Slam Land review: crushing friends as a pastime

In a world increasingly rich in multiplayer games on the Internet, here comes Slam Land, the indie game that breaks away from this standard by going against the tide. Let's find out what it is all about in our review

Although at first glance Slam land it seems to draw a lot Super Smash Bros, after a few seconds of play it is clear that they are two different entities even if very similar for some characteristics. Let's find out how the game is structured thanks to our review.

Slam Land: Setting and Game Modes | Review

Developed and released by Bread Machine Games, Slam Land is a four player sofa fighting / party game. We will find ourselves immersed in surreal worlds in which the our primary goal will be to crush our opponents (or particular objects) in special baskets. We will have to score, through these dunks, as many points as possible to attract the attention of a giant blue man.

The game lacks a story mode how natural it is for this type of video game; on the other hand, however has 5 different modes game:

  • Peanut - we will have to crush the peanuts that will appear during the round into the baskets
  • Horse - we will have to crush the horses into the baskets, similar to chess pieces, to form the word Horse in fact
  • Trash - we will have to collect and crush in the baskets the various garbage bags that will spawn during the round
  • Quick Slam - allows us to play a quick game trying to crush opponents in the basket
  • Slam Tour - contains all the previous ones and which will therefore test us with all the other modalities

At the beginning of each game it will be possible to choose 1 representative avatar that we will guide during the meeting. All avatars with their skins are already unlocked and therefore accessible to all. In all modes it will be possible to select from 1 to 5 rounds and the type of rounds: a time or with lives.

  • Slam Land review: crushing friends as a pastime


  • Slam Land review: crushing friends as a pastime


  • Slam Land review: crushing friends as a pastime


The peculiarity of this game is that you can play multiplayer only with other people in the same room and not online, so each game will have a particular atmosphere. You can therefore play up to a maximum of 4 people at the same time and you can choose whether play single (all against all) or as a team.

Slam Land: let's take a look at the technical sector | Review

La graphics of the game is totally cartoon. The characters are funny and the scenarios themselves will be even more surreal than they are. The animations of the jump and the graphics during the dunks are very fluid and dynamic, making the game very enjoyable visually. On the other hand, however, the camera, which should play a fundamental role, it is not well configured and very often we will find our avatar out of frame. This also implies some level of confusion during matches in that we will lose sight of our avatar.

  • Slam Land review: crushing friends as a pastime


  • Slam Land review: crushing friends as a pastime


Not even the audio compartment it is as well calibrated as that of other similar games. The sound in fact, through my Hephaestus P1, turns out to be very high, even if it is only 2% of the total. There is no possibility to set a certain level for the volume, but only the possibility to activate or deactivate it.

Not even the commands are being flawless, indeed. Very often we will find ourselves having pressed the button, but we will not be able to grab or hit an opponent, while the too high sensitivity of the lever, combined with the particular visual problems, will make it difficult, especially at the beginning, to direct our avatar towards the basket.

The only language also present is only English, but it does not present a problem at all as the game is very intuitive even for those who do not have a good knowledge of it.

Slam Land: Final Conclusions Concerning This Particular Indie | Review

We have now reached the end of this review and it is therefore time to draw some conclusions. The game it differs a lot from today's characteristics of today's games, going to remember what are the characteristics of Nintendo games, with the possibility of compete directly against your friends and thus ensuring a good pastime.

  • Slam Land review: crushing friends as a pastime


  • Slam Land review: crushing friends as a pastime


While the recklessness of the Bread Machine Games team was a good move to deviate from the usual standards and allow even more people to be able to buy one product to play all together, the game itself has several shortcomings which negatively affect the gaming experience. For all these reasons I feel like giving them just enough.

Recall that the game is available from 7 August on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch e PC via Steam. You can connect to the Steam page of the product directly by clicking here. In order not to miss any future reviews and other news on Slam Land, keep following the pages of techigames!

6 Good pastime, but with shortcomings

Points in favor

  • Have a good pastime
  • Multiplayer on the same game machine

Points against

  • Very confusing graphics
  • Controls not always efficient
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