Ryuutama, Atsuhiro Okada's Natural Fantasy RPG, is out today

The day we were waiting for has come: Ryuutama comes out today, the RPG that puts us in the shoes of ordinary citizens grappling with exciting adventures

Starting today, Isola Illyon Edizioni makes available in its Ryuutama shop, the RPG Natural Fantasy, the work of Atsuhiro Okada. This Japanese RPG is already famous all over the world thanks to the success of the English edition. Now even here in Spain we finally have the opportunity to impersonate among other Merchants, Nobles or Hunters and embark on exciting adventures. Awaiting us is a western-style medieval-fantasy land guarded by the Ryuujin; these mysterious human dragons are tasked with recording our stories and telling them to the Dragons of the Seasons, our creators. In Ryuutama it is our stories that feed the dragons, and give them the strength it takes to protect our world.

Ryuutama: an exploration RPG

As players, we can choose to impersonate one of the citizens of this medieval-fantasy world. The available classes are Minstrel, Merchant, Healer, Hunter, Craftsman, Farmer and Noble; these then vary between them according to the characteristics chosen, which can be marked by magic or combat. As PCs, we are driven to embark on adventure, to learn how to manage our resources and to collaborate as a party to win challenges. But we also have the opportunity to collaborate with the Game Master to create ever new lands and cities, which will then be the basis for our adventures.. Ryuutama is in fact a game that rewards exploration and problem-solving; even if there is certainly an engaging combat system, inspired by Final Fantasy-style jRPGs. The PCs will be able to position themselves on the battlefield choosing between first and second lines and create elements of the terrain to exploit to their advantage.

The Game Master is also present in the game and plays the role of a Ryuujin who watches over the characters and intervenes to help and guide them.

Ryuutama, Atsuhiro Okada's Natural Fantasy RPG, is out today

The Ryuutama Handbook

The Handbook of the Spanish edition of Ryuutama is a beautiful color volume in hardcover hardcover. In its 244 pages in B5 format we find everything you need to play, from the explanation of the setting and the characters to the rules for the fight and tips for the GM. A Bestiary is also included, and the paper version is sold together with the PDF version, which can also be purchased individually.

To purchase the game, please refer to the Isola Illyon Edizioni shop; while for the cards and additional contents we recommend you take a trip to the fb group dedicated to the game.

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