Shadow of the Demon Lord: opens the new Kickstarter

Thanks to The Call of the Demon, the new Kickstarter from Wyrd Edizioni, the famous and beloved RPG Shadow of the Demon Lord returns, accompanied by Dark Philosophy, the new great expansion on forbidden magic

Shadow of the Demon Lord is a horror fantasy RPG that transports players to a crazy, gory and dark setting. Arrived in Spain in 2018 thanks to a first Kickstarter by Wyrd Edizioni, it was born as a Basic Box containing the Player's Guide, the Game Master's Guide and a Book of Adventures. But it was only the first piece of a larger project, which Wyrd Edizioni has been completing in recent years. After the Basic Box, in fact, new Adventure Modules and the first expansion of the game, Dark Philosophy, arrive in a second Kickstarter that opens today and will remain active until October 11th. What are you waiting for? Stand by our side against the forces of the Demon Lord!

Shadow of the Demon Lord: a Kickstarter not to be missed

Shadow of the Demon Lord was born from an idea of ​​Robert Schwalb, brilliant author of RPGs who has contributed, over the years, to the development of the history of the RPG (from his fantasy originate, to name but a few, many of the D & d 5 Manuals, Numenera, Dark Heresy and Pathfinder). It is a game with lean and intuitive mechanics, designed to be simple to learn and quick to play: divided into quests that last a maximum of a handful of sessions, it offers players quick fun and variety, thanks to the possibility of changing characters and story very often . But what strikes most of all, of this game, is undoubtedly the crazy and delusional setting in which the adventures take place, one of the most particular in the history of RPGs. 

In fact, we find ourselves a rotten and corrupt world, which is about to crumble to pieces. The Demon Lord is spreading his dark shadows on the earth, destroying what he finds along the way and thus hastening the destruction of civilization. Madness, wars, disease and famine are just some of the evils that creep into the world, slow and inexorable. And as reality shatters before their eyes, the protagonists of this adventure will have to fight their way through the chaos to try to prevent impending disaster. They are mercenaries, charmers and priests who will give up the security of their last days to stand up in defense of the world. But will they be enough to thwart The Demon Lord?

The Demon Lord wears many masks. He is the Foretold, the Destroyer of Worlds, the Craving, the Trembler, the Whisperer, the Shadow of the Void, The Darkness between the Stars and the Unnameable. Alone it will extinguish the stars and its shadow will put an end to reality.

Dark Philosophy: With the Kickstarter, a new expansion for Shadow of the Demon Lord

This second Kickstarter was created to bring Shadow of the Demon Lord players new accessories and supplements to the manuals already present. Among these, Dark Philosophy undoubtedly stands out, the new expansion that will allow you to integrate over 40 magical traditions into the game, for a total of 800 new spells to counter the forces of the Demon Lord. Summon a Prince of Demons to your side, learn the secret arts of pouring or mastery of fire. With Dark Philosophy, your campaigns will gain a unique charm, which you will no longer be able to do without.

In addition, the Kickstarter allows you to unlock higher pledges with additional content, such as an Artbook and original illustrations. The objectives are summarized at the bottom of the campaign, and can be unlocked as the Campaign Objectives are achieved.


The Kickstarter gives novice players the opportunity to also purchase the Shadow of the Demon Lord Basic Box, with an additional contribution equal to the cost of the game itself.

Technical details 

  • Type: Role playing game
  • Gender: Fantasy Horror
  • Author: Robert Schwalb
  • Publisher: Schwalb Entertainment
  • Distributed in Spain by: Wyrd Editions
  • Kickstarter: Project on

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