SoulCalibur 6 review: the return of order and chaos

SoulCalibur 6 embodies the reboot of one of the longest-running and beloved fighting game series in the world. Let's find out together if it is simply a nostalgia effect or if it can represent a solid basis on which to build an even brighter future.

After a few years spent quietly due to choices that have not convinced the fans of one of the most popular fighting games ever, the time has come for Bandai Namco to revive and brush up on the glories of the SoulCalibur series with the latest SoulCalibur 6. This new chapter can be considered a real reboot of the series, returned to our consoles six years after the last official iteration.

SoulCalibur 6 proposes a gameplay formula already tested and appreciated (which stands out from other fighting games like Tekken e Street Fighter), wisely updated and enriched with a series of mechanics and graphic peculiarities with a spectacular and purely cinematic imprint. Let's try to understand this together review if this new chapter of the Japanese software house fighting game can be able to revive the fortunes of the series.

SoulCalibur 6: deeper yet more accessible gameplay - Review

SoulCalibur 6 perfectly maintains its nature of sword fighting game in which, even before planning an attack strategy, it is necessary to analyze the length (therefore the attack range), the dimensions (attack speed) and consequently the moveset of the weapon held by the opponent. The calculation of the spacing between the two fighters to avoid sudden attacks and to be able to enter the opponent's guard. sidestep, essential for evading the opponent's attacks and being able to prepare a sudden counterattack. Of note is the introduction of a new mechanic called: Reversal Edge. The Reversal Edge can be summarized with a temporary suspension of time due to a special charged shot that has hit the mark. Once in this stance both players can choose which move to attack with, the first to hit the opponent wins this challenge and the fight can continue. It is a bit like playing the tide of battle in one go.

SoulCalibur 6 review: the return of order and chaos

Il combat system of SoulCalibur 6 is able to guarantee satisfaction even to beginners thanks to a simplification of the complexity of the commands, without however losing technical / tactical depth for those who approach videogames in a competitive. As we said at the beginning, the entire gameplay has reached the highest point of spectacularity, favored by greater immediacy in the commands than in the past and a simplification in the pressure of the keys for the execution of combo e special moves. From the first minutes of the game you will therefore be able to master the most complex skills but you will become true champions only after countless hours dedicated to studying the most effective way to chain all these skills. The result of all this is very pleasant and satisfying both pad in the hand and to look at. The animations are always fluid and the gameplay is kept at high levels of tension thanks to possible reversals in the face even where the result would seem obvious.

SoulCalibur 6 review: the return of order and chaos

SoulCalibur 6: when single player and fighting game go hand in hand - Review

This new iteration of SoulCalibur delves into what its competitors leave a bit sketchy and which, on balance, is not due to a fighting game or the amount of content and depth of single player plot. SoulCalibur 6 offers two modes: one main is called Chronicles of the Soul in which you follow the stories of the characters who make up the roster and the mode Balance of the Soul in which, following the creation of a character (starting from the physical appearance to get to the fighting style), you launch yourself on a journey specially created by the developers. At the base of Chronicles of the Soul there is a return to the origins of the plot that focuses the attention on the two swords that embody the order and chaos of the world: the Soul Calibur and Soul edge. The main story arc is based on the story of one of the historical characters Kilik and, during the completion of his questline, it is possible to deepen those of the other characters to further contextualize their presence within the videogame. All this creates an incredible longevity of the title, provided of course you want to deepen all the plots. Unfortunately, what makes us turn up our noses is precisely the narrative method used, characterized by screens static 2D with dialogue scrolling, too pedantic and redundant, which too often leads to being skipped. Too bad because a series of cut-scenes, even in smaller numbers, would have been the perfect choice.

Obviously present the classic 1V1 challenge modes both offline and in multiplayer online. Precisely in online matchmaking we have noticed ups and downs with pairing not always consistent with the level of experience of the two challengers.

SoulCalibur 6 review: the return of order and chaos

SoulCalibur 6: some too many graphic flaws - Review

The technical sector of this SoulCalibur 6 is perhaps what least makes you scream at the miracle of this whole videogame offer. Despite the use ofUnreal Engine, the steps forward from the previous chapters are evident but not so impressive. Obviously, the differences are noticeable, however, let's talk about high definition texture, especially those dedicated to the characters of the roster (as many as 20 divided between old glories and new fighters). Speaking of new characters, it is impossible not to mention the introduction of the witcher par excellence, Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist of the saga of The Witcher here with very similar looks and moveset (with even the dubbing performed by the original voice actor in The Witcher).

SoulCalibur 6 review: the return of order and chaos

The general impact is not bad at all, characterized by well-made animations and special effects that focus on spectacularity. Unfortunately, however, what has undergone a less peculiar job are precisely the various combat arenas. Although there is one blur in the depth of field to “disguise” a little meticulous work, a little creativity is evident but above all a series of really ugly very low resolution textures are visible. Graphic limits which however favor a stable framerate at 60 fps in the PC version we tested. Finally, it is worth noting the possibility of creating personalized characters thanks to a creator very rich in content. I recommend you take a tour on the web to admire some noteworthy representations including, the now inevitable, Bowsette. The sound compartment settles on a good level, to favor immersion in the general context.

SoulCalibur 6 review: the return of order and chaos

SoulCalibur 6: Fight! – Review

We now come to the final conclusions. SoulCalibur 6 it could have been the best reboot of a historical series in the videogame panorama of fighting games. On balance, however, some graphic limitations and some shortcomings in the narrative relegate it to being "only" an excellent fighting game, fun and accessible to newbies and historical fans of the saga.

SoulCalibur 6 is available for: PS4, Xbox One e PC.

SoulCalibur 6 review: the return of order and chaos Soulcalibur Vi - Playstation 4
  • The return to the origins of the series with lots of news!

Points in favor

  • Spectacular combat system accessible to all
  • Lots of content
  • Granitic framerate

Points against

  • Undertone graphic compartment
  • Slightly unbalanced multiplayer
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