Thanks to these platforms today we can play our favorite board games online

Whether it's to organize evenings with friends in person or at a distance, the board games available for free online are excellent resources for finding new games.

It seems the future is increasingly geared towards the digitization of our favorite physical services. Among the various sectors that have landed more and more online, the entertainment sector undoubtedly stands out and, a bit like magic, today it is possible to play our favorite board games directly from a smartphone or computer, completely free of charge. If this allows you to organize games remotely, the advantages of this technology are also exploited by groups of friends who meet in person to challenge each other.

Entertainment comes online

More and more often we turn to the internet to pass the time. Many services that were once usable only outside the home, and which also cost tens of euros, are now available with a few clicks directly from our sofa and at much lower prices. The first sector to flourish on the net was that of cinema: in fact, more and more platforms such as Netflix and MUBI offer the possibility to watch films, documentaries and TV series from the computer for a few euros a month.

The online gaming sector also took advantage of this very quickly, making it possible to participate in poker, baccarat, roulette and blackjack games directly on the internet at any time on sites such as Betway Online Casino. Even many theaters, in recent years, seem to have finally fully understood what are the advantages of the network and have increasingly begun to offer recordings of the most famous shows on platforms such as NTLive directly on the internet. It was only a matter of time, so before board games, which are some of the most popular pastimes, also found their place on the net.

Thanks to these platforms today we can play our favorite board games online

Online board games

Obviously the advantages of being able to access online table games are different, but above all the possibility of organizing remote games stands out. In this increasingly interconnected world, it is therefore no longer necessary to meet in person to spend exciting evenings with your friends. These services therefore not only allow people who already know each other to compete, but also make it possible to virtually meet players from all over the world. Games like the digital version of RisiKo! in fact, they offer the possibility to access real servers and take part in international tournaments. In a similar way, sites like Lichess work, the most famous chess platform on the internet that allows you to challenge unknown players or organize games and tournaments with your friends.

Helping to make the experience as similar as possible to traditional games, some platforms are also equipped with audio and video connections, thus making it possible to communicate between players in real time. The benefits of being able to play table games online don't end there though. Video technology is in fact increasingly developed and offers immersive experiences that are sometimes more engaging than their traditional counterparts. This is the case, for example, of platforms dedicated to role-playing games such as Roll20, which allow you to move your characters in real computerized environments and to challenge enemies with realistic features, far from the simple pieces used on the boards.

Thanks to these platforms today we can play our favorite board games online

Evenings with friends with the support of the internet

However, online board games are not to be used only for organizing remote games. Many players have begun to exploit its potential even when it is possible to meet in person with their friends. Sites such as the aforementioned Roll20 are sometimes preferred to traditional games precisely because of the advantages brought by the network and the ability to access rules and settings more quickly and to make the characters move more easily through the various scenes. It is therefore not uncommon for people to gather to play Dungeon & Dragons using a computer or tablet without taking out the traditional game board. We must also not forget Board Game Arena, the most famous and complete board games platform, useful both for remote players and for those who challenge their friends in person. This site offers digital versions of hundreds of board games and its benefits are many. First of all these games are completely free.

They are therefore perfect for those who have not purchased the game but still want to try it to decide whether to buy it in the future or not, but the site is also perfect for those who get bored easily and want to change games frequently without shelling out tens of euros every time. Using such a platform is also useful to lighten your bags, because it is no longer necessary to carry heavy toy boxes with you and you just need an internet-connected device to organize exciting games with friends.

Whether it's to organize evenings with friends in person or remotely, the free online party games are great resources for finding new games, taking advantage of their quality graphics and meeting new players.

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