Sonic Runners Adventure Review: Fast and fun

Sonic Runners Adventure lands on mobile devices: here is the review of the new adventure of the blue hedgehog

Sonic Runner Adventure is available for download on the Google Play Store a € 2,99 and onApple Store at the price of € 3,49. We at techigames have tried the title and now we are ready to give you our impressions on the latest adventure of the blue porcupine produced by Gameloft.

Sonic Runners is the third title of the franchise that sees the light this year, in fact it comes after the good success of the retro-style 2D adventure Sonic Mania and after the not very brilliant 3D title Sonic Forces (review here), both released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The platform chosen for Sonic Runners is instead the mobile devices and the form the game takes is that of a automatic runner, more or less as it happened in Mario Run

Sonic Runner Adventure – Trailer 

Stars and objectives determine the progression in the game

The plot is quite simple and is a mere excuse to throw the player in the middle of the action that the title offers. The usual bad guy Eggman he intends to subject everyone to his will and Sonic and his friends are called to thwart the evil plan and free the poor animals transformed into robots.

As we said, the game is configured as an automatic runner in which the player will have to tap on the screen to perform the jumps in order to avoid or kill the enemies and collect the fundamentals. give us a call or send an e-mail, the currency of the game. The title delivers 3 types of level: standard, circular and ofnfinito. The standard levels have a well-defined path to complete, the circular levels consist of a path to be covered in a ring for a predetermined number of times, the infinite levels instead end only when certain objectives are reached. Then there are some stage bonus activated at the end of each level. As the adventure progresses the gameplay will become more and more fast and hectic and you will have to train to overcome the most complicated points but the satisfaction and fluidity of the on-screen action will pay off big time.

In general each level is characterized by 3 goals which can range from collecting a certain number of rings, to defeating a certain number of enemies or covering at least a certain distance in a fixed time. Each goal achieved is awarded a star, to unlock the next level you need to get at least one of the 3 stars up for grabs. Finally, to unlock the areas following the first, you must accumulate a certain number of stars and defeat the boss of the previous zone. In total the game delivers 4 zone: Green hill, Desert Ruins, Lava Mountain e Sky Sanctuary.

  • Sonic Runners Adventure Review: Fast and fun
  • Sonic Runners Adventure Review: Fast and fun
  • Sonic Runners Adventure Review: Fast and fun
  • Sonic Runners Adventure Review: Fast and fun
  • Sonic Runners Adventure Review: Fast and fun
  • Sonic Runners Adventure Review: Fast and fun
  • Sonic Runners Adventure Review: Fast and fun

The many characters and collectibles offer variety to the gameplay

Sonic Runners offre 9 characters unlockable, some simply by advancing in the game, others by paying with the rings. The characters are divided into 3 teams, Hero, Chaotix e Dark, each of which has one particular skill timed that is activated by collecting a certain number of rings consecutively without suffering damage. Hero squad characters gain momentary invincibility and the magnet effect that draws all rings to the screen. The Chaotix avatars turned 30% of the rings into 10x rings. Dark squad members transform foes into gold foes that are worth double.

That's not all in fact, the characters are not all the same. Each team has a member of the speed type, one of the flight type and one of the power class. The speed type can triple jump, flight characters are able to float after an initial jump, and power types can land a horizontal attack after the jump. The game suggests which type of character to use to get the best results for each level. The gameplay is obviously influenced by the choice and it is essential to use the right type to get the stars linked to the most difficult objectives.

Characters can be improved paying with the rings, with each additional level the special ability will have a longer duration. The characters can then be placed side by side up to 2 helpers which provide a number of benefits. Helpers are also unlocked by paying and must be chosen carefully according to the objective to be achieved. Finally we can buy some turbo objectsConsumables that provide momentary invincibility, additional time to complete level, calamity effect, or prevent you from falling into cliffs.

  • Sonic Runners Adventure Review: Fast and fun
  • Sonic Runners Adventure Review: Fast and fun
  • Sonic Runners Adventure Review: Fast and fun
  • Sonic Runners Adventure Review: Fast and fun
  • Sonic Runners Adventure Review: Fast and fun

There are some mole ...

The level of challenge that the title offers is more than adequate but slightly distorted from the possibility of continuing a level after death by paying for the new life with the rings already accumulated. Given the not excessive cost of this possibility, we sometimes end up abusing it in the most difficult levels. Another note that we feel like making concerns the bosses that result too simple in comparison to the other levels. A note of demerit also goes to not very high longevity of the title which is made up in total of 47 levels. The replay value is still good given the presence of many unlockable and thanks to the hunt for the missing stars and the goals.

The technical aspect and the conclusions

From a technical point of view, the title offers graphics pleasant it's a lot Coloured, even if perhaps a little bare. There is never a drop in frame rate, even in the most excited moments. The sound deserves praise instead: addictive and faithful to the classic titles of the series. Finally we want to emphasize that we have not found any kind of bugs in the course of our test.  

Sonic Runner Adventure is a fast and fun title, not without its flaws but generally quite satisfying. The price to pay may discourage some players now accustomed to free-to-play titles, but it must be considered that the title offers a complete adventure not distorted by any type of in-game purchase with real currency. Recommended!

8 Recommended!

Points in favor

  • Fast and fun
  • Good level of challenge but ...
  • Great sound

Points against

  • Poor longevity
  • ... distorted by the possibility of continuing the levels by paying with the rings
  • Too simple bosses
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