Taboo review: Hasbro board game rules and tips

Taboo is that board game you are looking for if you want to spend an evening with your friends, full of laughter and competition. Let's see what to expect with our Taboo review!

When the weekend comes, it can happen that you are tired of work or study and you just want to relax. For those who are not fond of board games, a relaxing weekend with friends at home is always good. For those who, on the other hand, devour board games, this is the norm and cannot fail to know Taboo. Taboo, in fact, it is one of the most purchased board games, because it can take you even for several hours without getting tired. Also, if you are the competitive type, then be ready for the challenge.

Inside the game box we will find the playing cards, a hourglass, for an nut, for an card holder, for an block to score points and the mythical Buzzer to report the error of the opponents. Let's see what the rules of the game are.

Game Rules - Taboo Review

Le rules games are simple and basic. It is played in minimum 4 players and there is no maximum number. Enough split into a team and play in turns. Initially you will have to choose which color to play, as each card is divided into 4 different colors of increasing difficulty. Each player, in his turn, must roll the nut which establishes the game mode in that turn. Based on the dice you will be able to play in mode normal, guess all (where the opposing team can also guess), choose friend (where you can choose only one element of your team to make guess the words), double hourglass e motionless (where the current player cannot move). Once the die is rolled, it begins!

The player will have to turn one card at a time and try to do guess the word on top of the card to your team. To do so, however, he will not have to pronounce none of the 5 words which are inside the white box. Also, the root or part of the word cannot be used. For example, if you have to guess "Motorway", it is certainly not possible to use the word "Road". However, if one of your team members uses the word "street" or a word "taboo", then the current player can repeat that same word. The player, of course, can skip a card if he doesn't know how to make that word guess. Next to the player on duty there must be a player from the opposing team who controls whether the 5 words "taboo", from which the name of the game is born, are not said, or the time runs out.

Taboo review: Hasbro board game rules and tips

Score and game conclusion - Taboo Review

Il score it is calculated on the basis of the guessed words, those discarded and the cards burned when a taboo word is said. The calculation of the score is simple but it depends on what type of Taboo you will purchase. There are two, one with the board and one without.

Let's start with the one with the scoreboard. Inside the box you will find a board and some tokens, but you will not find the die as there will be boxes for the double turn or the skip turn. It will start from the starting point and each word guessed will make you move one step forward while each taboo word or past card will make you step back. In order to get out of the starting square, however, the current player must make at least a score of 3 or higher. In the latest edition of Taboo, the one with the dice and without the board, the rules are the same but a score to be reached must be agreed as there is no real end. 

My advice is to create ad-hoc rules based on your gaming experience. For example, in the mode with the scoreboard it is easier to move forward by eliminating the rule of "minimum 3 points" to exit the "GO". Or, in the new edition mode I recommend different rules based on your experience. If you are a beginner I advise you to eliminate the -1 for each past word or taboo word; if you are an average expert, on the other hand, I advise you to limit the number of cards that can be passed (to 3 per turn, for example) and to keep the -1 only for taboo words. Instead, if you plan to have a hectic, fun and above all competitive evening, then stick to the original rules with -1 for both past and burned cards.

Taboo review: Hasbro board game rules and tips

A fast-paced board game that takes you to exhaustion

Taboo it's that board game that you only stop when you can't speak, or rather scream anymore. Every evening that has the Hasbro game as its centerpiece becomes more and more frenetic and you will find yourself screaming words after words at every single clue that your player on duty will give you. A point in favor of Taboo is the fact that it is comfortable and portable, so it can be played in any situation and not just at home.

The verdict of the Taboo review? What are you waiting for, gather your friends and evaluate your affinity! Who can guess more?

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