Review From racing to stunts, comes the great Monster Energy Supercross

Over the past few years, Milestone, an all-Spanish studio, has delighted us with its motoring and motorcycling titles. With Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame try to make the big leap, with a renewed graphics sector, new mechanics and an even more technical gameplay. Let's see how it went

Over the past few years Milestone has delighted us with titles based on engines, four and two wheels, worthy of all respect. The all-Spanish development house has also made a name for itself abroad, due not only to the quality of its titles but also to the proprietary graphics engine with which it continued to create, until the last months of 2017. It is useless to deny that it began. to feel its limits for some time, but this problem has finally been solved with Monster Energy Supecross – The Official Videogame.

Things had already improved a bit with MXGP3, almost a year ago: it was time for Milstone's first contact with l’Unreal Engine 4, and it was noticed in some small imperfections. But one year later, already Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame shows a clear improvement, and we're not just talking about the technological, graphic and technical advancement, but also the game mechanics themselves. Mechanics, after all, which are going to change compared to what was seen in MXGP3 also because the same formula of the motorcycling represented in the title changes.

We are in fact in full American Supercross championship: from speed challenges we move on to above all acrobatic races, that require incredibly deep technique, how scenographic. After all, Monster is not just a sponsor, but the guarantee of an evident spectacle. Let's see what we can expect from the latest Milestone title, from the point of view of the contents and offers proposed.

Let the show begin

From the point of view of the "story mode", Monster Energy Supecross - The Official Videogame remains firmly in the wake inaugurated by the various MotoGPs. Track by track, we continue by unlocking a little bit all the competitions, the bikes available and the players, bringing our protagonist to move up from category to category, from the 250 SX to the 450 SX. It is also an opportunity to explore the sacred places of motocross, strictly American, traveling from state to state and visiting the most famous circuits. The production, in fact, winks at fans of sport everywhere, from the details of the bikes to those of the circuits, passing naturally through the American locations.

Review From racing to stunts, comes the great Monster Energy Supercross

While it is true that Milestone has no interest in innovating a formula that still works very well after many years, where is it then that Mosnter Energy Supercross manages to show itself something completely different from the other titles already proposed by the publisher? In taking his vehicles off the road, in generating that healthy American motocross confusion. Monster Energy Supercross, even before a sporting competition, is a real show in USA sauce: very tight curves, impossible jumps and perfectly designed tracks are reproduced inside closed environments, while a healthy family watches from the stands. . The rewards system, at the end of each circuit, gives us new credits with which to upgrade and unlock new accessories and items, while consequently also increases the trust that sponsors place in our skills.

All game modes

La Championship mode di Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videdogame it is suitable for those who want to enjoy a crescendo of increasingly more complex competitions, without however carrying the burden of sponsors, special requests and the whole context of the American show. Time Attackinstead, it pushes the player to improve in a crescendo of timed challenges. But where Monster Energy shows its innovative sides is above all the customization of the tracks.

Review From racing to stunts, comes the great Monster Energy Supercross

The route editor where the races will take place is something almost completely new in Milestone studios. And it's also excellently crafted: the editor is clear, it never turns out to be really complex or difficult to manage, and it's incredibly functional. You choose the point of departure and arrival, and then off to indulge yourself by inserting curves, straights, circus jumps and obstacles along the way. All this enhances what is also an extremely technical title, since the control system of supercross bikes will be difficult to master. Each track you want to create will have to be validated by the title, and you can also make it available online to your friends or other casual players who will download it for their competitions.

Final Comment

Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame is one of the best Milestone products ever made. Thanks to an excellent technical sector (net of rare slowdowns) and the graphic engine that exploits the power of Unreal Engine 4, the game modes proposed are many, interesting and varied. The "American show" system may also appeal to gamers who usually disregard motorcycle or car-based sports video games. For our part, we can only advise you to try it: especially to those who appreciate the discipline in question, who will find it reproduced in detail, incredibly enjoyable on the TV at home.

8.5 One of the best Milestone titles!

Points in favor

  • Well used graphics engine
  • Excellent track editor
  • Credible and exciting

Points against

  • Mastering motorcycles is not easy
  • Career mode identical to MotoGP
  • Some sporadic slowdown
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