Review NBA 2K21 next gen: dritti al ferro!

In this NBA 2K21 review we will discover all the news and improvements of the next gen version of the most famous basketball title in the world

Ball in hand, clock running, a few seconds to the end, us two points down, we need a triple, it's time to show off our ball handling by facing our opponent, tack to the right, step back to the left, shooting and… at the end of this review, we will find out if NBA 2K21 per next gen it is equivalent to a buzzer beater or a mistake that will cost the game. 

Excellent conditions

Let's start immediately by saying that this review of ours will borrow from that of the previous version, which you can find by clicking here. The premises with which NBA 2K21 faced the next gen were decidedly positive. The biggest risk this version could take was that of look too much like the previous one, going to distort a little that "next gen" that you wear on your back. The reality of the facts, we will say right away, is that this version is definitely richer and that technically takes the series a step forward but that, anyway, drags those usual flaws which we hope can be improved over time.

We trust above all in the excellent ability of 2K Games to create excellent products, especially as regards the NBA 2K series that dominates the basketball video game market, offering a simulative and at the same time less demanding experience, leaving the player the opportunity to choose how to play and approach the game. No more chatter and let's continue with ours NBA 2K21 review for next gen, pointing out right away that our test took place on PlayStation 5.

Dal pick and roll al post up – Review NBA 2K21 next gen

The gameplay of NBA 2K21, as well as all recent titles in the series has always been of good levelindeed, at times we can also say that excellence has almost been achieved. This is because it is a gameplay capable of adapting perfectly to the player's needs. Whether you want to play only isolations with your favorite superstar or to organize an offensive or defensive maneuver, it doesn't matter, the game will provide you with all the tools to be able to play as you see fit and as you like best. In this next gen version of the title there are absolutely two elements that must be underlined and considered, one of the two, however, unfortunately, can refer in particular to PlayStation users, as it sees DualSense as the protagonist.

Let's go in order. Before getting to the features inserted thanks to the new PS5 controller, it should be emphasized that the general gameplay has undergone a nice improvement, touching and modifying some points that could be considered slightly critical. Let's talk about the possibility of organizing your actions in based on the characteristics of the players, which increasingly align with real features.

Each player will implement movements and animations, as well as obviously skills, based on what are his real abilities and characteristics. With Russel Westbrook you will have the opportunity to penetrate in speed to finish with a dunk, taking advantage of its explosiveness and its more fluid and rapid animations. On the other hand, this won't be possible with players like Patrick beverley for example, with which you can put a greater defensive pressure.

All this is placed in a perfect framework in which technique and gameplay come together, taking advantage of the improvements of the animations also in purely playful and playability terms. As we said, a small parenthesis on DualSense must be opened, precisely because all this, with DualSense in hand it will be felt more, thanks to the triggers and the haptic feedback of the pad. You will feel the weight of an opponent in defense, or in attack, you will feel the fatigue, with the triggers that will be harder to push and so on ...

The City… e non solo! – Review NBA 2K21 next gen

From a purely content point of view, this next gen version of NBA 2K21, which we are analyzing in our review, offers some interesting news. If the gameplay of a similar title is difficult to improve, being always very very positive, the contents offered can certainly represent something extra that manages to make each new chapter top compared to that of the previous year.

Here, even, we are talking about improvements related to the same chapter, of the same year. The main, indeed, the main news certainly come from the mode "My career", the one that will see you protagonists of a journey that starts from the High School and heads towards the American Basketball Hall of Fame. In addition to offering the possibility to unlock an additional possibility of plot, in addition to a editor more in-depth, this version of the game makes available to the user The City, trivially translated with The Eternal.

The City will be reachable only after having achieved a certain status and a certain reputation in the playgrounds immediately preceding it, this will push you to grind a lot, or to carry out some microtransactions, unfortunately always present, to empower your player and make him able to reach the reputation necessary to enter the City more quickly. Once inside, however, a whole new world opens up. You will enter by being part of an affiliation, which will also allow you to play particular matches and challenges.

You will have it available daily challenges, events, or even real "side quests" thanks to the NPCs that you will find wandering around the city. It goes without saying that you will find a much greater number of fields to play in and shops where you can buy items related to your clothing and even skateboards, to move faster through the streets. The city, in our opinion, is an excellent novelty of this version but, not free from defects, in fact we hope (and we believe that it will happen) that the cities of the next titles of the series are even richer.

We close this paragraph dedicated to contents also talking about the My Gm mode, in which you can completely customize your experience as general manager of an NBA franchise, inserting role elements, the possibility of playing G-League matches and a series of very interesting details. 

"But it seems true!" - NBA 2K21 next gen review

Have you ever heard this exclamation from a parent or from someone not too used to watching a video game? If so, know that this feeling of disproportionate realism was also felt by us. NBA 2K21, for next gen, it seems real! Graphically, the title has undergone a significant upgrade, also witnessed by the large number of GB that it occupies on your new generation consoles.

The play of lights on the parquet, the models of the players, the aforementioned animations and all that series of small details notable while playing (like the players who dribble dry their hands on their shorts, finesse!), They manage to make the most of the hardware of the new consoles. All offered by a rock frame rate and by a very very credible general fluidity. Even the audio compartment remains on excellent levels, both in game, with therefore noises caused by the ball, by contacts and by the public; both in the menus, with the always excellent and fitting tracklist. 

3-2-1…. Bang!

We opened ours NBA 2K21 review for next gen consoles comparing the stock to a stock when it expires. We would like to say that with this version, 2K Games has absolutely scored a good buzzer beater, leading his team to victory! We believe that it is correct to promote this version with flying colors, thanks, above all, to the new content introduced, to the technical improvements and also to the important improvements relating to the gameplay.

Not the perfect basketball game, but it comes very close, pity about some historical defect that the series has been carrying with it for some time, above all, the microtransactions and the search for a more balanced game difficulty. In fact, there is a risk of going from extreme ease to extreme difficulty, luckily 2K gives all players the possibility to modify the parameters and the CPU / User indicators. We conclude by saying that we also very much appreciated the speed in updating the rosters, which is not easy given the NBA market in full swing.

Pending the start of the new season (and also of the new uniforms) we recommend this title and we invite you to stay tuned on techigames for further news and updates from the gaming world and beyond.


Points in favor

  • It maintains the advantages of the previous version
  • Addition of "The City" and more
  • Technically excellent
  • Gameplay and animation go hand in hand

Points against

  • It keeps the microtransactions and some small flaws of the previous version
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