Review Solo: the introspective journey that will lay you bare

There are thousands of indie games every day. Every self-respecting manufacturer starts by creating some indies in the hope of making a fortune. Team Gotham has succeeded in the enterprise by giving life to Solo and here is our review

The indie world is populated every day with more or less interesting games and today we at techigames are here to introduce you Only, the introspective puzzle set in a splendid and surreal archipelago.

Solo: love as a source of energy | Review

Solo is a game based on love. No, don't worry. This is not the usual cloying, honeyed-up romantic game. Although the main theme is love, Solo represents a inner journey that each of us must do sooner or later. Without too many words, we can consider it an examination of conscience with the theme of love.

Love for the Team Gotham it is not seen as a simple feeling, but as engine e source of energy that moves everything. It is a universal feeling, but taken individually it varies from person to person based on multiple factors such as culture, gender, sexuality or even trauma suffered. The game will explore this topic thoroughly, making us identify and reflect on our experiences.

Solo: a look at the gameplay | Review

At the beginning of the game we will be faced with the creation of our own avatar. Contrary to many games, it will not be possible to model it to our liking. The only ones features that we can attribute to him will be the sex and our tastes in love. The physical journey of our avatar mirrors what our spiritual journey into the field of love is. It will therefore be important to be calm and focused in order to fully understand the meaning of the game.

Once the creation of our character is complete, we can begin our journey that will take us, through the islands of the various archipelagos, to discover exactly what our real self is.

The various islands each have a different puzzle, but with the same mechanics for all. In fact, on each island there will be a determined number of cases which, when positioned appropriately, will allow us to reach a Lighthouse. This lighthouse represents nothing other than love itself, the engine of everything in the world and just like an engine it will activate a totem (also present on every island) who will ask us a question and, depending on the answer, it will bring out a very specific island that will make us lengthen or shorten our path.

There will be various types of crates. In addition to the normal ones there will in fact be others with various properties:

  • the levitating box - It will allow us to reach higher points only by positioning ourselves on its fan or, if positioned in a conventional way, it can be used as a support for other speakers in order to reach ever greater heights.
  • the box walkway - As the name suggests, this particular crate will create a walkway on which we can place other crates so that we can reach the furthest points.
  • the adhesive case - Made up of details suckers, this crate can adhere to any surface and will allow us to create a foothold for the other crates, allowing us to reach ever higher heights.
  • the directional cash desk - This particular chest will allow us to solve the secondary mission of the flowers, but it will not be indispensable for the continuation of our journey

As already mentioned, on the various islands they will therefore also be present side missions. These can be completed taking pictures through the camera supplied to our avatar or playing a melody very precise using the guitar of our little man. It will also be possible rebuild the irrigation mechanism some flowers using the directional boxes, feed some cute animals or help them get them back home to their beloved.

Il gameplay turns out to be particularly quiet. There will be no enemies to defeat or timers that will indicate a time limit in which to solve a puzzle. Everyone will be able to take all the time which he needs not only to decrypt the enigma that will allow him to continue his journey, but also to answer the question of the totem at the end of the island.

Solo will also feature two endings which will not be reported in the review, but which we will leave to you the pleasure of discovering according to your inner journey.

Only: let's examine the technical sector | Review

The thing that strikes you right away is there simple and cute graphics in cartoon style, capable of involving the player from the first screen. Nothing appears on the screen that is not essential for the game. The only visible writings, in fact, will be those of the various dialogues.

  • Review Solo: the introspective journey that will lay you bare
  • Review Solo: the introspective journey that will lay you bare


  • Review Solo: the introspective journey that will lay you bare


Il sound it is very hot and the chosen sound theme allows the player to relax while trying to find a solution to the puzzle that prevents him from reaching the next level. Ambient sounds also turn out to be muffled, creating a perfect harmony with the background music.

Only was born primarily to be played via a joypad, but yes also fits well on mouse and keyboard. The game does not require great typing skills, as there are no opponents to face and no time limit within which to complete the puzzle.

The game is fully in English, Spanish and Simplified Chinese. The developers are working on adding other languages ​​as well, but for that we will have to wait a little longer.

Solo: final conclusions | Review

We can conclude by saying that the game deserves everyone's attention indiscriminately. Team Gotham has undoubtedly done a great job, creating a really interesting game that in some ways goes against the tide of what are the themes of the current games. Taking a few hours to reflect on your life, even if it is a single aspect like love, is undoubtedly a cure-all for everyone. If we then reflect while we play then we can say that we have combined business with pleasure with immense success.

The thing that struck me the most is how easily a game as simple as Solo can turn into a life teacher. The real strength of video games, as far as I'm concerned, doesn't have to be just graphics similar to reality and a story full of textures that are densely connected to each other like the threads of a carpet. Video games are one very useful tool for imparting notions of life (as with Solo) that we will hardly be able to achieve in other ways.

The strength of this video game lies in the fact that it manages to make us reflect on a broad and delicate feeling like love. It only has the ability to dig deep through simple questions like:

Have you ever loved with all your heart?

What comes first, your family or your love?

These are questions that very often no one asks; partly out of forgetfulness and partly out of fear of finding out what the answer might be. I myself in these days was gripped by doubts that arise spontaneously when living a life as a couple, but which are by no means synonymous with insecurity as I learned through this indie. Life is a continuous series of questions and it is up to us to find the right answers. I was lucky to find them in this game and I'm sure many of you will get the same result as me.

We conclude the review by remembering that Solo is only available for PC via Steam for the price of 14.99 €. One will also be available for the first week only 10% discount as an offer for the first week after launch.

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7.5 Must try!

Points in favor

  • Just the right amount of difficulty
  • Very engaging cartoon graphics

Points against

  • Nothing in particular
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