Review Desperados III: there conquest of the West on PS4

We have tested Desperados III far and wide on PS4, but let's see together if the new RTS is also enjoyable on consoles, through our review

After several years of absence, Mimimi Games returns with a new RTS in real time, this time no longer set in feudal Japan, but on a background already appreciated in other titles belonging to this generation: the old West.

Desperados III not only marks the return of Mimimi Games, but also that of a historical and much loved saga, with the first chapter released in 2001 and the sequel in 2006. In this review we will analyze our experience on PS4 with the pad in hand, so for a more in-depth opinion we refer you to our review on the PC version.

Review Desperados III PS4: technical part a bit uncertain

As we have already mentioned, in this article we are not going to talk in depth about all the aspects concerning Desperados III. Having said this, let's skip the description of the plot (which does not stand out for its originality) and go directly to the visual impact given to us by this title. If in the PC version it does not shine with its own light, the graphics sector on PS4 is quite subdued.

All models are lacking in detail, as well as the various maps. Although it is not remarkable, however, seen as a whole it is not considered an eyesore. Obvious is that the choice to have fewer details allow the title to run really smoothly even on smooth PS4 (the model on which it was tested). This aspect should not be underestimated, especially for an "end generation" title which, after the initial loading, allows us to move around the map without additional loading.

Speaking of uploads, although the one at the beginning of the level is the only one present, it is long enough to be able to play a game of the horseshoe throwing game with your friends!

La colonna sonora which will be the background to our stealth kills is composed of the classic Western music "Ennio Morricone style", and which significantly increases the degree of immersion.

Desperados III PS4 review: with the pad in the belt

Desperados III is the classic title "try and error", therefore difficult by nature. In reality it does not require so much skill, but rather patience and the ability to analyze the various aspects and what surrounds our characters. As detailed in the full review, we'll check it out well 5 characters with different specializations each. Although in the first missions playing with the pad is quite enjoyable, the situation will start to get complicated as we control multiple characters at the same time.

La key mapping really apt (and modifiable at will), however the need to move and rotate the camera, moving the various characters and making them perform actions is not so immediate. The reckoning mode comes to meet us and in the not so high difficulties it will stop time, so as to allow us to implement the choices with more serenity, but it too is not so direct.

In addition to the lack of naturalness with which we will often find ourselves executing commands, there are some problems. The creation of groups, for example, (which allows you to move certain characters in unison) sometimes stops working and we will find ourselves manually reselecting the various characters, with the possibility of sending the mission to the saloon.

Better with mouse and keyboard!

As we wrote in the PC version review, Desperados III is one of the best RTSs on the market. How could you deduce, however, you will fully enjoy it by playing it with your mouse and keyboard and leaving the pad in your belt!

Desperados III will be available from June 16 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you are interested in staying up to date with all the news on the world of video games and much more, then keep following us here on techigames.

7 Not the best version available

Points in favor

  • Good command mapping but ...
  • No drop in frame rates
  • Great level of challenge

Points against

  • ... Experience not at the top with the pad
  • Graphic compartment that does not leave its mark
  • A few bugs and basic problems
  • Pretty lazy loading of levels
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