The Pedestrian PS5 review: think outside the box

In this review we will analyze the PS5 version of The Pedestrian, a puzzle platform with a very strong personality, let's find out all the details

Intuition: quick and acute ability of perception. Our review of the PS5 version of The Pedestrian will start with this short, simple but absolutely impactful definition. The word intuition is, in our opinion, perfectly fitting to start talking about this title. We are facing a puzzle platformer with a very strong style and personality, capable of keeping players glued to the screen for all its (short) duration. 

A bit of history

The Pedestrian is a title published on January 29, 2020 for PC also arousing great interest from users. During one State of Play of the month of August (always 2020 of course) the availability of the game for Sony home consoles was announced through a particular and captivating trailer. A big step forward for a studio like Skakoom Arts which gave birth to the game, showing really great potential. A strong and decisive concept that tries to give an extra and new nuance to a genre, that of the puzzle platform, which always requires innovation, ability and, to self-quote, intuition.

Having clarified this brief passage we can continue with our review of The Pedestrian, pointing out that we have received a version in preview of the title that will be available on the PlayStation Store, for both PS4 and PS5, starting January 29, 2021 (exactly one year after the first PC release).

A Brilliant Idea - The Pedestrian PS5 Review

We opened this review of The Pedestrian for PS5 by talking about intuition. The guys from Skakoom Arts had an intuition, and a very brilliant one too! The concept behind the creation of this title is perhaps the element that most convinced us. Even just thinking of making a video game in these terms and with these ideas earns the software house our very modest and little noisy applause, hoping that this idea will also be well supported by the community. In The Pedestrian we will find ourselves selecting a character, either male or female, who will go through and face a series of levels. So far nothing new.

The design itself, however, of the character manages to suggest to us what is the common thread that will accompany us for the duration of the game. We will have a little man at our disposal stylized (literally) which recalls in all respects to the little men drawn on various road signs. Our task will be to overcome a series of levels "contained" in different panels, signs (road and other) and various small circuits, as well as traffic lights etc ... All with the possibility of combine and connect the various parts. 

Platformer and Puzzle - The Pedestrian PS5 Review

Never as in this case, the images that we will use to show you some game screens and even break our paragraphs a little, they will come to our aid in case the descriptions of the various game elements are a bit confused. We also do not hide our difficulty in telling you what are the visual components, and not only that, that the title presents. The stages of platforming (all in 2D) they are based on fairly classic canons. Classic canons but inserted in contexts definitely innovative.

The signs and panels in which we are going to move will host gods small levels with bouncing platforms, elements to move to reach certain points and so on ... in short, classic platforming things! However, everything becomes more interesting, and even more complex, when these same panels need to be combined with each other.

The puzzle phases, in fact, offer puzzles very stimulating and of which there is no repetition. We will have to connect, through a simple system point and click (the origin from PC gaming here is felt all, even if it remains very enjoyable even pad in hand), the various panels, creating the correct combination which will allow us to complete the level.

The mechanics are introduced with a proper cadence, giving the player different elements one bite at a time. We will have the opportunity to digest and assimilate that bite before moving on to the next. This is definitely a strength that avoids a possible sense of bewilderment and confusion. A mechanic, which will be introduced after about an hour of play, however, was slightly forced.

Explaining us better: you will have the opportunity to overlap panels and, through a kind of portal, you will be able to move to the panels you overlaid. While all the other mechanics marry perfectly with the puzzle concepts put in place, in our opinion, the implementation of this mechanic could be a bit forced and not very intuitive. By playing you will understand why. 

Something is missing… - The Pedestrian PS5 review

The moment we find ourselves reviewing a title, in its PS5 version, made in exclusive times, compared to the versions for Microsoft and Nintendo consoles, which will arrive in the near future, we believe it is right to dedicate a few lines to implementations with DualSense. Sony's controller is, in our opinion, potentially the feature more interesting than this next gen. Making the most of it is therefore an "obligation" for developers who find themselves making a game also available for PlayStation 5. In the case of The Pedestrian this happens but in minimum part.

The haptic feedback is palpable but, beyond that, we did not find any elements, despite the excellent potential, to report and noteworthy. Really sorry. Just as, in our opinion, it might be interesting to add one creative modes, giving the player the opportunity to personally create levels with all the panels, signs, traffic lights, signals etc… made available during the campaign.

This would definitely expand the longevity of the title, perhaps also offering online access to the various levels created by the community, without necessarily having to increase the hours of the campaign itself. Furthermore, the addition of a similar mode would give the possibility to enjoy more of the splendid artistic sector and the excellent style that The Pedestrian presents.

Of course, all this could be possible following good results, also in terms of economic feedback, that the team will receive. Ours, therefore, remains a suggestion based on a felt need, as well as an incentive to think a little bigger. The music is very pleasant and never disturbing and in general the performance of the title is perfect but this, there was not even a need to underline it.

Let's sum it up!

Under the sign review by The Pedestrian, in its version for PS5, ends here. We are faced with an original and captivating puzzle platform, certainly not without flaws, but that absolutely deserves a chance. We advise all fans of the genre to try it, especially to get out of the classic schemes offered by titles of this same genre in which, sifting through a hypothetical catalog, you can still find games with a very strong personality, but not there is nothing comparable, even on a visual level, to The Pedestrian.

We invite you to stay tuned to the techigames pages for all the news from the gaming world and beyond. Hello and see you soon!

7.5 When we say: have personality!

Points in favor

  • A decisive and winning concept
  • Artistically delightful
  • Perfectly fitting music
  • Interesting and intuitive mechanics ...
  • DualSense haptic feedback well exploited ...

Points against

  • ... with some somewhat forced exceptions
  • ... but nothing more
  • There is a need for new modes in addition to the campaign
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