RisiKo online: original version and alternative games

Let's find out how to play RisiKo online and what are the best alternatives to this fantastic strategic battle game!

Any fan of party games will surely have heard of Risk, the leading strategy game board of all time. It is in fact a game born in 1957, first spread by the French publishing house Miro Company and later by Parker Brothers in the rest of the world, becoming famous in a very short time. The aim of the game, for those who try this fantastic board game today, is to conquer all the territories described in the objective card, drawn by each player and kept secret for the entire duration of the battle. Nowadays, especially for digital lovers, there is an online mode of RisiKo, but the surprises do not end there, as some alternative games have also been made which remain particularly faithful to the original. Said this, let's analyze all the versions in this guide!

RisiKo online: guide to the original version and alternative games

In this guide we will analyze step by step all the digital versions of board games inspired by RisiKo, starting from that base and continuing for many others at the same time very faithful to the original.

RisiKo Digital | RisiKo online: original version and alternative games

La first version of RisiKo online that we point out is exactly that official, playable from any PC and reachable on this page. It is in fact the digital mode of the game board of the same name, which transposes all the classic rules of the paper game onto the screen. It should be noted, however, that in order to play online it is necessary to activate a subscription at the modest price of € 3,95 for the first month, but it is also possible to sign a quarterly contract at a cost of € 9,90 or, thinking big, an annual contract for € 35. In addition, for all those who log in for the first time, the site offers a free period of 15 days.

Caution: in order to play it is mandatory to download both the client and Adobe Air on the PC and finally create an account. The platform also allows you to register with your Facebook account. 

AtWar | RisiKo online: original version and alternative games

Continuing our ranking, there is an excellent online game board very similar to RisiKo: we are talking about AtWar. In order to play, you need to access the web page and register on the site. The interesting news is that it is a completely free game, which adds some options over the original version. Furthermore, it is also possible to activate a subscription Premium to take advantage of additional exclusive content.

WarZone | RisiKo online: original version and alternative games

Another RisiKo inspired game available online is definitely Warzone, reachable at this address. As in the previous case, too WarZone is free to play and requires no registration or installation on a PC, as it is playable directly online. Another interesting aspect is that this game board allows you to play both in single player and multiplayer modes, thus offering multiplicity and game variants that certainly do not make gamers bored. Last important information is that the language is totally in English, but for those who know the RisiKo rules there should be no problems in the interpretation.

RisiKo online: app via iOS e Android

The news on how to play RisiKo online does not end there, because below you will find the list of the best apps for iOS and Android devices.

Risk: Global Domination

Risk: Global Domination is exactly the official version of RisiKo released by Hasbro for iOS and Android devices. This is an app participation to download, which offers in-game purchases to improve content and facilitate missions. It also allows you to play in Multiplayer.

WarZone – turn based strategy

As it is easy to guess by re-reading the title of the application, Warzone it is not only playable from any PC, but it is also available for devices iOS and Androidin completely free mode. As simple to download as any app, this beautiful and challenging strategy game is sure to be very engaging and it really reminds a lot of the original version of RisiKo. Highly recommended.

Rise Wars – Strategy & Risk 

Another game board for smartphones and tablets that faithfully follows the RisiKo line is certainly Rise Wars – Strategy & Risk. This game is entirely in English, but some must be pointed out irregularities and bugs in both single player and multiplayer modes, as well as underdeveloped AI. In any case, it is always worth trying especially since it is free to download.

Lux DLX – Risk game ++

Finally, last on the list but not least, we point out Lux DLX: this is for sure the best game board of strategic conquests after RisiKo. Free for Android and available at € 5,49 for iOS, Lux DLX boasts aexceptional artificial intelligence and numerous scenarios, although it doesn't currently have multiplayer mode.

Have fun with online achievements!

The guide on how to play RisiKo online ends here. We hope it was helpful and for any request we are available through the comments box below. Furthermore, we must remind you that the Web is full of pitfalls, so we highly recommend that you take a look at our guide to the best free and paid antivirus!

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