Review Deliver Us The Moon: la Luna su console

Deliver Us The Moon is finally available on console too, let's find out the differences with the PC version in this review

The Moon has always been the star of our night skies. The dream of man to reach it is part of one of the crucial moments in our history, unfortunately, however, very few have had the opportunity and the privilege of seeing it. Deliver Us The Moon does just what the title says: brings the Moon to our screens and allows all gamers to immerse themselves in the silence of our satellite. The time has come to find out in our review whether the console version of Deliver Us The Moon can fulfill our wishes.

Review Deliver Us The Moon: la Luna su console

The landing on the current consoles

The game, developed by KeokeN Interactive and published by Wired Productions, was born as a Kickstarter project which then came to its conclusion with the release on PC in October 2019. Only recently, however, Deliver Us The Moon arrives on PS4 e Xbox One. We have already dealt with the PC version, in fact you can find an in-depth review of the game here.

In this review instead we're going to focus mainly on porting work made by developers. We remind you that the version tested here is the one for PlayStation 4 base, available now at a price of € 24,99. Deliver Us The Moon features English dubbing with Spanish subtitles. To underline the presence of texts translated directly into the game environment, not too widespread feature that exponentially increases in-game identification.

Review Deliver Us The Moon: la Luna su console

Goodbye Moonmen – Review Deliver Us The Moon: versione console

We are in the near future. The Earth has run out of all forms of energy and humanity's only hope lies in Helium-3. This rare isotope is present in large quantities on the Moon, so a base was built to send energy from the satellite to our planet. Unfortunately, however, communication with the Moon was cut off for a while mysterious incident and it's up to us to find out what happened.

This is the incipit with which Deliver Us The Moon welcomes the player. The unfolding of events per se is quite simple and straightforward. In fact, the developers focused on building a interesting background which is the background to the events narrated, with rather good results. The only drawback is that you come to the end with the feeling that something is missing, some subplots in fact only end with clues as to how it could have gone. An additional explanation would have helped to avoid this feeling of incompleteness that envelops the player at the end of the plot.

Review Deliver Us The Moon: la Luna su console

Test pad in hand - Deliver Us The Moon Review: console version

Deliver Us The Moon can be categorized into the so-called "Walking Simulator". Compared to the tradition of games of this type, however the view will be mainly in third person, with some zero-gravity sections in first person. The rendering of the commands on the pad has no smudging, even in the face of not an excessive amount of keys to use. The movement system, however, suffers a sort of "slipperiness" of the protagonist, as if we were on wet ground and which at times makes more precise movements difficult. 

The variety of situations we will find ourselves in playing Deliver Us The Moon is great. During the 4-5 hours of play, the player will find himself in ever-changing situations, which increase the urge to continue to find out what will happen next. We go from environmental puzzles, to the use of lunar rovers to the use of a laser to interact with the environment. All simple mechanics and not particularly innovative, but well inserted in the game context.

Review Deliver Us The Moon: la Luna su console

Ups and downs - Deliver Us The Moon Review: console version

The console port offers all the contents already present in the final version on PC, without any particular cuts or additions. From a technical point of view Deliver Us The Moon manages to really give glimpses evocative of the lunar surface. The rooms have a good level of detail and the lighting management is well done. The game is a demonstration of how with little it is possible to create a lot thanks to some well thought out ideas. Also thanks to a soundtrack by Sander Van Zanten that is really spot on. 

The general stability unfortunately is fluctuating. If in many phases the game flows smoothly and without uncertainty, some sections (especially in the final phase) suffer from a few too many frame drops. Drops that occur mainly during automatic rescues, which create small freezes of a few seconds and which in the long run can cause some annoyance. However, these are problems not too intrusive and that may be fixed with a little more optimization in future patches.

Review Deliver Us The Moon: la Luna su console

There is a need for energy

This concludes our review of the console version of Deliver Us The Moon. All in all, it is a good game, with a solid foundation and a few stumbles. The impression is that with a little more work it can be done make the most of the potential of the work. On the other hand, the title deals with an increasingly topical issue such as the energy problem, and also launches itself into some interesting reflections on the future of humanity, divided into colonies scattered on the Moon or throughout the solar system.

If you are passionate about the space theme, we recommend that you try the game, as it manages to optimally give the sensation of being on our satellite. If you liked our review, keep following us on techigames, where you will find all the news on the world of video games and more!

7 For space enthusiasts

Points in favor

  • Lots of variety
  • Good graphics sector
  • Texts translated into the environment

Points against

  • A few too many frame drops
  • It does not particularly innovate
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