Steel Division 2 review: war in real time

War returns to our PCs with the new game from Eugen Systems. Let's find out about the new Steel Division 2 in this review

By now we are used to seeing games set during the Second World War. From Call of Duty: World War II to the most recent Battlefield V (just to name a few), they've always seen us engaged in frontline combat. With this new title of Eugen systems instead we live the fight from another point of view, but no less interesting. Let's start this Steel Division 2 review and let's see how the game performed in our hands.

Steel Division 2: the war lived as a commander | Review

Camera and gameplay

As it was right to expect from a real-time strategy game, in Steel Division 2 we will not experience the war firsthand, but with the typical isometric view that will allow us to dominate the battlefield in every little facet. However, if you want to focus on a particular fight that is taking place at that moment, you can zoom in until you find yourself next to your soldiers or chariots and enjoy the show. The frenzy of fighting all along the front, however, will not allow you to enjoy this very well-kept view for a long time.

Being an RTS in fact you will not have a moment to breathe and you will immediately be forced to catapult yourself into another area to give new orders to the units under attack. The gameplay then turns out to be quite hectic, especially if you are not used to such titles. Fighting on a very broad front will not be a joke, but luckily the various game modes are meeting us. It will indeed be possible play games of up to 8 players (4 vs 4) precisely to remedy the problems of this type.

Much appreciated, in addition to the dynamic forehead which makes us understand exactly the territory under our control, is also the system dedicated to the creation of units. In fact, at the top left we will find a number that will allow us to buy a certain number of units at a time. Periodically this number will be incremented by a certain amount that it varies according to the feats performed during the game. The more points we score, the more units we can buy and deploy on the field.

  • Steel Division 2 review: war in real time


  • Steel Division 2 review: war in real time


Game mode

A separate chapter, in this review, the game modes of Steel Division 2 deserve. Being focused only on the powers of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, the developers were able to mainly focus on historical battles that characterized that front. Let's face it, however beautiful it may be to fight among the troops that took part in D-Day, by now we were tired of living those battles seen from a thousand different points of view. 

This valid front-end alternative, offered by Eugen Systems developers, is split between a real campaign  (Army General) and historical battles which faithfully reflect the events that occurred in that period. Much care has also been taken in the troops that will accompany us in this adventure, although with the graphics of the game they cannot be fully appreciated.

  • Steel Division 2 review: war in real time


  • Steel Division 2 review: war in real time


Steel Division 2: let's analyze the technical sector | Review

The graphics of the game are complete and well taken care of if we observe everything from the aerial point of view. However, when we move with a closer camera on the battlefield (next to our troops) we can see various limitations, especially in the environmental textures. Obviously, we could not expect much from this point of view, both because the main point of view is the "aerial" one (I challenge you to play all the missions with the camera on the ground) and because of the better textures they would have required a different graphics engine and a larger budget. However, we can enjoy excellent fluidity which is certainly more important.

Although the graphics are therefore acceptable from this point of view, it is in theHUD setting that the game turns out to be somewhat chaotic. Although at first glance (with the game paused) the screen is quite clean, during the game (especially in the early hours) it is difficult to notice every detail. The timer under the map with the relative speed controls, the various orders to be given to the troops and the planes themselves they are not easy to notice scattered like that on the screen.

  • Steel Division 2 review: war in real time


  • Steel Division 2 review: war in real time


Although the graphics therefore leave something to be desired, the audio of the game appears to be cured, even if with some defects. The music in the background is in fact too loud even by setting a low level of the same. The opposite is the case for the troop attack signals; the audio is in fact not very strong and in some moments we risk losing some information that could save our troops!

The AI ​​also seems somewhat unbalanced. In fact, during the artillery loading phase, the opposing units will often move from the affected area, as if they were reading our moves.

Steel Division 2: final conclusions | Review

We have come to the conclusion of this Steel Division 2 review and therefore the time has come to take stock. The game is certainly to be appreciated for the care taken by the developers both in the various troops that characterize it, and in the attempt to reproduce what were some of the main events along the "Nazzi-Soviet" front. Good turns out to be there difficulty in moving forward if you don't have the right troops to break through the enemy defense line. 

However, to complicate our life even more comes a HUD not properly optimized for this type of game. Even the alarm system that characterizes the title is definitely to be reviewed. Very often, especially in hectic phases, we risk losing some of our units for this very reason. In the long run, however, the game turns out to be repetitive, Especially with an AI capable of "reading our moves" and take cover while the artillery loads the shots to be fired in that area.

That's all for this Steel Division 2 review. We remind you that the game is available on Steam at the price of 39,99 €. In order not to miss future news regarding the videogame world, keep following the pages of techigames!

7.3 Recommended for enthusiasts

Points in favor

  • Good initial difficulty ...
  • Care in troops and historical events

Points against

  • ... compounded by a suboptimal HUD
  • Repetitive in the long run
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