Review Slide Quest: Free the kingdom from invaders

An unblemished and fearless knight must free his kingdom from the evil invading gods. Are you ready to go into the Slide Quest review to understand how to help our hero?

Today we are talking about Slide Quest, a board game published by Blue Orange and distributed in Spain by Oliphante. The aim of this game is to help our hero to overcome all the levels and pitfalls that he will find in his path.

It is possible to play both in solitary mode and collaborating with our friends, up to a maximum of four players.

Components | Slide Quest Review

The box contains:

  • 1 dashboard with traps
  • 4 levers
  • 1 knight
  • 20 cards representing 4 worlds
  • 1 heart token 
  • 8 obstacles (2 arches, 2 large barriers, 2 small barriers, 2 rocks)
  • 9 pitfalls (4 bombs, 4 numbered guards, 1 brigand)
  • 1 life counter (3 difficulty levels)
  • 1 safeguarding the game

A components to lay on particular attention are the cards that will make up the levels of our game. Each card has a backside colore it's a number, these are to indicate to which setting belongs and in the game we have four different genres:

  • La Costa: the back is green and cards 1 to 5 are part of it.
  • The Mountain: the back is blue and cards 6 to 10 are part of it.
  • The territories of the Castle: the back is red and cards 11 to 15 are part of it.
  • The Castle: the back is brown and cards 16 to 20 are part of it.

The difficulty increases increasingly from one world to another.

Game Setup | Slide Quest Review

Review Slide Quest: Free the kingdom from invaders

For the setup we begin, as always when there is one, to position our dashboard which in this case is made up of three parts: 

  • the base of the box
  • four plastic levers
  • a plastic base

We assemble these pieces in the following way: we take the base of our box and insert the levers into the grooves on the four sides, then we rest the plastic base on them.

We then choose the game mode and place the first card to be played on our board. Each card on the front has marked all the points where obstacles, pitfalls and enemies to defeat will be inserted.

Now everything you need is ready to go on our adventure.

Game Modes | Slide Quest Review

Little adventure

You have to choose 5 cards to play with and the knight has to overcome them all arriving at the end safe and sound. You can pass to the next card only if the previous one has been successfully covered.

The great adventure

For this mode the cards to choose are 20. In this case the game could take a little longer and it is then possible to interrupt it and use the safeguard to remember which world you have arrived at (see photo).

Review Slide Quest: Free the kingdom from invaders

Course of the game | Slide Quest Review

You can play from 1 to 4 players, each of them must position themselves on one side of the box to use their leverage well. If the player is one he will have to maneuver all four, if there are two players he will have to maneuver two each and if there are three players then two will maneuver one lever and one player will use two.

Each world has its own mission to carry out starting from the simplest, in which just follow the track and not fall into the traps, arriving at the most difficult where you have to move the bombs without making them explode.

Management of lives 

Review Slide Quest: Free the kingdom from invaders

The life bar has a background of three different colors, these represent the level of difficulty of the game:

  • Green: it's the easy level. Players start with 5 lives and can accumulate a maximum of 8
  • Blue: this is the normal level. Players start with 4 lives and can accumulate a maximum of 6
  • Orange: it is the difficult level. Players start with 3 lives and can accumulate a maximum of 4

Lives can be lost if a mistake is made during the game, such as falling into a trap, or they can be gained if the knight manages to reach the heart icon. In both cases we must remember to always update the life counter.

End of the game

The game can end in victory when the knight manages to pass all the pre-set levels while remaining with at least one life or with defeat, that is when the life counter reaches zero and in this case the game must be restarted from the first card.


There are three variants. The first consists in facing the adventure alone by maneuvering all four levers, the second is the heroic mode which consists of starting the level from the beginning when the knight loses a life and the third is the timed mode, the knight must to reach the ends of the world in which he finds himself in a fixed time and if he does not succeed he loses a life and has to start the card from the beginning. For the third mode there is a QR code on the instructions that allows you to access an app with which we have the possibility to start a stopwatch based on the card played.

In conclusion

I recommend this game to those who have a lot of patience and I personally have very little, but despite this I enjoyed it in the simpler levels. Some worlds are really challenging to overcome and it takes a lot of concentration and harmony in case you play with more people.

The first strong point of Slide Quest is having points in common with video games, such as the different levels / worlds and the life bar, and this could be a way to bring the youngest fans of that world closer to that of board games. The second strong point is the possibility of playing it both alone and in collaborative mode, having a game that you can play alone allows you to exploit it more and the fact that it is also a collaborative means that the kids learn to team up and unite. ingenuity and strength to achieve a common goal.

The only flaw is that I find it too tied to the recommended age that we find written on the box and that is 7 years, this can also be seen from the various illustrations. Game definitely suitable for children and families.

The game can be purchased from the Oliphante website.

Technical details

  • Name: Slide Quest
  • Creators: Nicolas Bourgoin, Jean-Francois Rochas
  • Publishing house: Blue Orange Games
  • Spanish distribution: Oliphante
  • Players: 1-4
  • Age: 7+
  • Duration: 15 45-minute
  • Price: 29,90€
7.5 Not for everyone!

Points in favor

  • Game modes: solitary and collaborative
  • Affinity with video games
  • Perfect for the family

Points against

  • Too much related to the recommended age
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