Street Power Football <br> A confusing street football

We had the chance to try Street Power Football, SFL Interactive's and Gamajun's Fifa Street inspired football game, and this is our review

Street Power Football, the football game based on freestylers and street football legends, hit the market on 25 August. Clearly inspired by Fifa street, the game tries to give a breath of fresh air to a football videogame market now dominated exclusively by EA. Between tricks, super powers and modes galore, an "arcade football" experience like this had never been seen before. Will SFL Interative and Gamajun succeed in their intent? Let's find out in our Street Power Football review.

Sean Garnier and his friends

Street Power Football, as mentioned, is an arcade soccer game which in many ways differs from the traditional experience of the football game we are used to. The peculiarity of this game is that it is based entirely on street football and all that it includes. Between Freestyle, Street Football 3v3, Trick Shot and tunnel challenges (called "Panna", from the American name), the game offers 6 game modes, all very different from each other.

The game is sponsored by the world champion freestyler Sean Garnier, which occasionally appears in some useless and annoying interludes in which it invites the player to become the new “Street King” in a style halfway between realistic and CGI, in French, redubbed in English, with Spanish subtitles. I would say that we start right on the right foot.

Street Power Football <br> A confusing street football

Menu, Game Modes and Rosters - Street Power Football Review, a confusing street football

When you get your hands on Street Power Football for the first time, a few things jump out at your eyes (and especially your ears). The first is that the game menu is the thing more confusing that the gaming world has ever seen; the organization of the pages is confusing, the commands are really difficult to interpret and have not been translated correctly into Spanish. The latter is the constant of the game, which makes it almost impossible understand well what the actual goal is to overcome the challenges that are proposed to us. Just to give an example, "shot" has been translated from English "shot" with "shoot". So to score goals, the game asks us to shoot (presumably to the doorman). It is not yet clear.

The game modes are numerous and very different from each other. We have 6 game modes available ranging from classic street football matches to precision challenges, passing through the challenge to tunnel the opponent, left with the American name of "Panna". In addition to the main mode of the game, in which we find all the different modes, it is possible challenge friends in multiplayer or play a single game.

All in all this variety entertains the average user, who finds himself busy alternating arcade challenges with street football matches. The roster of the game, as already mentioned, includes the best freestylers in the world, led by Sean Garnier, all selectable and playable although they do not present substantial differences in the statistics or in the style of play. A bit of a shame.

Street Power Football <br> A confusing street football

Gameplay - Street Power Football <br> A confusing street football

Pad in hand, selected the game mode (whatever it is), the numerous small problems of the game emerge. And we know that many small problems create a huge one. Indeed, the game seems not quite out of the beta and all the small flaws jump to the eye immediately. The instructions and controls are really badly translated from the original language (which could also be Klingon, as far as we know) into Spanish.

Beyond that the controls are unnecessarily complicated, forcing the player to perform key combos to perform very simple actions (such as crosses). The control of the players is cumbersome and the animations should be revised, stealing the ball from the opponent results really difficult. Icing on the cake: in this soccer game, inexplicably, there is no sliding tackle. The only positive note the variety of tricks and special powers, really numerous and all different from each other.

Even the game modes, taken individually, have imperfections. In the precision game, the physics of knockout objects work poorly and are very unrealistic. In Cream mode the idea of quick actions, potentially excellent, ends up becoming abusive and badly managed. Even if ball and chain with the opponent on the other side of the field, we see the quick action of the tunnel activate before our incredulous eyes, completely at random and without justification. Male, at times very badly unfortunately.

Street Power Football <br> A confusing street football

Technical and "artistic" sector - Review Street Power Football, a confused street football

The technical sector may be the only decent thing about Street Power Football. We allow ourselves the "could", because the interesting artistic choices of the designers are debased by the visual bugs in which we often run into. The (potentially winning) choice of vaguely resembling the good old Fifa Street 3 is compromised by rendering unsatisfactory and not very detailed, and from basic models all too similar to each other. The animations, then, should be revised and improved: the tricks are definitely cumbersome, every goal always alternates with the usual 2 or 3 ballets (yes, you read that right). At the end, the choice of music.

The music of this game deserves a separate chapter, but we stick with words. Probably, Street Power Football, has the most music selection varied, strange and "tamarra" of the gaming world. The choice of completely repertoire music could have been a winning choice, but the catalog put together is definitely out of place with the game, as well as presenting a disproportionate volume by market loudness standards.

Probably, with a different (cheaper) selection, it would have been possible to save on the music budget to improve the game. I understand and justify the "artistic" choice, but probably buy the rights to Black Eyed Peas e DJ Snake, to take the budget out of the heart of the game, was yet another in a series of bad choices.

Street Power Football <br> A confusing street football


Unless you are a huge fan of soccer games (or a relative of the developers), we strongly recommend that you stay away from Street Power Football. The game just doesn't work, and the price of € 49,99 throws liters of gasoline on a fire that is already difficult to put out. When the console is turned off, we are left with bitterness and regret for a title that could potentially give a breath of fresh air in the panorama of football games, but it ends in a dull attempt to ape the good old FIFA Street.

What little good in the game comes thwarted from too many problems, which make Street Power Football a product that absolutely needs improvement. Probably, an economic price and adequate to the actual quality of the product could have been a strong point, but even here the team's choices were not the best. Really a great pity.

And here we are at the conclusion of ours Street Power Football review! We hope you enjoyed it and as always we wish you a good gaming session! Remember to stay tuned to techigames for updates, guides, reviews and lots of news on the world of video games. Hello!

4.8 Aunt idea, ma ben confuse

Points in favor

  • Lots of game modes
  • Player Roster

Points against

  • Confusing menu
  • Translation from the original language
  • Unnecessarily complicated commands
  • Quick Actions mal gestite
  • Models, renderings and animations to be improved
  • Out of place soundtrack
  • Definitely exaggerated price
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