Review Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order review. Let's see how the superheroes taken for a walk on Nintendo Switch behave!

Disney, owner of the The Marvel movies, has almost monopolized the world. Fans are waiting for the new productions unveiled at the San Diego Comicon. Between movies and TV series, the new superhero video game landed on Switch stands out. The Marvel movies is ready to put us in the shoes of our favorite hero to save the earth from the threat of Thanos. Among the protagonists of the new alliance like Scarlet Witch and the old guard like Iron-man, we also find characters seen outside the movies Avengers. We are talking about heroes like Wolverine or protagonists of TV series such as Luke Cage. But how much fun will this story be? Let's go and find out together with our review.

Hit Hard or Die - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Review

Marvel ultimate Alliance 3 is one of those games where you have to hit harder than your opponent to get away with it. The game starts with i Guardiani della galassia discovering some valuable treasure. Their search will lead them to meet their bitterest enemies, such as Nebula, and having to defend the 6 gems of infinity. Between one battle and another, Star Lord manages to grab the gem of space but at that moment the other gems are dispersed in the universe. It will be the task of the Avengers and all the components of the SHIELD. manage to stop Thanos and recover all the gems of infinity.

Not only superheroes but also antiheroes. In fact, in the course of our adventure we will meet several enemies to defeat who, in the end, will pass over to our side. One of them is Venom, one of the unlockable characters in the first chapter of the game. We will then depart from Star Lord's ship to pass through all the worlds we have come to know. Any place we visit, be it Asgard o the institute of Professor Xavier, our mantra will be one: strike harder than our enemies!

Review Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Lots of action with a taste of RPG - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Review

The team that will have to save the earth must be made up of 4 characters of our choice among the 36 available, which will increase with the DLC. Each character will have their own characteristics that will be very important in choosing the team. One of these is membership in a group. Each character can belong to different groups, for example Spiderman belongs to several groups including the "brains"Together with Iron Mon and many others. This means that putting Spidey and Iron man in the team at the same time will lead us to have certain advantages. We could, for example, get a bonus percentage of 10% upwards hardness, resistence, mastery, vitality e force.

Another RPG element of the game is the laboratory of the shield. This allows us to empower ours alliance and manage the .. To upgrade our alliance we should use the upgrade points and credits that we get along our adventure. The laboratory offers us hexagons formed by many interconnected points that will increase the same characteristics of the team bonuses declared previously. The ISO-8, on the other hand, are objects that allow us to increase the characteristics of a single character without having to account for the characters in a team. The more powerful ISO-8s increase the bonuses of the character but can also lead to different penalties in the various characteristics.

Review Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

A friend is forever, 3 are to save the earth - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Review

Not just single player. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 allows you to play in multiplayer local or online. Local multiplayer allows up to 4 players to play both on the same console and on different consoles connected to each other. Online multiplayer allows you to play with people from all over the world by creating or joining a player's session. By playing online you can access all the free rooms or create a room with the entry password to share with your friends. Negative note is the inability to play while waiting for other players to connect to the game. In fact, the session can start if not all the players are there, but once it starts, the others will no longer be able to connect.

The importance of being able to play with a friend is high. The game, in fact, allows the use of synergies. Each character has a maximum of 4 ability unlockable as levels advance. Each skill belongs to a category and different categories can be in synergy and therefore be used together to form a combo. The combo they are easy to do when playing with a friend, but complicated when playing alone. In fact, the use of the characters by the CPU is basic and often does not allow the use of synergies. If we are the ones to be careful of the other characters then we will be ready to make the combo. If we use a move, then it will be more rare for the CPU to accompany it with a combo.

Review Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Infinity, like the Marvel world - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Review

Along our adventure we will find glimpses in which we could enter. These are called Infinity and represent some evidence to overcome. You don't have to go into them as they are not related to the story. If, however, you decide to face the test it will be necessary to refer to the level of the test and understand if we can pass it or it is beyond our possibilities. After passing the test we will be assigned a score that will allow us to obtain from one to three stars. The goal is to get as many stars as possible to unlock certain prizes. Obtained 16 stars, for example, we will unlock the skin to Widow black, the 32 stars that for Captain The Marvel movies and 48 stars that for Elettra.

It is possible to face the infinity tests online by creating or participating in a room. The advice is to always look for a room to face the challenges. In fact, a large number of synergies may be required to get one of the stars and the help of some characters controlled by other users could be useful.

So many heroes, but struggling to keep them together - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Review

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 takes us into the Marvel universe along with many protagonists. The 36 selectable characters turn out to be many, but superhero fans will be delighted. The only flaw is the management of levels of individual heroes. Each character will level up only if used, while the characters that we unlock during the adventure will have a libel based on the level of the enemies of that moment, which is usually similar to ours and not higher. The flaw lies in the fact that, if we decide to introduce a character to our team after a while we have unlocked him, this will be of a much lower level than ours and that of the enemies. As a result, the character will be clearly at a disadvantage and will be almost unusable against bosses.

This obstacle is bypassed by cubes esp. They are cubes that we find around the map and that we can use on a hero to give him experience points. There are different sizes based on the experience points that we want to assign starting from that small up to that XXL. However, the problem persists as there are many characters while there are certainly fewer cubes. This implies that we will be forced to have to level some characters, doing old missions or redoing the infinity tests, if we want to introduce them in our team. At this point it would have been more interesting the choice of introducing a "Shield gym" where you can train some heroes and level them up automatically while you are playing.

For fans who want to have their heroes in a portable console

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a game that has its why. Superhero lovers will make the most of it The Marvel movies that thanks to the portability of the switch they will be able to play it at any time of the day wherever they are. The game itself is in full style KOEI TECMO GAME. Four characters for a team and lots of blows. This time, however, the game has a higher difficulty, enemies that we have known thanks to TV series and cinema and above all a level of ingenuity that teases the player. In fact, we should have to deal with "mini-puzzle"During the game that will allow us to get away from the fights to have to sharpen the wits.

The game also already includes several DLCs. Thanks to expansion pass purchasable at 19,99€ we could get 3 DLC. The first will come out on 30 September, it will be called "Marvel Knights: Curse of the Vampire”And will introduce an additional narrative story and characters like Blade, Moon Knight, morbius e Punisher. The other two packages, for which there is no date yet, will refer to fantastic four and to X-men. Also, thanks to the expansion pass, we could get one skin and chef to Deadpool. In short, excellent reasons to buy the pass.

The last point to touch is the graphics of the game. Between the trailer and the release, the graphic choice of Marvel ultimate alliance 3 has been heavily criticized. Playing, both on TV and on laptop, the graphics are beyond all expectations. The mix that comes out of the graphics cartoon and the one similar to the comic it turns out really excellent. The videos seem to take us inside a cartoon film, while the game scenes allow us to enjoy a graphics that are not too advanced but still follow the Marvel style. In short, it is the graphics that are expected for a video game based on comics. Precisely for this reason, those who expect characters similar to the actors who play the hero on the big screen, will be disappointed. While, comic book lovers will find the heroes completely equal to theirs original designs.

This was our review of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, what do you think about it? Please let us know by taking advantage of our comments section. Stay tuned to the pages of techigames to not miss any news from the gaming world and beyond.

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