word to the always jovial Phil Spencer of Xbox!

Expansion rhymes with Japan

The first of the many Western (and non) developers to greet the Tokyo Game Show 2021 audience with a very Japanese "Konnichiwa" is Phil Spencer, who introduced spectators to the most important of the announced games: the Xbox Game Pass itself, with which Microsoft aims to increase the catchment area in the area. Spencer thanked the CESA organizers, then extended his gratitude to the entire gaming industry "for joining us during this time". At least than before, the specter of the pandemic still casts its shadow.

In this year we celebrate the twenty years of Microsoft's debut in the world of consoles. Spencer has spent good words for the players and the many third party partners, especially the “local” ones between Namco and Square-Enix. Xbox Cloud Gaming (one of the hubs of this entire event) will offer more than one hundred games, including Starfield, Redfall and other Bethesda games, as well as Halo Infinite and the next game to star in the presentation: the Microsoft driving simulator. . For this reason, in fact, the spotlight of the next section is all on Forza Horizon 5.

The playground in green - Tokyo Game Show 2021: Xbox games announced by Microsoft

Playground Games introduced the Tokyo Game Show 2021 audience to the first of the Xbox games on which Microsoft wanted to emphasize: one of the titles already announced but still absent on Japanese soil, Forza Horizon 5. The trailer did not fail to remind the audience of the variety present in the game. This extends to the cars and also to the tracks that players can whiz them on. However, it's not just that: the title also got to flex its muscles.

In fact, we allude to ForzaVista, the mode that allows us to admire the photorealism of the models both outside and (above all) in the well-kept interiors. This feature was already known in the past, but now the lighting benefits from technology ray tracing; in other words, therefore, the light source will be generated in real time. The stream reminded us of the game's release date, set for 5th November. Also in this case, the "big M" wanted to emphasize the foundations of its expansion in Japan: Xbox Cloud Gaming, with which players will be able to play without a console.

Tokyo Game Show 2021: Xbox games announced at Microsoft conference

For You – Tokyo Game Show 2021: i giochi Xbox annunciati da Microsoft

THEappeal on the Japanese public can be counted in all respects as one of the key points of Microsoft's Tokyo Game Show, to the detriment of the few games announced on the Xbox landscape. The titles born in the territory have reached the Xbox platforms in more than two hundred. Many of them will be available on Game Pass, as well as on dedicated consoles. The conference also reminded us that Windows 11 will include a special app to enjoy the experience on PC too. In addition, loading games will enjoy a nice boost on the accelerator thanks to DirectStorage.

After the first three announcements following this one, in fact, Kareem Choudhry Xbox's cloud division gave yet another nudge with the service's debut in Japan, Australia, Brazil and Mexico. The examples have again focused on titles with an appeal in Japan, such as Minecraft Dungeons, Dragon Quest 11 and Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Choudhry's farewell formula leaves no room for any shadow of doubt. The choice to say goodbye with "See you on the cloud" says a lot about what happened priority of Microsoft during the event.

Tokyo Game Show 2021: Xbox games announced at Microsoft conference

Crossroads scarlet and other stories - Tokyo Game Show 2021: Xbox games announced by Microsoft

Let us now pass briefly in review the first games announced (or, again, at least shown) by Microsoft during the Xbox conference at Tokyo Game Show 2021.

  • Scarlet nexus: The Bandai Namco RPG is available from today, and the presentation trailer reminded that the title is also available via Xbox Game Pass. The game will be expanded with a DLC.
  • The Dream Files: the title with a cyberpunk atmosphere by Spike Chunsoft is also available today via Game Pass. The expansion will arrive instead in the arc of 2022.
  • Back4Blood: the presentation was limited to reminding us with a short trailer that we will be able to slaughter zombies October 12th.

Tokyo Game Show 2021: Xbox games announced at Microsoft conference

“Kurinji” o motarasu – Tokyo Game Show 2021: i giochi Xbox annunciati da Microsoft

At this point, Microsoft has unveiled one spot along the lines of what was seen with the first presentation of Nintendo Switch. Over the course of advertising, the curtain leveraged the many different ways to play offered by the Xbox ecosystem. Here too, with Dragon Quest XI and Minecraft Dungeons, the jade giant wanted to emphasize the “local” appeal. A comic curtain showed a member of the group staying in the office until late, where a police officer catches him playing during the night shift. However, the "youthful" engagement did not stop there.

The youtuber Masuo he illustrated the potential of the Xbox ecosystem by introducing ourselves to other Japanese personalities of the site (unless it was the equivalent Nico Nico Douga; we have not had the opportunity to ascertain). After praising potential and (with a "100" in the subtitles that left no room for doubt) the number of games available, the trio kicked off a co-op session of Minecraft Dungeons. During these sections of the presentation, the tactile versions of the Dungeons interface on smart devices also found their place.

Tokyo Game Show 2021: Xbox games announced at Microsoft conference

Autumn turns red, but the gaming landscape is all green - Tokyo Game Show 2021: Xbox games announced by Microsoft

The Arkane Austin development team introduced the Tokyo Game Show 2021 audience to one of the Xbox games (not quite) announced during the Microsoft live broadcast. We already know that redfall is coming next summer, but in a moment of dedication the development team has announced their full Japanese localization for the title. This does not just include the on-screen text, but also the dubbing. The version of the trailer benefits enormously from the talent of the Japanese seiyuu, thanks to which the game will enjoy a very complete localization.

Afterwards, we have a short one again tracking shot. In order:

  • Starfield: Todd Howard himself introduced the game on behalf of Bethesda.
  • Craftopia: This sandbox title features graphical enhancements and gameplay that seems to take elements from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, Minecraft and Fortnite, among others.
  • The Good Life: the new title by Swery is also presented in the Xbox version, with all the oddities of the village with dark secrets. A demo is available today, and the full game comes out on 15 October in Japan.
  • RPG Time The Legend of Wright: DeskWorks' hand-drawn role-playing game, halfway between comics, decoupage and stop motion, shows off in a new trailer.
  • Mighty Goose: This run and gun boasts a pixel art graphic style with big character characters and a vibrant eurobeat soundtrack. Today su Xbox Game Pass.
  • RABBIT: a Studio Doodal metroidvania.
  • Unsouled: the soulslike with the frenetic pace and the stylish action of Me Gusta and Neowiz showcases their artistic style in pixel art.
  • Eternal Reborn: a title in which we will have to survive on the island of Lumia at any cost, searching, hunting and building more anime than ever as our character-designed avatars.

Tokyo Game Show 2021: Xbox games announced at Microsoft conference

The last fires

Starting its presence at the Tokyo Game Show 2021 at the close, Microsoft has shown other games for the Xbox. The first protagonist was Shinji Mikami, interviewed by Phil Spencer on the next project of the Tango Gameworks studio founded by the Japanese game designer. The game in question has no name or face yet, but it is in the works. Spencer then recalled the honor entailed by the synergy with Japan, before moving on to Fallout 76. Regarding the latter, the subtitles refer us to the ZeniMaxAsia channel on YouTube. The latest goodies were presented in quick succession.

  • Eiyuden Chronicle Rising: an interesting role-playing game with HD-2D graphics presented at Rabbit & Bear Studios, which alternates the dictates of RPG to side scrolling platforming.
  • Re: Legend: Magnus Game Studio takes us to an “amazing world” for an adventure that will see us fishermen, builders with a crafting system, and even… pseudo-Pokémon trainers. More information awaits us in the 505 Game Show expected for future.
  • Ghost runner: Parkour action game with cyberpunk atmospheres shows up on Xbox Series X in a trailer full of critical praise. “Available now in Smart Delivery”.
  • The King of Fighters XV: it was presented K ', pyromancer with quick and hard blows. February 17 2022.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: the game will be released on 26 October on Xbox consoles, and shows up in a trailer sporting excellent Japanese voice acting. Pre-order includes classic costumes for comic book characters (especially Star-Lord, Drax and Gamora), while the digital deluxe edition gives Star-Lord two additional costumes.

Koji Watanabe ha infine closed the presentation.

Now it's up to you to tell us yours: what do you think of the conference? Let us know below, and as always don't forget to stay on techigames for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.

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