State of Play July: Summary of all announcements

The Sony periodical show has just ended. Let's recap all the announcements and previews of this July State of Play together

The thirty-minute show broadcast by Sony on the various streaming platforms has just ended. As usual, let's summarize all the games, gameplay videos and announcements from this July State of Play in this special. But let's not waste any more time and see what surprises revealed to us Sony in this videogame event. To facilitate reading, the following article will be structured ad lists.

Live, shoot, die and be reborn

Although we were prepared, as in the past few days Sony had warned us of the absence of big announcements in this one State of Play di July, the conference held tonight was not without surprises, especially at the end. During the event, several minor titles were explored before their launch, indie and third party games. The pace was sustained with advances by gameplay and trailers in cinematics. Polarizers of the event, the Director's Cut of Death Stranding and the madman Deathloop.

State of Play July: Summary of all announcements

Mice and action rpg - State of Play July: all announcements

Sony does not give up on virtual reality. On this special occasion, the Japanese company confirmed its willingness to continue producing games in VR with the announcement of Moss 2. Sequel to the first chapter released, always for PS VR, in 2018. In this first round of titles we certainly do not cry out for the miracle, but the variety of titles, however, managed to surprise: 

  • Moss book 2: Polyarc announces the sequel to Moss. Virtual reality title that puts us in the shoes of a mouse and mixes perspectives in the first and third person, with an emphasis on environmental puzzles.
  • Arcadegeddon: Exclusive third person online shooter PS5. From today the title is available in early access. While the official release is set for thenext year.
  • Tribes of midgard: survival action rpg. The game will be based on the mythology norrena. The first season will be called The Wolf Saga.
  • FIST: announced this new sliding action from style peculiar.

State of Play July: Summary of all announcements

Kung fu and spaceships - State of Play July: all announcements

In these following announcements we find new IPs as well as a new trailer of the transposition of one of the comics of the moment, that is Demon Slayer. The title dedicated to one of the best-selling manga ever seems to confirm first impressions. The strengths of this Hinokami Chronicles they seem to be highly spectacular fights and very convincing cell shading animations:

  • Hunter’s Arena: the new open world developed by Mantisco mixes the exploration of the open world of recent years with a playful structure online. Several game modes, including the battle royale. The title is out next month for PS4 and PS5.
  • Sifu: the indie developed by Sloclap returns to be seen. In this presentation we could see another gameplay trailer that showcases the precision and care of fighting of kung fu. The release was postponed to 2022.
  • Jett the Far Shore: this indie based on the exploration of distant planets, already presented at the last State of Play, does not seem to fully convince. Despite the concept poetic, the title does not show particular creative flashes from the stylistic side or graphically. Out in 2021.
  • Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles: of the title based on the manga of the same name we know that it will be in cell shading and that the October 15, 2021.

State of Play July: Summary of all announcements

Once again, Kojima - State of Play July: all announcements

So here we are at the most interesting part of the show. After a roundup of minor titles, we move on to the highlight of the evening. Death Stranding Director's Cut it had already been announced a few months ago. Today, Sony nevertheless wanted to anticipate the new content that will wait for us. From new weapons to new ones mechanical and modes such as Fragile Racing (circuits in which to compete within the world of DS) to a new fragment of history to play and experience.

  • Death Stranding Director's Cut: shown a trailer with cinematic footage and gameplay phases that anticipate the new contents of this Director's Cut. The title will come out next 24 September 2021.
  • Deathloop: 6-minute gameplay was shown where new mechanics and weapons such as the ability to "save" your own loadout between one loop and another. The settings seem to accentuate the multiplicity of approaches to the missions of the game. Additionally, the antagonist Juliana can be controlled by the AI ​​or by another online player. Release scheduled for 14 September 2021.

State of Play July: Summary of all announcements


In this special we have summarized all the news and announcements made in this last July State of Play of Sony. The two titles that have caught the eye are, as mentioned, Death Stranding Director's Cut and Deathloop. Particularly shocking were the madmen additions contents of Kojima's latest effort. As for the Bethesda / Arkane shooter, we have received the confirmation of the stratified of the gameplay in many approaches available to the success of the missions. For all those who were not satisfied with the show, Sony has promised the arrival for the summer of trailer that will make many players happy.

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